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283 Invite Herself For A Tour

 As he peeled away, she yelled, "Hol... Hold me to sleep."

His eyes brightened and she could see the lights in his eyes. She reinforced, "Remember, you can't bully me tonight!"

The brows on his forehead frowned, and she knew that she made the right demand! She spread her arms and irked her brows to tease him. 'Who would have known, I spent countless hours thinking of how to get back at him but it was this simple?'

She reinforced again. "Only I can bully you tonight."

He pressed a finger between his brows that seemed to burrow deeper than his initial reaction. Soon, he made a decision. He positioned himself down onto the bed and threw the cover over him.

She wrapped her arms around him and snuggled herself into his broad chest. During her most vulnerable moment, she found a safe haven in his arms.

Yu Sha soon quickly dozed off into a deep sleep while Hue Chi was wide awake, feeling torture, indeed.

The next day, the sun shone brightly through the double screen door from the balcony. Although the bed was far away in a separate room, she could tell how bright outside was from the lights shining in the other room that led to the balcony.

Yu Sha slept so soundly last night. She didn't have any crazy dream but simply slept. She felt quite rejuvenated when arose.

She looked around the spacious bed and saw no sight of Hue Chi. Slowly, she crawled out of the bed. She can feel her body was still sore and the wound she inflicted on herself cried with each step, but if she refrained from using her ability and stay put, the road to recovery wouldn't be far out of reach.

She looked at the bandages on her wound, gently rubbed her thigh and cried. "I'm sorry. I won't hurt you again. Please heal quickly."

After a tearful apology to her leg, she hopped out of bed and scanned the room. Slowly and with gentle small steps, she invited herself for a tour of his room.

There were a few different rooms inside his "bedroom"? A room to relax which led to the balcony. The biggest room was the bedroom, another room that seemed like an office room. Then, a large multi-layer closet with rolls and rolls of neatly organized clothes and shoes.

Across from it was a corridor that led to the bathroom... basically a spacious high-end flat minus the kitchen were perched nicely into one room. That was the sense she got from observing the room. She must remember the feeling and details of the room. It'll help her next time when she needed to teleport.

Luckily, her job required her to have great attention to detail skill and so she was good at remembering details when it related to objects.

She walked out of the double door entrance and saw a few maids on the floor tidying up the main hall. They noticed her and came up to her. "Miss Yu Sha, you shouldn't be up. Go back to bed and I'll call Yedi." One of the maids spoke.

She raised up her hand gesturing stop to them. "I'm okay. Where is Hue Chi?" She addressed his name directly and not his title.

The maids stilled their emotions shocked of the way she addressed him. No one dared called his name directly. Even if they wanted to, they couldn't. He was the prince of their kingdom and must be addressed appropriately.

The maid replied, "Prince is in the guest hall meeting with his uncle Aegeus."

She remembered him. The weirdo uncle at the auction charity event!

"Can someone take me there?"

During their talk, another maid had ran down to the first floor and fetched Yedi. Soon, the elevator door opened, and they came down the main hall with an automatic wheelchair. Amari and Noah also came as well.

"Miss Yu Sha, you're awake?" Yedi asked coming from the hall.

"Mm... I like to go to the guest hall." She replied.

"Let's do a quick check up first, then we can take you there." Yedi ordered.

"Ah.. I'm okay." She rejected. She knew her body best that she was on the road to recovery.

Yedi shook his head. "Miss Yu Sha. If I failed to assess your condition, that stone face will punish me." He had to assess her accordingly, so that when asked, he can accurately report her condition to Hue Chi.

"Okay." She understood that they were just doing their duty. She didn't want them to get in trouble and so she allowed them to evaluate her.

After they finished, Yedi and his assistants wheeled Yu Sha to the guest hall.

Aegeus had arrived this morning, wanting to see what kind of state Hue Chi was bedridden with. The night before, he arrived to the main floor and noticed the medical team stationed in one of the rooms. Initially, he thought something serious must have happened. Today, he found out that Hue Chi was in perfect health.

They moved to the guest hall to chat while Yu Sha slept in. When she awoke, the sun rose brightly, and everyone had finished their morning chores.

"The Queen is coming over to see you soon. You weren't present for the festival and event. They weren't happy. You needed to find a good reason for not attending." Aegeus explained.

Hue Chi barely spoke but listened to Aegeus rambled on and on.

Their chat was soon interrupted by a team of people.

In front was Yedi wheeling the wheelchair with Yu Sha on it.

Aegeus spotted her and it finally clicked. Earlier, he didn't even bother to check but jumped to conclusions that Hue Chi purposely schemed to avoid attending the event, but it was that Yu Sha had been over!

His jaw dropped speechless. "She was over?!!" that made sense with the medical equipment.

Yu Sha waved hi to them. When her figure entered his vision, his eyes softened and lips relaxed.

Slowly, he got up and walked over to her. The vibration of his steps created a soothing melody, the brightness of his eyes blinded those in sight, and the warmth exuded off his body burned those nearby.

In a mellow tone, he asked, "Are you feeling better?"

Added with the tone of voice he never spoke to his people, electrocution burned them to crisps. Yedi's soul was sucked to the earth's core. He can't be a normal human after witnessing this event.