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293 Replace Them

 "Hue Chi!" A stern cold voice called from the distant.

Hue Chi and his men saw that whole gang had arrived. It'll be a long afternoon for them. Prince Hue Chi stood up from his seat and walked to greet his parents and General Va Tong.

From the distant the gang saw Yu Sha stretching with the maid. Their face was suddenly replaced with frowns and unhappiness.

"Is this the reason why you have cancelled important meetings?" The King roared unsatisfied.

Yu Sha and the maids could hear the commotion and stopped what they were doing to check the commotion.

When she noticed the royals, she instantly knew what consequence will follow. She made her way towards the group.

"Long Kue! This is an order, replace the consultant, pay them any amount they want for early termination!" The King ordered.

Long Kue quivered. But quickly retorted, "Your highness, per our constitution, I need a written order in order to act on it."

"MM.." The King roared back at Long Kue for speaking back.

Long Kue cowered from the threatening glare.

Hue Chi stepped in to intercept. "My King, although you held the highest authority, this is out of your jurisdiction. You have no right to step into my position and order my people around."

The King huffed angrily and the Queen quickly backed her husband. "Hue Chi! Taking her around for work purposes, I could tolerate, but bringing her to the palace! Outsiders aren't allowed to know! You've crossed the line too far." She sobbed and used tears to move people. "You... You've never stepped out of line. You've never talked back so much until she came. What kind of things had she put in your mind?"

General Va Tong chimed in, "I've failed in my duty to protect the royal family and allowed outsiders to know one of the royal palaces. I'm incompetent."

Hearing this, the King felt angrier that the General was trying to take the blames for Hue Chi. "This is not your fault. Apparently, I was too lenient on him."

Yu Sha soon approached them.

As she came close enough into sight, the King ordered firmly, "Take your boss and leave the country, back to where you came from. However, much you want for compensation, you'll be paid for as long as you get out! No matter what method you used, you'll never be recognized as the future queen of this country." Everyone assumed that Yu Sha purposely got closed to Hue Chi for the sake of being the future queen.

Hue Chi pulled Yu Sha behind him. "Don't listen to him. I'm have the last say."

Yu Sha shook her hand away. "Future queen? What the hell was that? I've never thought that far. I only wanted to quickly recover so I could leave. You tell that to your people."

"She's not going anywhere until she heals. She took the task upon herself and went after the person who injured me and was heavily wounded."

The gang was stunned. General Va Tong shook his head, disappointed. "I've failed miserably." Kao Sheng looked sullener. It should have been her tracking the enemy and go after them. But Hue Chi concealed all information, so they had no lead.

"ABSURB! You have the entire kingdom's military at your disposal!" The King huffed angrily. He had to take a step back from almost losing his composure.

Hue Chi replied, "I can't marry the woman you chose."

Angered at Hue Chi's response, the King yelled, "GUARDS, TAKE HER FOR INTERROGATION!"

The royal couples had their own sets of guards that came with them. The guards went everywhere with the royal couple and acted under their command. Hue Chi let out an energy whipped and scared off all the guards around.

The King let out an energy whipped to cancel out Hue Chi's energy. The clash of energy drowned everyone around and they fell down onto the ground. Only those who have stronger internal energy still stood on their feet, but they felt the impact as well.

"Ahh..." Yu Sha whimpered and almost fell down. She doesn't have any internal energy this moment. Hue Chi quickly let go and turned around to pull her into his side.

Suddenly, the pavilion was torn into pieces and dispersed in all directions. The commotion brought out the in house bodyguards into sight. Even the King and General Va Tong were on their guards.

"Sis!! What are you doing here?" Yu Ping yelled as he slowly descended onto the ground.

He arrived before the royal and their gang but he was snooping around to get the landscape down and assessed the people who owned the place. When he found her, he wanted to observe more and couldn't stand how the people talked down on his sister. Fueled by their nasty words, he couldn't help but created a grand entrance.

" did you find me?" Yu Sha asked surprisingly.

"Hmph... A country so amateur. They have a long way to go. It was so easy to hijack their satellites." Yu ping replied arrogantly. Although he took a couple hours to recuperate after hijacking using his own methods but he would never disclose that to anyone.

General Va Tong and Kao Sheng were speechless. To easily hijacked the Fang's satellites that were almost on par with Chronos if not equal. The only person who could look down on Fangs technology would be the man Chronos himself.

Everyone on the ground who could hear this were just as shocked, including Butler Zeu and Long Kue. They hadn't expected that he would infiltrate them so soon just from hijacking the satellites that had no traces of the royal palace location.

This young man is a man of extraordinary skill.

Yu Ping looked at Hue Chi up and down and shook his head disappointingly. "His eyes and auras exuded that of a very calculative man, hard to read. I don't like him."

Butler Zeu and Long Kue looked disheartened hearing Yu Ping's analysis of their lord. It was true, but to know that the family of their lord's love interest doesn't like him, a great barrier they'll have to break.