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271 Take Me

 Standing two feet apart from each other, letting their gaze exchanged conversation between them, after some times, he reached out to cup her face. In response to his action, she too, lifted her hand and placed onto the hand on her face. She wanted to feel his skin, his warmth just as he wanted to feel hers.

"Nadelia." He whispered softly.

"Hmm..." She replied the same.

"Let's head back." He asked.

Hearing the words, "head back" upset her. Her eyes frowned instantly, and she turned around, pushing his hand away in the process.

"I don't want to."

"We've been gone for a while. Your father may be searching for you." He pleaded.

Her anger only increased with the plea. 'He only ever thought about his duty and obligation. He never put his feeling or hers before duty!'

Although pouty, she headed straight towards their carriage. He smiled at her action. Even when she was mad at him, he never felt scared or intimidated at all, but instead, warm-hearted of any reactions from her. She would always voice out loud when displeased about something, but ended up doing it anyway.

Upon arriving to her grand palace, a messenger was waiting at the entrance with an order to relay to her.

"Princess, The God Of Time had summoned you."

She teleported to The God Of Time's Kingdom Palace. In a room full of the universal dimensions, The God Of Time carefully adjusted the flow of time into each dimensions, making sure everything flowed accordingly to the law of that universe. If one goes out of balance, it could cause a snowball effect on all the dimensions and all forms of life would cease to exist.

"Father? You called for me."

A man in long silvery hairs turned around. His eyes held the universal of time which soon turned back to normal. He walked up to her and spoke in a clear crisps voice. "Nadelia, I had given my blessing for you and the Prince of the Eastern God.

Her face paled and knew that she wouldn't have a choice to defy order but no one has ever done so before. She wouldn't know until she tried. She knelt down in front of her father. "Father, must I marry?"

"You must." He said sternly, making sure that she heard his intention.

"What if I declined?"

The God Of Time glared at his daughter. "Nadelia, you must give me a reasonable reason. You know how this universe works. We married accordingly to the benefit of all the realms and universal time."

She knew at least that much. Tears flowed out from her eyes and dropped like rain drops, tainting the floor from the acid of her tears.

The scene changed to Nadelia floating on a pool spring looking at the stars that appeared so closed. Her mind seemed to contemplate the fate that awaits her, and the man she loved for a long, long time. Soon, someone knocked on the door but her mind was somewhere else and didn't hear the knock.

Soon, a voice called. "Princess! You shouldn't stay so long."

After a moment of no response, the double door entrance from the distance around the corner creaked open.

Slowly approaching the hot spring pool, was the man earlier. His heart ached more with each step closer to her. He was also summoned to the God Of Time's throne and asked why she felt so sad to be married. As the person always next to her, the God Of Time was hoping he would have an answer.

His heart hurt just as much if not more than hers. He came closer and got on one knee to bow with all respect of her. "My Princess, you've been in here for two days. You must not be like this." What he wanted to say was, my heart can't stand to see you like this.

A tear rolled down from the outer corner of her eye as she laid gazing at the universe above. Slowly her eyes shifted to the side and upon realizing who came for her, she sobbed louder. The pain of forever leaving him sank in even more at the sight of him.

Unable to help see her in this state, he rushed forward and pulled her into his arms and allowed her to cry. She clutched him tighter as if this would be the last hug. After some times she calmed down and looked up to him.

"Azuric, take me."

Just as he tried to figure out those words, she lunged up and seal his lips with an intense kiss. It was at this moment he understood what she meant. How could he tainted her before sending her off to marry another man? He respected her with all his heart and couldn't find it in himself to do something like this to her.

He pulled back and held her in place so she couldn't advance towards him. As much as he wanted to, he couldn't, his duty wouldn't allow him so. She was someone he loved, yet at the same, someone he highly respected and admired

"Princess, don't." He rejected.

Her eyes still swelled with tears frowned and a few ripples rolled down from unhappiness. She sobbed and asked. "You don't want me?"

"It's not that... I... I respect you too much to send you off this way." He replied with a glint of sadness in his eyes.

She pounded his chest several times yelling nonsense, "It's your duty again huh! You never loved me! You lied to me! You only pretended because you knew how I felt for you!"

He was in too much pain himself that he allowed her to pound on his chest, but accusing that he never loved her hurt more so. He loved her since their first encounter when she freed him from that dark endless cave. They were so much younger then and he followed her around like a pet who refused to part from their owner.

Slowly, she taught him many things and kept him by her side, secretly. Eventually, they both grew up. He enlisted in the military sector and made his way up the latter just so he could openly protect her. They wouldn't need to hang around in secret, she wouldn't need to sneak him into her palace. Though he knew he wouldn't be her equal, getting to be around her and protect her was enough for him.