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273 Allowed This Moment For Them

 She vanished from the spot, heading north along the cliff. "Nadelia!!" He screamed wholeheartedly as if he called out to her with all his might, she would stop.

Afraid that she may jump into the Amnesiac Abyss somewhere along the cliff, he followed but soon lost trails of her. He searched for her everywhere along the vicinity, every crack, every boulder, every stream and found no trace of her.

It was then he remembered she once told him how she found him. She secretly snuck out in the night of her mother's death anniversary and visited the abyss. She cried and called for her mother. Though she knew her effort would be futile and that her mother would never return, she hoped that if she called all her might, her yearning would reach her mother. Disappointed, she finally left to wander alone. After what felt like a long while, she saw a cave, glowing cave.

Azuric headed for the cave he only ever known to be his home. He was sealed inside the cave with a spell, unable to get out. It was her who dissolved the spell and took him out of the cave, showed him a world he didn't know existed. The emotions he ever felt, sadness, happiness, fear, pain, and love were learnt from interacting with her. But it had been many centuries since they first met.

Even when nothing last forever, the immortals can still die from certain circumstances, secrets can't be kept forever, but he was certain, that his love for her, would be for eternity. For as long as his soul existed, she would be his only light, only love, the one he wanted, always.

Her scent was infused within his memory, even from the distance, he could smell her fragrance as he approached the cave. Knowing that she didn't jump into the abyss but visited the place they first met, a huge relief came over him.

Nadelia laid down using one arm as a cushion for her head while the other hand scribbled something onto the ground. She didn't have anyone after her mother fell into the Amnesiac Abyss. At the anniversary of her mother's death, her father was getting ready to remarry. She cried alone, mourned alone and remembered her mother alone. This entire time, it was Azuric who kept her company. It was him who made her smiled and laughed. She had forgotten sadness and loneliness since he became her world, her best friend, and later someone she loved. A life without him, she couldn't possibly imagine what it would be like.

Soon, she felt a presence approaching behind. She knew who it was from the vibration of the step. She could tell it was him from distant away. The step stopped two feet behind and lights loomed over her. She assumed he was holding a torch to light up the area.

She ignored his approach and continued to scribble on the ground. He glanced over to look at what she wrote and saw the date they met under a starry night and crimson full moon.

He put down the torch on the side and sat down beside her, what he does best when she was not happy, be her companion, let her know of his presence and allowed her to pout. And whenever she felt ready to talk to him, he'll be right next to her.

However, this time, he felt that she'll forever avoided him. After sometimes when the torch was almost burned out, she finally sat up with her back towards him. She had not spoken a word nor turned his way.

The place he didn't want to come back, the place that held no pleasant memories but only loneliness, now felt so sacred as if it was the only refuge for them both. However, he knew that eventually, he would have to coax her to get out of the cave and go home.

Unable to stand the cold shoulder she gave off, he finally gave in. He got up closer to her and from behind, he wrapped his arms around her. With his sturdy body and broad chest, she disappeared into his arms.

A tear drop escaped from her eyes when she felt his arms around her. The only place she ever wanted to go home to.

Although neither spoke, the sound of their heart beat told them how much they loved and wanted each other. In the silence, Azuric held tight onto Nadelia, allowing both of them to have this moment. He lowered his head down and planted a kiss on her head. Her hairs weren't done as she let it down for her bath in the spring pool a couple days ago. Then when she left, she left in a hurry and didn't bother with it.

After some times, he turned her around to face him. He knew she had been crying and can't let it happen anymore. If she was just mad at him, he could allow her more time, but her tears are hard for his heart to take.

Before the torch died off, he wanted to get a good look at her. She looked quite the mess, had been a hot mess just as he guessed. The corner of his lips curved up ever so slightly. To him, she looked beautiful no matter what. He took out a silk cloth and wiped the residual tears off her face. After that, he ran his fingers through her disheveled hairs and straightened it out.

He cupped his hands on her face and spoke softly, "I will never allow you to feel sad." His thumb gently rubbed a tear drop that escaped her eye. It was at this point, he finally noticed that she doesn't have much on but a night robe. His eyes frowned at how light she had on and reached down to pull the collar to cover her exposed neck and cleavage.

She left in a rush and grabbed the nightdress he took for her. 'It was him who took it out for her, why was his face complaining?'

Before he got a chance to pull his hand away, she took hold of his hand and pressed it onto her chest. He could feel her heart pulsating.

"Azuric, this heart only beats for you. What's the meaning of it living when it can't have you?"