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288 Knew The Source Of Threa

 While Yu Sha was injured unconscious, her friends had resolved their problem. As putting everyone in danger, Su Na came clean and told everyone her secret. As people with compassion, they understood her wanting revenge, a grand one at that. But her decision almost caused casualties. For friendship's sake, they promised to keep this a secret and helped her.

Su Na declined their help. She can take this burden herself and wanted no behind the scene work like what Leo did. If she needed the help, she would have asked Yu Sha a long time ago, but this was her grudge, her hatred. It does not feel right to make others bear her hate. Although Yu Sha bluffed a lot during their meeting at the Herrs Corporation event to CEO Song and his wife then, they didn't have solid evidence. Yu Sha was bluffing, so she had to stop her at one point. Now she could attain evidence, she would make sure those involved can't see the light of day ever again.

As promised, Leo would help dig information about Troy's case that was forced to close from higher up. He would up with a plan to help reopen the cold case as he promised earlier. As a man with more resources and power than the former two, Keo would try to investigate Island Genesis. Not wanting his parents to know that they were involved in something that could endanger Herrs Corporate, Keo had to keep this hidden from his parents. Though, this wouldn't be an issue as he has a lot of men at his service to do the work for him.

Su Na and Yu Ping had gotten back to the cruise to supervise work while they waited to hear back from Yu Sha. Su Na had to work and had her man contained the three thugs who destroyed her mother's wellbeing. She needed to fly back to Aires briefly to run through work.

Once she leaves to take care of her own business, Yu Ping would assume her role of the project. This was a good opportunity to let Yu Ping take the lead role. He was to station in Aires while Su Na flew back and forth handling her mother's situation and managed the project.

Everyone resumed back to life and busy with the new tasks they took upon themselves.


Butler Zeu was busy researching the binding spell and how to reverse it. If he can't figure out the spell, the next step would be to drag the caster and make him do it himself. It was a possibility, but they first must know who they were dealing with.

After her stomach was filled, she recalled what he did earlier and refused his help. With just a threat glare at him, he knew what it meant. Instead of being bothered by it, he gave a satisfied smirk and allowed her space. She called for Cece to take her for a walk instead of using him.

Because she refused his help, he called for Yedi and his assistants to lounge around outside to make sure she received the proper care when needed. Light walking could help her muscles regain its strength as movement stimulated blood production to promote growth and healing. Her leg wound was still healing, so she would still need to take it easy, but with Hue Chi next to her side, without a doubt he would make sure she doesn't overstrain herself. She had gone through a lot as a child, so her pain tolerance were higher compared to other people. She wouldn't go easy on herself unless she was bounded entirely.

Long Kue brought his work outside to the pavilion so he could work and kept his sight on her. Security guard at his mansion also tightened along with the barriers Butler Zeu put up. With the amount of guards he had stationed in his mansion, some disguised at servants, yard workers while some simply remained as guards, they doubt the enemy would attack them at their own territory.

Yu Sha wanted to improve quickly so she could go get her bag in the southern mountain region. She can't burden Hue Chi forever and needed to get back to her normal self. After being up on her feet around the garden in the backyard a few rounds, she refused to rest when asked.

Unable to watch her force herself, Amari went up to her, "Miss Yu Sha, overdoing doesn't make you better. If your muscle can't rest and recover between work out, it can do more harm than good."

Yu Sha paused and held back. She knew that better than anyone but her patience was running low. She gestured for Cece to let her sit down on the luscious green grasses for a rest. She tapped her fingers on her head thinking deep thoughts. Should she just call her grandma to come and look at the binding spell? Then the hickeys around her neck and chests came into mind. She shook her head furiously. 'It won't work. Grammy would see the hickeys for sure!'

Angry, she bit a corner of her lips and sent a death stare towards the pavilion where Hue Chi was working from. Because of him, she couldn't consult her grandma. She knew if she asked her grandma, her grandma would want to have a peek of the binding spell engraved on her body.

Long Kue suddenly felt a threatening chill engulfing them.

His body trembled with fear as he scanned the direction of the threat. "Prince, I think someone sent us a mental death threat."

A smile crept on his face. Long Kue needn't to mention it. He knew very well who sent the threat. He paused his work and looked at the direction. On a bunny hill, a wild kitty looked impatience as she sat with Amari and Cece.

"Long Kue, check with Butler Zeu and tell him, no rush."

Long Kue complied and made his way into the mansion to Butler Zeu.

Hue Chi knew it would take a few days for Butler Zeu to decipher the spell if any. If he didn't do what he did, she would make her grandma come to her. To stall her so he could spend a few days with her, he had to give her reasons not to have her grandma come. The reason he gave was the hickeys.