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279 Let Her Decide

 The Mister and Yu Ping managed to get back to where their boat was at.

Yu Ping shouted, "Hey you, do you have a mean to get us out?"

"Hop on the boat and hang tight." He replied.

They didn't waste anytime and hopped on the boat. The Mister turned on the engine and threw a few bomb knives into the water. The water exploded and with the wave currents created from the explosives acted as a force and pushed the boat into the sea. He threw the knives in the angle that when the bomb exploded, would create the waves to move in the direction that aided their boat. Since their boat had an engine and was already going at its top speed and momentum, he just needed an external force to help propel them faster.

The Mister did a few rounds of these and before long, the island grew smaller and smaller then out of sight.

Yu Ping finally relaxed and spoke. "Hey, are you sure my sister was rescued?"

"Without a doubt." He replied confidently.

Yu Ping had a feeling that this dude was not a fisherman but on a mission to aid him.

Yu Ping eyes stilled at the Mister while his mind reasoned why and for what purpose.

"You... What is your real identity? If you don't tell me, I'll follow you until you tell me."

The mister joked. "That was the best confession I've ever received!"

Yu Ping puked and backed his sentence, "Old man! Don't get the wrong idea!" He believed the mister that his sister was rescued. So he agreed to leave the island.

The mister finally explained, "I can't tell you who I am. But I was hired to find your sister at the island. I was just getting ready when you approached me."

Yu Ping found his words so unconvincing, like he had this planned all along. "Hmm... and the one who hired you... was it the guy I saw carrying my sister?"

"He's a good person. He won't harm your sister. Trust me." The Mister said with full confidence while eyes sparkled that of an impure person.

"If he is your boss, tell him, my sister doesn't like men. She thinks she's a man herself. Take me to him!" Yu Ping demanded.

"You should let your sister decide that."

"I lived with her for 20 years! I know her!"

"Let's discuss more when we get on land. I'm quite exhausted. It had been one long journey." Indeed, it was long for him. He left Aires and headed straight to the piers and bought a boat and waited for Yu Ping. He made it in the nick of time. It was extremely exhausted having to predict and move several steps ahead of the Light Clan just to keep up with them.


The next day, Hue Chi did nothing but sat beside Yu Sha. Aegeus came for a visit but was turned away with the message that refused to meet anyone and for him to make an excuse to his Queen sister to prevent her from visiting. Aegeus could only console his sister that he got tied up but for his sister to stay put, not be rash and wait to hear good news from him the following day. Even if she visited now, she'll be turned away. He encased himself in a barrier, no one can enter and he won't hear her calling him.

The house was tensed the entire day and everyone felt restless. For some, it was the longest day of their life.

Night time rolled around. He was still at the same spot as when Yedi left them after the procedure. Hue Chi reached his hand to hold her hand. Images of her perky, highs spirited attitude and smiles played in his mind. It was hard to see her lay on the bed, unmoved by anything.

'Yu Sha... I had only recently found you. Are you going to slip away from me this time too?'

Gently, he felt a squeezed on his hand. Hue Chi shifted his head to look at her face. Her exhausted eyes were already staring at him.

Relieved to see her glittering eyes, he sprung up from the chair and asked anxiously. "How are you feeling?"

She moved her head to the other side and saw the monitor devices. She let out a sigh and tried to sit up.

Afraid, she may have unforeseen injury somewhere and hurt herself, he scooted next to her and helped sit her up.

"Slow..." He muttered.

She felt her body tingled and ached unbearably. Yu Sha let out a cried. "Ahh.. Why does my body ached so much? Have I been sleeping for centuries?"

Hearing her spouted crazy, a smile crept on his face. 'Phff..' She definitely was back. He replied. "You slept for two days."

She tried to recollect her memories. She was roaming the country and arrived at the southern mountain region, a place untouched by people. She saw a tree full of pure vital energy and thought she would trace the mysterious woman using the energy to assist her. When she felt her body shifted and opened her eyes, she was at an unknown place. She heard gunshots and rushed to the scene. In a million years, never did she thought what she saw would be her friends beat up.

Yu Sha's brows furrowed. Her head hurts as she tried to concentrate and made sense of what happened.

Unable to bear the pain expressed on her face, he persuaded, "It's okay. We'll make sense of it later. Rest."

He supported her back and helped her lay down. "Are you hurt anywhere?"

Her eyes met his and in the reflections that portrayed through his eyes was genuine care, fright and concerns. In that moment, images of a man, who had the same eyes and looked at her with the same expression flooded her vision. Pain kicked in her head as her heart throbbed responding to the emotions of that man. She grasped her heart and wheezed for airs.

Worried that she may have one of the attack he once witnessed at the theatre early in their encounter, he called for Yedi.