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289 Turned The Table Around

 Later in the evening, the maids helped Yu Sha change into a sleeping gown. After she was dressed, the maids wished her a good night and went out.

Yu Sha climbed onto the bed and attempted to sleep. Her mind was disturbed with what had happened so far. She has yet to know the location of the place, how her friends ended up at such dangerous place? How did she end up there too and Hue Chi's appearance to save her? There were so many new events for her to absorb and make sense of. How she wished she could feel better quickly and start investigating these mysteries.

Her mind drowned with many unanswered questions and she had forgotten about everything else. But it didn't take long for her to get distracted by Hue Chi's presence, standing at the foot of the bed. Yu Sha quickly sat up. "You, you can't be in here." She was still feeling upset about what happened earlier in the day. She wasn't sure if her fear was that she would be unable to reject him or that he would take advantage of her. For safety measures, she ordered,

"Get out!"

Her commend didn't bother him a bit as there are other rooms inside his quarter that he could stay. He wanted to be close to her in order to react in time if something dangerous should happen. Otherwise, she could have his whole mansion. But, one can never be too cautious, especially now that her ability was restricted.

"I'll be in the next room. Call me if you need anything." Hue Chi proceeded to the room next door that led to the balcony and made himself comfortable on the spacious couch.

Yu Sha watched him walked out. Once out of sight, she laid back down. Although she trusted that Hue Chi wouldn't do anything to her, and at this current situation, being next to him was probably the safest, she found herself unable to sleep. Her mind was restless from being helpless at the moment and unable to investigate. Helpless was what she hated the most and now needed to lay low.

Yu Sha tossed and turned as her mind battled. Occupied by the repeated thoughts, a couple of hours has passed. Unable to sleep, she got up and walked to check on Hue Chi.

Hue Chi hadn't gone to sleep yet. He sat up staring into the balcony. It seemed he, too, was deep in thoughts. The lights beamed from the night lamp reflected a warm glow in his eyes.

Yu Sha rounded the corner and saw his side profile and the fierceness portrayed in his eyes. She was momentarily drawn in by the soft glow of his face and the mysterious look in his eyes.

Although caught in deep thoughts, he could still sense her making her way towards him. He allowed her a moment to react when she reached him, but instead, she froze, admiring his look. He eventually turned to face her after a moment of silence.

"Can't sleep?"

Yu Sha nodded. "Mm..."

He patted for her to take a seat. She was the one who kicked him out but in the end, she was the one that made her way to find him.

Yu Sha complied and went to sit next to him.

"Did I interrupted you?" She asked.

"No." He replied softly.

"What were you thinking about?" She probed.

He turned to look at her for a brief moment. The emotions depicted in his eyes and his energy could drown her, making her uncomfortable. 'Why was he looking at me like that?' She cleared her throat to distract him. "Ahem... I can't sleep."

He interpreted. "Want me to come to bed with you?"

Yu Sha stood right up and defended. "That's not what I meant."

He chuckled, feeling satisfied. "I know."

"Tsch!" She glared and sat back down. He had ways to get her worked up by misinterpreting her thoughts and actions for impure things.

"I know you have a lot to ask." He could tell just from her facial expression.

She nodded and confirmed sternly. "Mm... How did you find me?"

He, too, wanted to confirm this mystery and thought of it earlier.

Hue Chi repositioned himself to face her so he can look at her while talking. He had a feeling of how he was able to get to her but needed to ask her a few questions in order to confirm. "Depends on your answer."

"Huh?" She looked confused and asked for clarification. "What do you mean?"

"If you answer me truthfully, I could solve the mystery." He replied.

She nodded to indicate that she understood. Her face expression serious as if she was about to embark on a very important task. Full of confident, she spoke. "Ask away."

"What crossed your mind before my appearance?"

It was at this moment that reality washed over her! Her eyes widened, shocked as she now knew how he came to her rescue. In her petrified moment of truth, she blurted out. "I summoned you?!"

"What makes you think so?" He asked. Although he had a clue, he needed a verbal confirmation from her.

She looked at him, still terrified to explain to him that she wholeheartedly wished he was there. She called out to him first! How could she tell him this? She didn't want to feed his ego. Instead, she turned the table around and praised herself.

"I... I didn't know I'm this awesome to summon a live person." She avoided looking at him directly while praising her awesomeness.

Hue Chi saw through her scheme and instigated, "And you picked me among everyone else?"

Yu Sha froze without a comeback since she fell into her own trap. Even if she dodged this question, in the end, it bottled down to her wanting him, calling for him!

He winked at her and inched closer waiting for her confession. Knowing that she couldn't hide the truth, she shouted. "Okay, okay. I wished for your presence. So what?"