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281 Knew He Meant Well

 Yedi remembered, "Ah that's right. Doing the XXX rated stuff is forbidden at this time." He rushed back inside.

"Prince! I just took great pain to save her. That can't happen. Her body can't take it."

Hue Chi shot out from under the blanket and covered her properly as he summoned Butler Zeu.

Butler Zeu ran back inside. "Ye.. Yes Prince!"

"Come to my office." Hue Chi exited the double door and headed to his office. The moment he got on his desk, he took out a piece of paper, a red pen, and drew the mark onto the paper. After he finished, he handed the paper to Butler Zeu and ordered. "Find this mark."

"Yes." Butler Zeu took the paper and headed out.

Amari went over to Yu Sha and tied the gown back into place. "Are you alright?" She had no power to stop the prince if he wanted Yu Sha, but she was worried for Yu Sha's safety. "I"m sorry. I couldn't stop him."

Yu Sha pouted. She guessed Hue Chi wanted to investigate the marks on her body. He could have done so in a different way. He... Even though he meant well, his action doesn't come off that way to her.

Soon, Hue Chi walked back in. Yu Sha glared at him unhappily. She grabbed the pillow and attempted to throw it at him but found that the twisting motion hurt her body and the pillow dropped half way.

"Ah..." She let out a cry.

Hue Chi rushed up to her and asked with great concern. "Where are you hurt?"

Yu Sha pounded her fists onto his chest, though it felt like fallen leaves on him. He allowed her to release her angers.

She sulked. "You could have asked me instead." That was the third time he saw her naked body!

'Ah, that was why she was upset.' He patted her head gently. "I'm sorry, I didn't think you would know from your surprised reaction. Impatience, got the better of me. Can you tell me what it was then?"

Yedi and his assistants were left speechless! They froze, lifeless, unsure if they woke up to the correct reality today.

"Am I going crazy? Did I just heard the prince patiently spoke to her and even apologized?" Yedi needed to confirm with his assistants.

"Uh huh..." They both had the same reaction as their boss and heard the same thing.

In fact, Yu Sha didn't know exactly what it was, but if she had to guess, it might be the binding spell. She lowered her head, not confident, she replied. "I think... It might be a binding spell."

"Binding spell?" Everyone was just as interested.

"Mm... I think it was placed to limit my ability. Every time when I attempted to use my ability, great pain crawled and burned my body. The time I got us out was the most painful."

It all made sense! How she contorted in pain and spit out blood in his arm. All he could do was watch her helplessly. It was because she, even in her last breath, she tried to get them both out to safety. If she was well right now, he would hug her tightly but her body can't take pressures. In the end, he could only patted her head and praised. "Um... You worked hard."

Yedi and his assistants were blinded by Hue Chi's affectionate gesture. Yedi had the most difficult time digesting his affection. All he ever got from Hue Chi was cold glares, the cold shoulder, cold glare, and the words 'mm.'

"He never treated me that well, and I slaved away for him!" Yedi cried. He was the one that had the most free time as people in Hue Chi's mansion seldomly need medical care. Plus, Hue Chi hadn't need any medical care except that one time not long ago. However, Hue Chi was treated at the hospital. So technically, he had so much free time to experiment, research and attend academic conferences.

Annoyed, Noah spoke. "That's because she was the one he loved. The way he looked at her, and the warmth that glowed in his eyes when he looked at her, she meant everything to him." Noah looked at his boss and shook his head. "You caused too much trouble with your failed experiments. If I was him, I'll treat you the same."

Yu Sha heard briefly what Noah said. 'Love, meant everything.' She looked at him for hints of what Noah said, but he had shifted his body and supported her to lie down.

"It's very late. Go to sleep." He said softly.

Hue Chi pulled the blanket to cover her. She had her hands placed on her chest when she noticed the leads and IV on one of her hands.

"Ah... Yedi?" She called.

Yedi hastily replied, "Yes yes?"

"You can take all these stuff back. I don't need it. My problem was from the binding spell and not medical related."

Hue Chi wanted to keep them on as she didn't wake up as Yedi predicted. He was a brilliant physician, good at what he does but this time, his prediction failed. Despite that, she was adamant on taking them off and so Yedi and his assistants took the leads and monitor away. The room now became quiet. Hue Chi turned off the lights and went around to sit on the sofa at the foot.

"I can sleep there?" She was referring to the couch. She felt bad taking his spots, though his couch was huge, bigger than her bed at home! He can even sleep on the couch, but he looked like he had not rested much.

Hue Chi replied, "No, you take the bed."

"Then where are you sleeping?"

I'll be here to keep you safe." He replied.

The word safe brought up something in her mind. She gasped. "Ah..." Are Su Na and Leo safe? She needed to contact them if they made it to safety. Then she remembered she left her bag at the southern mountain region.

Afraid she was in pain again, Hue Chi rushed to her side and asked attentively. "Are you hurt?"

She shook her head. I need to contact my friends and let them know I'm okay. But I left my bag somewhere."

Hue Chi breathe a sigh of relief. "Don't worry, I've instructed Butler Zeu to do so a while ago."