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275 Fight Me Fair And Square!

 "So... that was a dream.. and I'm still in a dream. It wasn't me in that other dream... in the cave, right?  Definitely not me." Yu Sha reasoned with herself. She took another look around the room. "Hm.. Where is this?" Then she recalled that last time, she was fighting with the guy! "So did I lost? Am I dead? Is this heaven?!"

She circled around the room frantically. "I can't die. I can't. I must go back." She eyed the door and ran towards it. As soon as she yanked the door opened, appeared on the other side was that guy! The guy she fought before she arrived to this place. "BOOM!" Yu Sha slammed the door shut and screamed. "Ahhh... we both died! We both died! What do I do?" She banged her head on the soft bed to release frustrations.

The door opened and in, came the guy. Yu Sha scowled at him. "What are you doing in my space?!"

He concluded that she must be confused. He explained. "This is my place. I have every right to be here."

"Your place?" She asked with uncertainty.


Suddenly, reality hit her. She stood up and repeated. "YOUR PLACE?! So we're not dead?"

"Nonsense!" He didn't know she was imagining crazy idea, death!

"Hahahaha..." Yu Sha laughed in relief of the good news that she was still alive but not for long. It soon set in that she was in enemy's land. She had to get away or destroy the place.

She ran towards the door using her ability but only ran at her brute physical force, not with ability. Sharp pain crept inside her body like she was being burned alive.

The man blocked her path. "You can't leave."

The pain subsided little, but she was not going to give up. She eyed the window and attempted another try at the window. Again, she only ran at her usual speed without her ability and the same pain spread all over her body. Sweat beads formed on her face. What was wrong with me?

The man rushed to pull her back. "I binded your ability. If you don't want to suffer, don't use your ability."

"Whaaat?!!!" She screamed frustratedly. 'Why is my luck so bad with men?! They always wanted to limit my ability!' When she first met Hue Chi, he nullified her ability. Now, her ability was binded by this bastard in front of her! She hated being restricted the most!

Furious, she demanded, "Fight me! Fight me fair and square! Release me now!"

He didn't think that even after binding her ability, she would spew so much nonsense the moment she woke up. He grabbed her waist and tossed her on the bed. "Have my children."

"HUH??!!" What is wrong with this dude? Yu Sha didn't want to imagine the consequences behind those word.

She quickly rolled to the farther side of the bed before the man had a chance to tie her up.

Just because she can't use her ability doesn't mean she still can't fight. Even if brute force was all she had, she will fight to the death. She flipped out of the bed and searched for a weapon. On the beside stand, was a flower vase. She grabbed hold of it and tossed it towards the man. He swung a quick kick at the vase shattering it into pieces and the water splattered everywhere.

Someone rushed in, it was the man in a white coat from earlier. "My Lord, what's with the commotion?" What he saw was the woman, fighting like it was her last battle.

Yu Sha bolted at the man with a flying kick. He blocked it. She shifted her body and moved behind him. He turned his body along with her movement. He knew, that even when her ability was binded, she could still fight well. She was agile and fast even without her ability. Her petite body also gave her the advantages as well.

"Ker, sedate her." The man ordered. He hadn't expected she would cause so much commotion.

Ker complied. He shouted for assistance. A minute later, a few people wheeled in the supplies. Yu Sha had to get out now or be subdued! She didn't expect that this guy was much worse than the Night Owl!

She either created an opportunity or be damned forever! But her enemy fought on par with her, sealing her actions and moves. Only if she had some kind of weapons. Her eyes searched the room and saw the vase shards on the ground. She picked up some shards and threw at the enemies that appeared from the door. The enemy boss deflected those shards, and she used the chance to head for the window. A small amount of internal energy formed from within her despite the pain and with a forceful, quick lunged, she shattered the bullet proof window into pieces.

The pain set in and momentarily slowed her down. In this instance, the enemy grabbed her from behind and bonded her arms.

Ker moved in with the needled and pointed the needle into the vein on her arm and pushed the plunger. The medicine escaped into her blood stream. Using Ker as support, she pushed both her leg at him and expanded her body in an attempt to push the man holding her down. He momentarily, lost his footing. She used this chance and using the tip of her elbow, she back lunged her elbow into his chest, setting herself free.

Yu Sha ran towards the assistance and took a blade from the tray and stabbed her thigh. She dug the bladed into her thigh, cutting the skin and flesh. Blood poured out from the wound. She hoped, inflicting pain within herself would redirect her mind to focus on the pain in her leg instead and keep her sane for a little longer.

The enemies looked at her bewildered, "She's fucken crazy!!"


That afternoon, the Royal Family was to appear in front of the citizens. The entire arena was tightly guarded with multiple layers of securities, awaiting for the event to start. The King and Queen hoped Hue Chi would pick a life partner tonight as time was not waiting for him. And if he didn't, the King planned to force one upon him.