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285 I Feel You

 He replied, "No." It was the whole truth. He got ready to attend and then was summoned to rescue his woman. Of course, after that, nothing mattered as much as her health, so he forgot about the event and tended to her.

Even if he remembered, he would not attend, knowing that she was close to her deathbed at that moment. He was upset at himself for not getting to her early. Forcing him to attend an insignificant event could cause a war to break within the country.

The queen saw that he looked pale. Was it from the illness or from lack of sleep? He had bags under his eyes and they were slightly dragging. "Were you unable to rest properly? You don't look well today."

He nodded, "Mm..." His replied was also the truth. The day and night before, he was too worried and couldn't sleep a wink. Yesterday was because of the punishment Yu Sha placed on him. He couldn't sleep at all but spent the entire night taming himself.

"Have you eaten?"

"Mm.. I had." He did have some vital nutrients energy drink the elderly maid made for him after spending a night in bed with Yu Sha. Watching over her and worried about her health was not as mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting as lying in bed next to her and had to tame himself.

Finally, she felt better. "I'll tell your father that he doesn't need to come see you. He was upset that you were just trying to avoid attending."

"Thank you."

The Queen looked at Aegeus and added, "You should leave soon. Don't bother him and let him rest."

Aegeus saluted her and replied. "I will yelled at him to rest properly." The true meaning behind those words only Aegeus knew.

With that, the Queen left to relay her visit to her husband. She must make sure her husband knew that he didn't look well and was sick. She witnessed Yedi moved during her arrival and her brother unorthodox comment confirmed.

Aegeus walked up to Hue Chi and irked his brows at his nephews a few times. "I know why you're exhausted. As a man, I feel you." He shook his head, looking disappointed like he experienced this before. He added passionately, yet looked regretful, "She is right within your reach... but you can't touch, or eat her while her fragrance stirred your desire and messed up all your senses."


Back in the bathtub, while washing Yu Sha's back, Cece spoke. "He must love you very much."

Yu Sha was sitting with her back towards Cece. Her eyes widened as what Noah said came back to her.

"Does he?" She asked. She too, wanted to find out what made them think so. Sometimes, the person in the relationship doesn't see what the outsiders do.

"Miss Yu Sha, we, the female maid may have work here for many years, we were not allowed to enter his room. We had no clue what his room looked like, yet he allowed you in his room."

"He's that strict? Is this the first time you entered this room?"

She gulped and nervously replied, "Mm..."

"So he hasn't brought a woman home?"

"Mm... You're the first."

"He doesn't have a girlfriend either?"

Surprised, the maid thought Yu Sha was his girlfriend. "What do you mean?"

"Like has he dated?"

The maid then thought Yu Sha must want to know is past dating history. She replied, "No, you're the first one."

Surprised, she shifted her head to the side. "What.. me?"

The maid was shocked of her reaction. "Eh... aren't you two not?"

Yu Sha looked just as confused. "Are we? How come I don't know about it?"

"Ehhh... So you two are not dating? But that was what the rumors were saying. And he brought you home. Naturally, everyone here would assume so."

"Ahh... the rumor. Don't believe the rumor. They're all nonsense."

"Eh really?" Cece was stunned one after another. "Then what are you two to each other?"

Initially, she looked very confident of what she was going to say next, but then the confidence faded. Thought of their times together, how he teased her, the confession at the fast food joint, the times he saw her naked and the kiss...Not only that, just yesterday, she made him sleep next to her! In the end she could only replied halfheartedly, "Employer and employee?"

She quickly turned around to hide her unconfident face. He saw her naked a few times and they kissed! They shared a bed yesterday. Doesn't that mean they are dating? What's considered as dating? She hadn't got a single clue! She needed to do some research.

"Cece, I like to get out. Can you ask Butler Zeu to give me a laptop? I have an urgent need for it."

Cece stood up and complied. She headed out and Yu Sha crawled out of the bathtub. The towels and robes were placed in an area that she can easily reach for it. Slowly, she was able to dry herself, not thoroughly but enough to put on a robe. She didn't want to wait for Cece to come back and help her. She hated depending on people.

By the time when Yu Sha eased her way back into Hue Chi's room, Cece came in with the laptop and handed it to her. She thanked Cece and found a spot in the reading room to use the laptop.

First, she checked her emails and sent an update to Su Na and Leo. They were at the place and the ones she tried to rescue. She wanted them to know that she was safe but left her bag and cell phone somewhere. She'll meet up with them once she retrieved her stuff. Hopefully by then, she would recover well enough for them to not worry.

After that she searched, "How do you know you're dating?" Appeared on the screen, where a long list from multiple sites. She glanced through them and practically, her ambiguous interaction with him hit the bullet lists.

She was overwhelmed with information that she had to stop for a little bit. She could not believe that they had been dating, and she knew nothing about it! She looked up at the ceiling to rest her mind but instead visions of her explicit dream popped in. Yu Sha propped forward to the laptop. She stared at it, reluctant but a part of her was curious. Slowly, she reached her hand to the keyboards and typed, "Meaning of sex dream."