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278 Hue Chi Was Ill

 As soon as everyone left, Hue Chi let out an energy zone from his body, encasing the room in its entirety. No one can interrupt him and enter without his consent. Nothing could come in between him and her, not even his royal parents nor her parents.

As the event rolled out, Hue Chi's arrival never came. Like every year when he usually arrived before the event start, this time was different. He didn't show up to join his parents. From their balcony, overlooking into the distance, the arena was jam packed with citizens. Even though Hue Chi was nowhere in sight, the show must go on.

Butler Zeu relayed a message that Prince Hue Chi was not in a good condition to attend the event and had retired for the day. As soon as the news hit the royal couple, they proceeded to start the event. The royal couple walked over to the edge and appeared before the citizens. They waved to the citizens for a little while. Soon, down below, a large open space formed and performers performed as they walked forward towards the palace and branch off to the side.

Although both the royal couple found it hard to believe that he was too ill to attend, they waited until break time to order their trusted bodyguard to investigate. Their son had never used illness as an excuse.

A couple hours later, the bodyguard arrived at Prince Hue Chi's mansion. He arrived to the front lawn and noticed a barrier encasing the property. He called the house to be let in. He came under the order of the royal couple.

A moment later, Butler Zeu walked out and allowed the bodyguard to go in. As he arrived on the main floor, he noticed Yedi and his assistants with their medical equipment and gears.

"The prince really is ill?" The bodyguard asked to confirm.

Yedi replied confidently. "I, as the doctor that oversees this mansion, the prince is not in the condition to go out at all today. Rest assured, there is nothing to worry as long as I am here. I will nurse him back to good health."

The bodyguard pondered for a bit and reluctantly left to relay the news. He spent 2 hours traveling via the express lane each round and to only return empty-handed to confirm the same news to the royal.

He relayed exactly what Yedi told him and what he saw.

As the saying, there is a first to everything, maybe this time, their son was truly sick?

Initially, the king thought his son schemed this to get out of this event to avoid picking out a life partner. But the guard's words sounded truthful. The king asked, "Did you saw him?"

The guards replied, "No, I didn't. Per his instruction, he was to be left alone undisturbed for recovery. There was enough evidence to conclude what they said were true. And he does not want to see anyone, at least not today."

The royal couple agreed to keep this to themselves, but knew they would have to follow up later. He did not want to see anyone? What possibly could plagued their son to refuse visitation? They knew that if his condition was dire enough, the people in his mansion would contact them directly and declared an emergency.

Several hour later, the parade and performances wrapped up and the Royal Family headed back to seclusion briefly to get ready for the evening celebration with the Elite Circles.

At the events, the Elite Circles attended with their family as usual, like every year. Their children wore glamorous clothes of the highest quality materials from high end design. When the door finally closed, and the party began, Prince Hue Chi was nowhere to be seen. Several people starting asking among themselves for his whereabouts? Many would like to meet him even though they had seen him from time to time previously.

The Queen spotted her baby brother. She knew that her baby brother and Prince Hue Chi were closed but been busy in their field and seldomly get together. If Prince Hue Chi doesn't want to meet anyone, she doubted that he would still reject seeing her brother. But she can chance it and use her brother to visit her son and relay the whole truth to her.

The Queen signaled for her brother when she locked eyes with him.

Aegeus could feel something fishy going on with his sister but he walked up to her and asked, "Hello my Queen, what can I help you with tonight?"

"Ae... Do you know Hue Chi was ill?"

Aegeus looked surprised. "That guy know how to get sick? I thought he was a robot this entire time."

The Queen hissed at her brother and then added. "Apparently, even Yedi stayed in the mansion fully equipped with medical devices, but they didn't declare an emergency."

Shocked, that maybe Hue Chi came down with something, Aegeus, turned to the Queen. "I'll go visit him first thing tomorrow."

The Queen shook her head. "Thank you."

People kept asking non stop for Hue Chi's presence that the royal couple had no choice but to tell them that he felt unwell and under the in-house doctor's instruction, he was to stay in and recuperate.

As far as the specific type of illness, they weren't informed and would have to check in when they're available. But right now, they have to finish their duty and finish the event.

Being royals weren't as glamourous as what people thought. Even when the royal's son was not well, they couldn't even cancel the event, drop everything and go home. They must carry out their duty with a smile like nothing had happened.

Many people were disappointed that night, especially the ladies who wished to make their presence known to the prince. How do they spend the rest of the evening when he wasn't here? The rest of the night will be long for many of them.


Hue Chi sat on a chair pushed close to the bed so he could be next to her. His vision hasn't left her sleeping figure. He watched her as he loathed himself. He could've gone to her sooner. Why didn't he act on it? Because she was skillfully independent, doesn't always make her safe at all time. If he acted upon news of her disappearance, maybe she wouldn't be this injured.