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286 Who Did I Desired?

 Basically, every post had the same trend, 'one's desire.'

'Did I really desired it?' Yu Sha was baffled of herself. She had been occupied all her life to even think about it. So she wasn't happy with the explanation and mumbled out loud. "Who did I desired? Azuric?"

Just thinking about it, made her body feel abnormal. If she thought of every detail and the feelings in her dream, the emotion in it could take control of her body in reality. Her body would respond to a dream!

Standing behind her was Hue Chi holding a first aid box. When he came in, he saw her pondering at the ceiling. So he walked in silently without interrupting. Little did he know what was her on screen. As he approached closer and saw the screen, then heard her calling the name, Azuric, his body froze briefly.

Initially, a fright crawled over him, afraid she may have recalled. Then, common sense settled in. She must have dreamt about it and must have thought she was insane. Otherwise, she wouldn't be searching the meaning behind sex 'dream.'

A smile crept on his face. He asked, "Yu Sha, are you in heat?"

Didn't sense and wasn't expecting someone to stand behind her while researching about sex, her natural instinct screamed and lunged to hug the laptop screen. "Ahhh!! Whe.. when.. when did you get here?"

He quietly gazed at her reaction as if she was caught in the act of committing a crime.

He turned around and walked towards his bed. "I heard a story from somewhere. There was a couple, madly and secretly in love. They hid in the cave and did it many times over the course of three days. She couldn't walk for days to come. He had to carry her home afterward." Hue Chi sat the first aid box on the bed.

Yu Sha's face was instantly washed with the color of red wine and her nose almost bled. She had to put pressure by quickly covered her face. The dream gave her a taste of what sex could feel like. Her virgin mind and heart couldn't take what he said to add on top of the dream. To do it that much until she couldn't stand?! What kind of beast would allow that? After calming her throbbing heart, she mumbled behind her hand. "Wah.... I didn't ask for a story from you." She knew nothing pure would come out of his mouth.

He walked back to her and scooped her off the chair and headed for the bed.

She yelled and demanded, "Put me down!"

He gently laid her down on the bed, straightened her legs and hopped on top of it to still her legs from moving.

"Ahh... What are you doing?" She cried.

He didn't talk but parted her robe apart to expose the wound on her thigh.

She screamed to herself 'I didn't have any under clothes on!! It's going to expose!'

Hastily, she reached her hand down to hold the robe together at her private part.

He let out a smile. She acted like he hadn't seen her naked body previously. Hue Chi reached for the first aid box and opened it. She knew he planned on changing her bandaid, something she could do herself.

"I can do it. Let me do it." She offered.

He paid no attention to her. He placed his fingers along the edged, searching for a spot. She could feel the warmth of his fingers running on her soft skin.

"Ah..." 'Is he doing this on purpose?'

Gently, he peeled off the bandaid, opened the ointment tube, and squeezed a small amount of medicine on the sutured wound.

He screwed the cap back and took out a new bandaid to cover the wound. The size were perfect and covered her wound nicely.

'Finally, he's done!' Yu Sha let go of her hand and sighed a relief, ready to roll over but before she could complete one whole breath, he leaned forward on top of her.

Her body stilled as her mind made sense of what had happened.

Hue Chi position his mouth next to her ear and whispered coquettishly, "I can help release the heat."

Her eyes flung opened of that sentence. She was not in heat! With her palms, she pushed up against his chest to get him off. "Don't need."

He didn't budge. She didn't have the brute strength she used to have as she had not fully recovered from straining herself.

With only one hand, he held both of her hands and pinned them above her head. "Are you sure? Let's test." He asked and then proceeded to nibble on her earlobe and down her neck.

She whimpered, "Ah... Let go."

Yu Sha gulped as a tingling sensation waved through her body. She felt her body tingled and weakened with each peck. 'Was my body responding to him?'

Hue Chi buried his face on her neck and down the collarbone, playing with her soft sensitive skin while her fragrance evade his mind.

"Ah..." A cried escaped along with the breathing that seemed to get shallower when he buried his face on her chest.

He sucked and kissed along her collar bones down to her chest while his free hand brushed on her waist and traveled up to her chest. When he felt the big bump underneath the robe, he cupped it and gently squeezed it one after another.

She gasped at the sensation that zapped through her body. "Ahh.. ahh..."

Earlier, her hands were fighting against his, but now it had relaxed. He could feel her heart pulsating and her shallow, rapid breathing.

Still sucking on her soft skin, he kissed his way to find the melons that even just a squeeze could take her breath away. It only took a few seconds for him to get there and he didn't waste any time to play with it.

Her heart rate increased and breathing became rapid in response to his soft lips and the sucking sensation.

Her arm reached down to nudge him to stop when his mouth loomed over her breasts. She couldn't take it and wasn't prepared for reality of the dream to happen.

He let go of his new playmate and traveled up to her chin and brushed his lips against her lips that was parted from panting. He didn't allow her to close it and hastily put his tongue inside her mouth, sweeping thoroughly every inch inside.