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280 Think Of An Excuse Fas

 In a flash, Yedi, his two assistants and Butler Zeu came running in.

"She's up?" He predicted that she would wake up sooner, but she didn't. He thought he was going to get buried alive if she doesn't wake up soon.

"Miss, where are you hurting?" Yedi asked politely.

Yu Sha calmed herself down. She can't possibly tell them that she was having a mental attack because his appearance resembled that of a fantasy man that appeared in her dreams!

Yedi commanded, "Get an oxygen mask."

Noah ran over to the machine and pulled out the mask.

Yu Sha finally calmed down. She had to think of an excuse fast otherwise, they would fully equip her with devices. With her hand, she gestured stop to them.

She inhaled a breath and said, "I'm okay. I was just suddenly attacked by his dazzling look."

Everyone's mouth dropped unable to utter a single word.

Hue Chi was rendered speechless. It was the first time in this reality that she finally said something wonderful about him.

The other's speechless expression was... because they couldn't possibly imagine what his dazzling image looked like, no matter how hard they tried.

Still saw that they haven't recovered from what she said, she added. "He always picked on me and gave me a hard time. When he suddenly was nice to me, my weakened heart couldn't take it."

Yedi and the assistant nodded their head. "Ah.. that made sense. He does give people a VERY HARD time." They imagined putting themselves in her situation. If that was the case, if he were to act nice and say something nice, even once, they would probably suffer the same symptom as hers.

For once she finally managed to turn the table on him! Hue Chi couldn't retort with his people in the room. He remained quiet and only focused on the only sentence, "attacked by his dazzling look."

Yedi lowered himself and replied earnestly. "Miss Yu Sha, I understand you very well! Rest assured. As long as I, Yedi, work in this mansion, I won't let him pick on you." In hindsight, he finally met THE ONE, THE WOMAN his boss would abandon the world for. If he got on her side now, she would be his ally! He wouldn't need to be afraid of the prince.

Her ears perked at the comforting words Yedi spewed out. Touched that he would stand for her when the Night Owl bully her, she nodded her head happily. "Yes, yes." Instances of the many times when he bullied her, turned the table on her popped in her mind. It sure felt nice to have allies, she thought.

Yedi inched closer and asked, "Miss Yu Sha, how are you feeling?"

She paused and thought for a moment. "Um... My body ached extremely bad and my wound still hurts. But I think I'm fine?"

Yedi nodded. "Mm.. mm..." Does her body functioning at minimal capacity had anything to do with the red marks?

"What are the red marks on your body? Are they always there?" He asked. Though he doesn't see the entire mark, but it spread half way to her extremities. Amari, who helped dressed her said there was red marks throughout her body.

Her eyes widened, shocked of the marks she was not aware of. She quickly pulled up the sleeves to check. Indeed! There were red drawings on it!

"What?" She cried, not sure where the drawing came from.

Hue Chi dashed onto the bed, threw the blanket over him, gently supported her down, and got on top of her.

She hasn't regained strength and still ached from movements. Taking her by surprised, caused her muscles to tense up from sudden action, which hurt her. She shrieked. "Ahh... my body still sore."

"I'm sorry." He muttered softly. Briskly, he untied her gown. There were only three spots, the collarbone, armpit and waist area. In one move, he undid the ropes and opened the gowns to inspect the marks.

"Why are you taking off my gown?" She hovered her hands to cover her body that was exposed defenseless to his dazzlingly eyes.

His eyes so tense and deep. She felt like it could devour her delicate body. To him, what kind of bastard dare to touch her body? He wanted to see how much the marks covered her body.

Yedi, his assistants, and Butler Zeu couldn't see what was happening beyond that blanket. Hue Chi knelt on top of her lower half but not putting any weight on. He pulled the blanket over him to shield her body from exposing to the others.

What happened beyond the blanket was left to everyone's imagination from her whimpers and gasps. Their faces flushed with the color red, unable to speak or move.

Hue Chi ran his fingers on the mark to see if it was painted or ingrained into her body.

"Ah... Don't touch there!" Yu Sha shouted. Images of the explicit dream crawled into her mind, and increased the weakness sensation even more. She panted heavily as her hands with zero strength tried to push him away. But he was too far down for her arms to reach. The area that her hand reached was the area underneath his belly button. She didn't want to excite him. She either die using her core muscles to get up and pushed him or enticed him by pushing at the spot below his belly or live and let him have his way with her body.

She panted as she attempted to get him off, but could barely lift her arms or leg. Any small exertion made her run out of breath and the only thing that came out was her panted reaction.

He trailed his hands on several spots. She whimpered, "Ahh... Not there."

Butler Zeu walked out of the room. This should be the time for them. Outsider should not take part.

Yedi covered Amari's ears and said to both his assistants. "This is XXX Rated stuff, not suitable for children. Move on. Go go!" He forced them out of the room.

"Let's wait to hear good news in 9 months from now... hahaha..." Yedi laughed loudly.

Worried, Amari turned around and yelled, "Prince, her body is still weak! If you can, spared her!"