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272 The Land Of No Return

 Eventually, she succumbed to exhaustion and collapsed in his chest. He held her tighter and shifted the large cloak around his back to cover her. After securely covered her up, he gently stood up and carried her back to bed. He took each step with care as to not create too much movement. She hadn't rested for the last two days. Now she finally slept, he wanted to make sure, not even a fallen leaf could bother her.

Because it took longer than usual to reach her bedroom, each step of her still in his arms made it harder and harder for him to control his desires to have her, but a nobody like him shouldn't think like that, even from the beginning. If he refrained himself then, she wouldn't suffer this much. If he could, he would shoulder all the pain and suffering by himself in place of her happiness. His heart can't stand to see her sad in pain.

Finally, he reached her bedroom and gently laid her on the bed. As she didn't have any clothes on underneath and not wanting to wake her up by the commotion, he didn't ask for a maid to dress her. Instead, he covered her and sat on the large window edge to guard over her.

Morning came and gone when she finally woke up. She woke up to the same dark night skies as she passed out the night before.

The very same spot on the window edge, he sat still lost deep in thought.

She woke up to seeing his solitude figure by the window. When she found him, he was alone in solitude and now he may end up being the same. Her heart won't allow, can't allow!

She sat up in fetus position, cradling her knee, holding back tears. His solitary figure pain her heart so.

Sensing movement on the bed, he turned to see if she was up. The blanket slid down, exposing her soft radiant skin. Although she was unkept for the last couple of days from sadness, she still looked alluring. The long messy hairs made her all the more tempting.

Opposite of the bed, was a table. He stood up, walked over and grabbed a night dress neatly laid on the table and brought it over to her.

She avoided looking at him, afraid she won't be able to contain her emotions if she met him eye to eye.

Because she ignored him, he thought she was still mad at him of the night before. He rejected her not because he didn't love her or want her. She was all he ever needed. But maybe it was best to let her think that way?

"My Princess, put this on." He pleaded.

She ignored him still. Even when she refused to look at him, his voice alone could make her feel miserable. She didn't want him to know and avoiding his gaze didn't do much. His presence, his scent, his skin, the vibration of which echoed on the ground when he walked were all the things that kept her sane.

Seeing that she was not responsive, he put the night dress on the side. He grabbed another blanket and in a gentle motion, he carefully cover her back with the blanket as if he were covering his heart with great care.

Frustrated at the fact that he saw her body and did not feel tempted, she pushed his hand away. 'If you're only caring for me out of duty and pity, then don't!' Her mind wanted to shout it out, but she doesn't want to talk to him at this moment.

It pained him all the same to see her being like this, more so when she ignored his existence. He gazed at her for some times before finally stepping out of the room. When she heard the door click, it pained her even more. 'He left, is he finally going to leave me?'

She cried some more. She hasn't cried ever since she found him because all he ever did was made her laugh. How she missed those times. After reminiscing of their past, she decided to visit the place she visited before tumbling to his cave.

She got up and took the dress he had set on the side. She slipped on the night dress and disappeared from the spot.

She left to the cliff of The Forbidden Amnesiac Abyss, where the God Of Destruction reside at the bottomless pit. Dark miasma energy hovered above and was referred to the land of no return by many.

No one has ever seen the God Of Destruction and everyone were told to stay far from The Forbidden Amnesiac Abyss. Her mother was a victim who fell down and never returned and so does a few other people.

She sat near the edge of the cliff looking into the endless dark space below when a familiar voice called out to her from behind. She turned around and saw Azuric out of breath. He must be looking for her, wildly.

His eyes looked scared, scared of what she might do, jump into the Amnesiac Abyss. He reached out his hand to her and called with all his heart, "Nadelia, come here?"

She stood up and took a step back, shaking her head.

His eyes pleaded intently. He opened up his arms gesturing for her to run to him. "Nadelia, come." He often called her Nadelia when he wanted to intimately address her and Princess when addressing her accordingly to duty and title relation.

She so much wanted to run into his arm. That broad chest of his looked so tempting. If it was any other time, she would give in and run to his arm. Why wasn't he so willingly embrace her like this in the past? She had to sneak attack him with affections most of the time.

She took another step back, hitting the edge of the cliff.

He exhaled a breath of fright and coaxed gently. "Come to me, please." His eyes begged desperately.