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290 Firmer Proof

 The corner of his mouth curved, satisfied of her reply. It meant that even without him activating the charm spell by smearing his own blood on it, as long as he has the charm on him and her wish to see him, would activate the spell.

Yu Sha interrupted his train of thought. "So, tell me." She waited for answers from him as she now told him the truth that could help him solve the mystery.

Hue Chi scooted closer to her and spoke softly, "Whenever you wished for me, I'll appear before you."

"Huh?!" As much as she hated to admit, she knew that already! He was constantly around her, more than she needed. What she wanted to know, was how and why? Was it something she does? Could it have been she had a new found ability?

"Next time I'll ask for someone else."

"They wouldn't come." He replied.

Surprised, she asked, "Why?"

He leaned closer to her and whispered, "Only two people whose heart rings of the same frequency would work. You have to desire me as much as I desire you."

Yu Sha hopped off the couch to put a distance. "Don't joke around." She has no time to play with him! She has serious questions needing answers. Why hasn't he ever taken anything seriously?

"I'm serious." He replied sternly.

Desire? The word 'desire' popped an image of her research earlier and the dream she had. Thinking she had gone crazy, she hastily shook her head to get rid of the thought. She glanced back at Hue Chi and caught a smirk on his face. Unsure if he was playing with him, she narrowed her eyes at him, "I don't believe you. I'll find out myself... Hmph!"

She walked out to the spacious white marble balcony and sat on the chair to ponder some more.

Hue Chi followed her outside and took a seat across from her. He too has questions to ask her.

"How did you end up there?" Dao Txu had given him the report that the woman he encountered at Island Genesis was the same woman that injured him that one night. He knew she was traveling around the country looking for clues but because of her traveling methods, unless he stationed men at every place she planned to visit, it would be hard for them to keep up with her.

His question then prompted another question. "Um.. Do you know where that place you rescued me was?"

He assumed because a force must have taken her there without her knowing its name, he replied. "Island Genesis."

Her eyes widened, shocked that her investigation of the mysterious woman led her back to Island Genesis. She now had firmer proof that the mysterious woman could be her unknown enemy or her parents. Island Genesis was in her home country after all.

Seeing the thought that ran through her mind expressed on her face, he knew she didn't know where she was exactly. "Where you chasing after that person?"

She knew who he meant. She nodded. "Mm... I was going after her and ended up in the same place where my friends were."

"Did you see her then?" He probed.

She shook her head, no.

"As soon as I'm better, I'm going back there." She has a fight to score even with the bastard who wanted her to have his children. If the two people were connected somehow, it would be like killing two birds with one stone.

"What were your friends doing there? Do they know that person?" Hue Chi asked.

Face slightly upset that they kept her in the dark. "I.. I don't know that either." Her eyes gleamed of anger and continued, "But I'll make them spew out everything. Just they wait." Having been friends for decades, they have the nerve to keep such dangerous matters away from her.

Knowing her personality, that once when she decided on something, it's all or nothing, Hue Chi calmed. "Don't be rash if I'm not around."

"That is something for me to decide." Yu Sha wasn't one to follow direction.

That was so like her. He knew that ultimately, she would act on her own accord. All he could do was make sure to protect her when she faces dangers.

She leaned onto the side arm rest and perched her chin onto her folded arms when she felt something off. Yu Sha retracted her head back to allow her space to check her wrist. She had been wearing long sleeves and because her mind was busy making sense out of things that it hadn't occurred to her. The bracelet was gone!

Seeing her panicked expression as she pulled up the sleeves slightly, Hue Chi could guess that her bracelet was missing.

At the same time when he thought of this, Yu Sha asked, "Where is my bracelet?"

"You lost it?"

She asked, "You didn't take it off?"

He shook his head.

She was sure she still had it as she was traveling incognito. Could she had lost it at Island Genesis? "Or... that bastard took it off?"

Yu Sha sat back and muttered, "It can't be. Even I can't take it off." The bracelet has been with her for so long that she most of the time forgot its existence but now that it was gone, she felt empty. A precious gem gifted to her by her grandma.

"How are you feeling?" Hue Chi interrupted. If the bracelet came off, wouldn't it leave her vulnerable to the past?

She thought he meant to ask about her current state and shrugged, "I think I'm better by the hour." And then her shrug soon turned to glare. If it wasn't for what he did, she would've been able to seek help and lifted the binding spell. But because of that, she had to stay cooped in his mansion until the evidence disappeared.

She looked at him irritated.

Hue Chi could feel her threat glare. He assumed what he did must have triggered her. Seeing how he was unaffected by his crime, she threw a soft punch at his chest. She has not made a full recovery so everything that has to do with physical exertion must be done with caution. But her gesture was enough to let him know what the punch was for.

Yu Sha got up and walked back to the bedroom, leaving Hue Chi love struck from her delicate punch. After her figure left around the corner, a faint of worriness flamed in his eyes.