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292 Children Of A Different Level

 "She made it known loud and clear that she has yet met anyone who could move her. What right do I have to force myself into her world?"

Flustered at his Young Master, Butler Meng lectured, "Aiya... That was all it took for you to put a wall between you two? Are you happy to see her in the arm of another man? Are you satisfied being with someone else and seeing her all alone by herself if she never marries?"

Keo wasn't sure how to reply. Of course, it would be hard to see her with someone, but even more painful if she was alone all her life.

"What is about her that draws you in?"

"Draws me in?" Keo was surprised himself. He didn't know he was that into her.

"My hopeless Young Master, everytime you look at her, it was like you're zapped into a world of your own."

"I... I'm not sure. From first encounter and every after that, she gives off a familiarity feeling, someone I knew and felt comfortable with."

"You've already given up pursuing her before starting. Go after her! We'll deal with your parents later.... And... her parents."


At the cruise, Su Na wrapped up some reports and briefed tasks for Yu Ping.

"Any news from your sister?"

"Mm... No."

"Tsch... What is taking her so long?"

Yu Ping thought of the scene he saw, his sister being carried away and the mysterious mister. "Don't worry. I'll do something about it."

"What are you going to do? None of us could contact her."

Yu Ping tried to track her by tracing the email she sent, but could not penetrate the source. It was severely barricaded with many walls. Since when has his sister got herself involved with a mysterious group? Is she really not in danger?

"I'll think of something. Go home and take care of your mother."

Reluctant to leave but it wasn't like she was going for a long time. It was only for a couple weeks and she would have to come back. She got her stuff and set out to the airport.

After Su Na left, Yu Ping went out to have a talk with Jake.

"Hey, I have something urgent to take care of. I'll leave the place in your care tomorrow. I can be reached on my cell should you need something."

"Sure. No problem." Jake replied.

Yu Ping left the cruise and vanished when he was out of everyone's eye, heading towards the direction of the tall power tower he saw last time.

At the tall power tower object, Yu Ping stood at almost the top. He inspected a device that looked like a scaled down satellite.

He inspected it and found his suspicions to be correct. It was a scaled down satellite, but what was suspicious of all was that it was aimed directly towards the cruise. Was it to tails the workers there?

"Well, dad said not to ever use this unless in a desperate situation." Yu Ping exhaled a breath of relief. "It's for his daughter so I'm sure he'll understand."

Yu Ping reasoned before slowly pressed his hand onto the satellite and closed his eyes. He synchronized his mind into the satellite, delved into the video recorded and traced to the other satellites.

Although unable to follow after Yu Ping, PengXu soon was able to figured out. He often used the satellite to track Yu Ping's movement whenever he couldn't follow. This was something he done with Yu Sha too. He sent an emergency alert and disabled his laptop. Long Kue tried to disabled the devices connected to the satellite but Yu Ping was faster than them and found the place of suspicions, the palace. Why would that be the only place the satellite couldn't penetrate?

Yu Ping slouched against a pole to recuperate his mental strength. Using this technique his father developed and taught him took a lot of energy and can leave the user vulnerable for attack during the process. He wasn't even sure if his sister was there or even in Aires at all. For all he knew, she could be in another country. But regardless, he has to start somewhere. Since he was in Aires, best to start the place closest to him. Either way, he has to tackle all the countries she worked in. "Well, it's worth to check out."

Yu Ping rested for a couple hours until he regained strengths to head out. Hue Chi's men weren't able to read and see what Yu Ping saw, they couldn't predict his exact move. He wasn't a threat to them and everyone stayed at their assigned post. But they now knew what he was capable of. These two brother sister pairs are children of a different level.


At Prince Hue Chi's palace, Yu Sha was out in the yard doing her regime exercise Yeti created to help her muscles regain strength without being too harsh on her body. Hue Chi's been able to tone himself down and avoided getting on Yu sha's nerve. He allowed her to just be herself and let the house maids attended to her.

Just like two days ago, he sat in the pavilion and worked while Yu Sha was being led around and kept company by the maids.

Soon, Butler Zeu walked out to meet Hue Chi. From the look on his face, Hue Chi could guess that he got something related to the binding spell to inform.

"Prince, I have news."

Hue Chi glanced over a few yards ahead of him to look at the busy woman who believed she could get better by hard work. Still hasn't gotten his eyes off her, he muttered, "Hold off on it for a couple more days."

A smiled crept on Butler Zeu's face. He knew very well the reasons why. "Understood."

Suddenly, a voice called out. "Hue Chi!"

The group turned to look behind them. Walking towards them was the King, Queen and General Va Tong and his family. They came unannounced and the securities couldn't stop them.