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291 Is It Possible To Love Someone Youve Never Met?

 Under the dark night in the middle of a heavily wooded mountain, a young man transported an injured woman along with a few guards to a base.  While a doctor tended to the woman, the young man knelt outside the door and prayed repeatedly, the same prayer, that she would be okayed. His visions took him back to the first time his father introduced him to her. He was sent to training at a young age as his purpose in life was to protect the royal family. Some years later when he got older, from the distance, his father pointed out to him, that his duty when he completed training was to protect her.

In the distance, the gentleness of her eyes yet determined auras swept his heart away. And because of her, he not only excelled but was able to get out earlier for he wanted to start his duty as soon as possible. It was her who taught him the meaning of love. It was her who taught him to loosen up as he was shied away from interacting with normal people and was raised for a single purpose. He took everything as a literal thing.

After of what felt like hours, the door creaked opened and a doctor came out. She would live, but her eyes would never return to the same. Mixed emotions fought inside him, happy that she survived the critical moment but sad of how she would feel about her eyes.

Slowly, he took step by step closer to her, piles of sheets soaked in red. There, she laid as if she been sleeping for centuries. If it wasn't for the promise she made him swore to, he would give her his eyes. He remembered that moment as clear as day.

Kneeling in front of her, he swore an oath, "This life is to serve your highness. If you shoulder the pain of the people, I will bear the burden of the kingdom." She lowered herself down and knelt so she could be at the same level as him.

Her action startled him as he knew that people of her status never lowered themselves to the same level of his status.

Someone she was closed to, had sacrificed their life for her. It was then she understood how hard it was to lose someone dear. She never wanted that to happened again. She started training so she could at least protect herself. If she could, no one else would need to die for her. Anyone who serve her must make an oath.

"I don't need sacrificial lives. What I needed are loyal companions to journey this life with. If I can't walk, then walk for me. If I can't fly, then fly for me. If I can't see, then stay besides me and guide me."

Tears rolled down his face as flashbacks of their oath rang in his mind.

Tears clouded his visions and as soon as he wiped the tears off, stood in front of him was her being pierced by a golden rod spear. The ground wobbled and cracked, splitting the space between him and her. He reached forward for her, but the bottomless pit between them spiraled out pushing her far from his reach. He screamed for her name.

"Lani!!" A man jerked up from a bed, gasping profusely. When he made sense of where he was, he snapped the light beside him on.

"Lani, who are you?" This was the second time he dreamt of her. The name remained clear as day. After some times, he finally calmed down He and proceeded to the balcony for some fresh airs.

A guard from below doing night round noticed the lights on the large sturdy balcony turned on. He glanced up at the balcony that was engulfed in a sea of Christmas light.

"Master Keo, do you need anything?" The guard shouted from below. Even though Keo was a few floors up, the night was quite so it wasn't hard for him to hear the guard shouting from below. He shook his head, no. The guard wouldn't be able to help him with what he needed.

Although Keo had said no, the guard still went ahead and notified Keo's butler, Meng. Soon, a middle age man excused himself into Keo's room.

"Young Master, are you not well?"

"No." Keo denied but his eyes and face said otherwise.

"Something troubling you?" The butler knew that his Young Master doesn't get up in the middle of night. This behavior was so unlike him. It must be pressing issue that bothered the Young Master enough to be up thinking about it at this time of night.

Keo didn't replied. How could he explain that a mere dream bothered him?

Seeing that Keo hasn't replied, Butler Meng asked, "Are the marriage matters bothering you?"

Keo paused and thought for a moment. He was indeed bothered by it, but knew that he can't do much about it as it was part of his duty as the heir of Herr's Corporation. So, then what is this feeling he felt from his dream?

He took a big sigh before asking, "Is it possible to give your heart to someone you've never met before?"

Baffled of the complicated matter, the butler asked, "How is that possible? How do you give your heart to someone you've never met?"

Keo wasn't sure how that worked either.

"Are you not satisfied with the women your parents found for you? It could be because you haven't met someone you like. You'd feel like your heart isn't with them which can make you think someone you've never met had your heart." The butler paused to let Keo digest what he said. He looked around and inched closer to whisper, "Has Yu Sha not got in contact with you all yet?"

Keo's eyes light up slightly at the sound of her name. He shook his head. "No."

Butler Meng suggested, "If you hear from her, fly out to meet her. Listen to your heart."

Startled, Keo's eyes widened, "Butler Meng?"

"Aiya... If I was to choose between you giving your heart to a nonexistent woman, I rather you give it to someone you admired for so long. What's holding you back?" Butler Meng scolded.