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294 Noble Blood

 Shocked that Yu Ping could tell at one glance, Yu Sha asked, "You know?" For her, it was only after hanging out with him that she came to find out what kind of man he was.

"Of course. I can guarantee you that if you honestly ask mom and dad, they don't like him either."

Taking offense to Yu Ping's statement, the Queen retorted hastily. "Do you not know who he is? He is the crowned Prince of this country. Who wouldn't like him when they know of his status?" Although Hue Chi was crowned prince by default, the actual ceremonial has not been done. The royal couples were planning to do it at the same time when they could convince him to choose a life partner so they could celebrate the news with everyone. And also, she had yet to meet anyone who looked down upon the royal family, even saying they don't like her son. He was liked and complimented all his life. Even if the compliments were not to him directly, but as the mother of him, she had always been told how lovable he was. To hear someone doesn't like him for the first time she acted fast.

Yu Ping's auras sharpened. Cold airs took over the environment as he glared at the royal and their gang and spoke icily. "I don't. Your blood isn't royal enough to deserve her. Take her for interrogation and see what will happen next. I DARE YOU."

His threat shook the people nearby.

Although he could feel Yu Ping's suppressing aura, he was stubborn in the fact that a mere child dared to stand against him. Since birth until now, no one dared to stand against him, even his son hadn't done so up until recently.

As a person more gifted than his siblings, he was without a doubt the most favorable to be King. And because of that, he was well respected and favored since young.

The King took a step forward, not leaving his sight off the sibling pair.

Butler Zeu stepped in and bowl in respect. "Young Master, although the blood that runs deep in my prince's vein may not be as noble as the blood that runs deep in yours, my prince never once had ill intention towards your sister."

General Va Tong quickly picked up the situation and calmed his king as well. Although he doesn't know the whole situation, he understood that Yu Sha and her family not be as ordinary as they appeared to be. It also seemed like Butler Zeu knew a thing or two about them and without knowing the whole truth of them, the best action is to step back and not overreact. He wasn't sure what kind of consequences will follow if they took Yu Sha to prison, but if it was war, it'll bring shame to the country and royal family. Be it a bluff from Yu Ping, but the safest method was to retreat.

"My King, calmed down. She looked injured. If she went after the enemy, then she also helped us as well. We had a shared goal."

Yu Ping turned to face Yu Sha and complained unhappily. "You got injured trying to take down an enemy for him?"

Yu Sha tried to deny but couldn't explain that she didn't take the blow for him, but the enemy may have been her family's enemy. "Ah... it's a long story."

"What business do you have to get involved into their business?" He pressed for answers.

"It's not like that. It's a complicated story. I'll tell you later." Yu Sha explained.

"How did you get injured? Why are you so weak? You could easily take down an empire... now.. you're stuck under supervision in someone's home." Yu Ping scolded.

Yu Sha cried. "I'm not proud of it either."

The guards, royal couples, General Va Tong, his wife and Kao Sheng were stunned speechless.... 'She could take down an empire?! What kind of woman was she?'

"Don't scold her. She still could easily take down an empire if she wanted to." Hue Chi backed Yu Sha. He didn't want Yu Ping to push her as her personality like to take challenges and even in her deathbed, she may attempt to use her power. The last few days, he planned everything to let her recover smoothly. She was on the road to recovery. He can't have her be reckless again.

Yu Ping turned his attention to Hue Chi and studied the man. What were his intentions by getting close to Yu Sha? He eyes then shifted to Butler Zeu. If the old man claimed that his prince's blood wasn't as noble as theirs, then the old man must know a thing or two about their clan. "Old man, any information you dug of us were altered information to hide who we truly are."

Yu Ping took a few steps towards Yu Sha and dragged her away from Hue Chi and then turned around to leave a parting comment. "For a royal family wielding enormous wealth and power, you couldn't even afford average security. I'm surprised no one had invaded your so call palaces." Yu Ping took another look around the place and shook his head disappointed. "Your guards need additional training. If you wanted to survive for long, considered upgrading your security system."

What an insult to the royal family and General Va Tong! A mere brat putting down the entire nation, degrading their resources. Their eyes almost popped out of the sockets as their muscles tensed from anger. "You.. You..." The King couldn't refute. The brat easily broke into one of their palaces, so if anyone can insult them, it would be the brat himself.

Yu Ping grabbed Yu Sha and give them a smirk before vanishing into thin airs.

Those who didn't know their ability scanned around to grasp where they've gone to.

A thought entered Kao Sheng's mind of the night at the hospital where the bed was broken. It was really her that visited the hospital? To seamlessly entered the palace without being detected, why wouldn't she be able to break through the security at the hospital? 'Yu Sha, who are you?'