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274 I Must Be Crazy!

 Those words hit his very core, and he lost the last shred of control. He had been controlling himself, on the verge of breaking many times. It took great pains to control his desire, but to hear a straight up confession from her, knocked down the wall he placed to put a boundary as a line to never cross. But that no longer mattered at this moment. He gave into his heart's desire and lunged in to kiss her passionately.

She wasn't prepared for his sudden attack. As she gaped for airs to mutter his name, he took the opportunity to slide his tongue inside her mouth. When she realized what happened, she too, parted her mouth, allowing him entrance. His tongue danced in search for hers. She, too, reached hers to meet his.

Not satisfied, he sucked her tongue like he wanted to eat her whole. Her mind became clouded as his scent, his kiss, and warm breaths engulfed her.

Not sure when he'll let her go, she pushed him, begging for some airs. He pulled back and allowed a moment for her to pant before leaning down for another kiss with his hand supporting her head and back. Still not satisfied having tasted just her lips, his mouth traveled down to her chin, jaw, neck and color bones, savoring every part of her body. She trembled in response to how he played with her body. She moaned each time he sucked on her skin, leaving trails of where his lips touched.

It wasn't just his mouth that was busy devouring her. He slid in his hands underneath her clothes to feel her warm skin. She whimpered as his hand brushed against her nipples and traveled down her curves, rubbing her soft skin like a potter molding a pot with great care and passion. Her body contracted each time he touched a sensitive spot. Her breathing became heavier the naughtier his hand gets.

They have kissed before, but all the past times where nowhere near what she experienced right at this moment.

Heat wave swelled inside her with the increase rate of her heartbeat.

Soon, he pushed her down onto her back and untied the string on the side that connected the two sides of her nightdress. When the string came undone, he spread her dress apart and gazed at her beautiful body. He wanted to take this moment to ingrain every part of her body into his mind.

Her mind still hazy and her breathing has yet returned to normal when he buried his face onto her chest, nibbling her perky breasts and occasionally sucking from one spot to the next.

As he arrived at her sensitive spot, he knew because her reaction from before told him so. He cupped his mouth on her nipple and danced his tongue around it. Her back arched in response to the pleasure feeling as she moaned in satisfaction.

Her moan excited him even more. His mouth parted ways from her breast and made its way down, leaving trails of moist kisses.

She felt her legs spread apart and could feel his hot lips working its way down to her lower body. She was the one that asked him to take her days before, but now she was having a second thought. She does not know if she could withstand his love. Just this and she felt her mind and body were beyond her control.

"Azu..." Before she called out his name, he sprung up and briskly took off his clothes, exposing his fine physique bod he had hidden underneath the armor most of the time.

She reached her hand out to feel his abs. The warmth radiated from her delicate fingers made him want her all the more.

"Azuric..." She called endearingly. He lunged down for another passionate kiss. She couldn't help but reciprocated his kiss and cradled her arms around his neck.

His hands gently molded her body, from her neck and slowly down to her legs. He took this moment to feel her hot heat and buried his fingers inside her. She shrieked and her toes curled the moment his fingers went inside.

He felt excited of her response and whisked his fingers inside her. She screamed as her chest compressed up and down. Rush of heat waves invaded her body one round after another. As her mind and body was drowned in his passionate kiss and touch, his other hand slid under her leg and pulled it apart to give him full entrance. He too couldn't wait to feel her. In one push, he penetrated through her maidenhood.

She gasped and eyes flung open as her body contracted and back arched altogether. The pain! She let out a cry and tears welled at the corner of her eyes. To distract her, he leaned down and softly kissed the corner of her eyes, forehead, tip of her nose, mouth and chin.

Slowly, he felt her body loosened more and more. Feeling her wet tightness wrapped around his manhood, even when he had not moved, he already felt blissful. Her warmth and the tightness made him taste paradise! Slowly, he started moving in small motion.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted her head slightly to kiss him, letting him know that she gave permission for him to have her. After receiving her signal, he didn't hold back and let loose. He thrusted deep inside her. With each thrust, she couldn't contain the pain and pleasure and could only moaned loudly in respond.

Suddenly the earth quaked, and she rolled off the bed hitting hard on the ground. Yu Sha sprung up confused, looking around. She noticed she was craddling a pillow in her arms.

"What was that? Was that a dream?" She just had a wild, detailed sex dream! Scared that she had lost her mind, she tossed the pillow on the bed. She pulled her hairs and cried loudly. "I must be crazy!!" 'Was it a dream? Why does it felt so real?' She huffed angrily that she could have such impure thoughts. "Wait, what am I doing here? Didn't the earth just quaked? Or am I still dreaming?"

She paced around the room and concluded that she must still be dreaming. "Hahaha... So this is a dream..."