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276 You Stupid Night Owl!

 Hue Chi was sitting on his desk. He looked dressed and ready to attend the event. Dao Txu had not sent an update since the last update that he had safely arrived at Island Genesis. They attempted to reach him to no avail.

He took out the seal and gently ran his fingers on the seal, wondering where she had been. He knew she was capable, with her technique, she could easily run away. Why hasn't she shown up?

As if his vision was playing tricks on him, the seal flashed and burst in bright light.

Butler Zeu entered the room and called, "Prince, it's time to go." Then he saw the prince engulfed in the bright light and dissipated. He rushed towards the desk and all that was left was the spell charm that looked like it hadn't been used at all. He knew that it was something given to him by Yu Sha's grandmother and wasn't worried about the prince's safety. But his absence during this crucial moment may be difficult to explain to the royal couple.

"Bastard! Don't touch me! You're so much worse than the damn Night Owl!" Yu Sha screamed and kicked while the enemy held her down and waited for the medicine to kick in. At this moment, she doesn't know why her heart yelled for him though she does not verbally express it. She wished he was here to take her away.

"You stupid Night Owl! You always read my thoughts even when I don't want you to. Where are you now! You bastard!" Why was that he appeared in her sight, read her thoughts when all she wanted to was avoided him? Then when she needed him to read her thoughts, he was nowhere to be found?

Hue Chi appeared in the same space, the room where Yu Sha was being subdued. He materialized to seeing the enemy holding her down onto the bed as she spouted nonsense at them.

She panted heavily, out of breath having fought with them to her last strength. She could feel the medicine setting into her body.

Wasting no time, Hue Chi struck the enemy. He went for the main boss as he felt the guy was the strongest among the men in the room. Welled up with intense anger having glimpsed the condition Yu Sha had met, he let out an energy whip so strong, dismantling the ceiling and floor. Then he darted at the enemy at full force and launched an attack. With just the swing of his arms and the building collapsed entirely. He swung another hit directly at the enemy boss's vital point.

The enemy had no choice but to let go of Yu Sha to protect himself. Hue Chi attacked him with intent to kill. He had to let her go so he could dodge and deflect the attack.

Hue Chi quickly redirected his body and used the split second to retrieve Yu Sha instead of attacking the enemy boss. He planned for this moment for when the enemy tossed her and moved faster than all of them.

She was dozing off from the drug but when her eyes opened again, in the vivid vision, she saw him.

Feeling exhausted, with barely no energy, she uttered, "He's really here."

She felt her body being tossed. With the little energy left, she attempted to redirect the direction her body was going. She headed towards Hue Chi's direction and at the same time he headed for her.

A huge relief washed over him the moment he pulled her into her arms. He'll never let go of her ever again! He snuggled her tightly into his arms and looked for the exit.

Everyone in the building ran for cover, while the enemy boss chased after Hue Chi.

Hue Chi dodged the falling pillars and debris and occasionally used them as stepping support to get out faster.

The enemy boss pursued after them.

Hue Chi took off holding Yu Sha tight in his arms and eventually crossed path with the Mister and Yu Ping. The Mister's eyes widened surprise. He was not informed that his lord would be here. But seeing Yu Sha in his arms, the Mister understood that his lord personally came to retrieve Yu Sha.

Soon, he spotted the enemy boss, chasing after his Lord. 'OH NO YOU DON'T!" The Mister threw explosive knives at the enemy. The knives detonated one after another blocking the enemy's path.

Yu Ping shouted. "That's.... my sister!" As she vanished into the distance in an unknown man's arm. He stood up about to go after when the Mister held onto him. "Wait.. wait.. You can't leave me alone to that scary woman."

"You just allowed that man to take my sister!"

The Mister assured. "You're sister had been rescued. Believe me." Soon, hundreds of shards streamed down at them. Their location was discovered when the Mister threw his explosive knives at the enemy boss.

Yu Sha was still fading in and out of her consciousness, trying to hold on as long as she could, after noticing that they were out of the enemy's reach. She knew, they still had to get out. She garnered everything she had and bet her life in this moment. Pain spread through her body from attempting to use her inner energy. Still, she held on and continued to concentrate. She imagined his place, the balcony she had visited. She remembered the feeling and every details of his place, the length, height of the marble balcony. She even recalled the numbers of chairs and tables on it and the size of the walkthrough door.

The longer she stayed in this mode, the more intense the pain burned. She didn't realize how much energy it took to use this technique until she was stripped of the ability to use it freely. Oh, how she took it for granted when she could roam freely as she pleased. The pain intensified through her organs and lurched its way up to her throat. Yu Sha coughed a mouthful of blood. She cringed and whimpered as her eyes drained of life.

He knew that she was trying to help even when she herself had nothing left.

He pulled her in tighter and whispered gently to her ears. "It's okay. I'm here. You can relax." Hoping this would reassure her.