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277 Afraid She Would Leave Him

 A bright light enveloped them. Hue Chi appeared before a door in a limitless white space. The place felt serene, devoid of noise except his heartbeat and breathings. Something inside him told him to reach for the door that appeared before him. It was the only door in the space. "Is this her doing? Is this how she teleported?" He reached his hand out to the door and what came into view was his balcony!

Without a second thought, Hue Chi passed through the door and materialized on his balcony. In his arms, she twisted in discomfort and coughed another mouthful of blood and finally let go of her mental state. She exerted herself enough and knowing that they safely escaped, she finally let go. Hue Chi watched helplessly as life drained her face of any colors. Slowly, her eyes shut and she passed out as a tear drop escaped down from the corner of her eyes.

"Yu Sha!" Hue Chi called leaning down to check her breathing.

"Butler Zeu!" he shouted.

Butler Zeu rushed in, frightened of the terror behind the prince's voice. He busted the door open and saw his prince carrying a heavily wounded woman.

"Get someone to come here right now!"

Butler Zeu rushed back out to call the in-house doctor who practically does nothing all day but research and research. He had no patients most days as his only job was to tend to the people in Prince Hue Chi's palace, providing first aid treatment. With so much spare times, all he does was researched and begged people to be his guinea pig.

A man in his early thirties with metal frame glasses rushed in. The ends of his hairs looked like it had been burnt into crisps from a failed experiment that exploded.

Hue Chi saw his messy state and ordered angrily, "Yedi, I didn't hire a scientist but a physician."

"Prince..." He saw the Prince holding a woman, covered in blood. The colors on her face doesn't look good. And for him to personally carry a woman to his room? Was she the rumored contractor woman?

Yedi let out an assured laugh. "Prince, don't worry. I'll tidy myself up. Amari and Noah, assess her."

Amari went up to Prince Hue Chi and asked him to put her on the bed. She was the young female assistant of Yedi, and since Yu Sha was a female, it was more appropriate for her to assess.

Hue Chi reluctantly laid Yu Sha on his bed. Amari put on her gears and checked Yu Sha's vitals. Noah went back to bring in the necessary equipment and tools. The patient's condition seemed more dire than what they initially thought.

Amari finished her evaluation. She felt nervous of the findings and exhaled a breath of anxiety. "Prince, she will need some blood transfusion, her organs are functioning at minimal capacity and there were traces of strong sedation running through her body which doesn't help her situation."

Initially, he felt petrified and then enraged. His body froze, and the airs quiet, silencing the people in the room. They could tell something not good was about to happen. In another second, Hue Chi's eyes turned solid gold, and the emotions that oozed out from his body swallowed the space in the room, causing the weak willed to drop down on their knees and suffocate.

Yedi couldn't allow his assistant to drown in the prince's unstable energy attack. He rushed up to Hue Chi, "Prince, you must not let your emotion seeped out. We have everything here in the house that can save her. If you want her well again, go sit over there." Yedi gestured for Butler Zeu to take the prince away.

Butler Zeu wasted no time and persuaded Prince Hue Chi to calm down. The people in the room even himself felt the effect of the prince threatening energy. A few more minutes and Yedi and him would have faced the same fate as Amari. they just had a stronger internal energy to withstand a little longer.

Hue Chi's eyes came back to normal and the dark tensions in the air lifted.

Yedi walked to Amari and helped her up. Noah made two trips and wheeled in the equipment necessary for a sterile procedure, and they got to work right away. They set a folded tent next to the bed and it sprung up into shape by itself. The space inside was sterile and the procedure can only happen inside the tent.

Yu Sha was transferred inside. Yedi and his team quickly ran a blood test and transfused the correct blood to her, cleaned and sutured her wound. They injected a drug to counter the sedation that already spread through her body. The only thing they weren't able to address was her weakened organs. They weren't able to determine the source.

As a precaution measure, they connected the machines to her and monitored her vitals. Yedi noticed the red marks extending out to her extremities but kept quiet. It was something that Yedi will discuss with Hue Chi later. He wasn't sure those are preexisting marks. Until he was sure, maybe that could have something to do with her condition.

While Yedi and his team were busy in the tent, Butler Zeu was busy changing the bedsheets and pillows to clean ones. The blood on Yu Sha had stained the bed. He assumed the Prince would want to keep Yu Sha in his room. So, he made sure she slept on a clean bed.

Afraid that if he blinked, she would leave him, Hue Chi kept his sight on the tent, watching every move of the treatment process. There were moments he caught himself letting his energy seeped out and would emotionally hold himself back. If his energy got to the workers, there could be a mishap with the procedure. Not only that, it would also harm Yu Sha too. He tried hard to tame himself, putting her safety in his mind.

He thought of the time when he arrived to hearing her cursed him. Was she calling for him to her rescue? Since he came, does it mean that she won't hate him? After some times, he muttered, "Butler Zeu, can you place a barrier around the house?"

His tone serious, afraid, those enemy would find her.

"Mm... I will take care of it."

The team worked efficiently and briskly. It didn't take long for them to finish and put Yu Sha back on the bed.

The machines were still hooked onto her and was instructed to have it on for the next 24 hours. As ordered by Hue Chi, rooms in the main level was prepared for the medical team. They were to stay near to supervise and check in on Yu Sha.