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270 Change Your Taste Of Woman

 Still half asleep, in his instant reflexes, he launched multiple knives at the lady. In a split second, she dodged most of those except the last knife when Yu Ping intercepted. He was caught off guard and was unable to read the mister's sleep walking movement. When it registered, he managed to rush in and deflected the last knife.

When someone act without evil intention and acted purely based on no thoughts and motives, it can be hard to be cautious against them. People's motives are often felt by the vibes they give off, but the mister's intention was done so in his sleep when his mind was blank. So, when Yu Ping caught on, he moved in to help the lady. It wasn't until moments later that he realized she managed to dodge the knives without problems.

"She's not weak?" Yu Ping turned around to look at the woman wanted to ask her.

In his peripheral vision, a red flamed tip knife flew past with furious speed but in this instant, it went by in slow motion.

The woman grabbed the knife that was an inch away from her face. Her expression unchanged, eyes unwavered and unmoved by the knife. She looked at the knife and glare at the mister and Yu Ping.

It was not the expression of someone weak and delicate but a woman of frightening ability who knew her power is unmatched.

Yu Ping was still confused of the woman he thought he would rescue. She seemed like a completely different woman now.

Still hasn't recovered from his shock, the next pressing issue hit him. The mister is not an ordinary fisherman Mister? How did he?

Just as he was still dazed in thoughts, the woman directed the flamed knife at Yu Ping.

"BOY!" The mister yelled.

Yu Ping dodged out of the way and the knife flew directly at the mister.

The mister caught the knife he threw, just the same way as the woman caught it earlier.

"Boy... If you had picked an ordinary fisherman, you both would've been at the bottom of the sea by now. Only because I'm a veteran through and through in my taste of woman." The mister spoke haughtily.

Yu Ping shouted frustratedly.  "What kind of fisherman are you?!"

"An abnormal fisherman! I have more luck in fishing than that idiot partner of mines and more luck in women than that playboy prince of Cleotara." The mister paused to observe Yu Ping and shifted his attention towards the woman. "But you have weird taste in woman. They'll surely kill you in your sleep one day if you don't change your taste."

Feeling helpless at the mister partially true statement but heard he mention Prince of Cleotara Yu Ping asked, "You know the Prince of Cleotara?"

"Of course not. Why should I?" A prodigy of his kind, he only wanted to serve someone far more superior than him. That idiot prince didn't even make the normal class list.


The woman hadn't move from her spot. Her form started to change. Her finger nails turned long and dark. Her lips also turned dark and ice chills emanated from her body.

They both became aware of the situation they're in. Although disappointed that the woman was no longer the lovely beautiful lady he met earlier, there was no time to feel heartbroken over it. If his mother knew that he picked up a witch lady... Yu Ping didn't even want to think about it. He was told numerous times to pick up women no less than her. He quickly shook the thought away to focus at the situation at hand.

"Hey Mister, you weren't really sleeping earlier?"

The Mister replied lazily. "Any men who think with their brain would find it odd, a beautiful woman is stuck in this kind of place by force."

"Hey, you didn't hear the sob story she told me."

"Even if I heard, I'd still be able to differentiate."

The mister glanced at Yu Ping again. 'He was supposed to be a genius, but when women entered the topic, he became hopeless. How could him and me be in the same category in terms of intelligence? I'm way more superior when at his age.' He sighed and shook his head in disappointment.

"Ah!! You just looked at me with disdained!" Yu Ping shouted unhappily.

"Nope, I looked at you as a lost cause."

"Tsch!!" Yu Ping couldn't retort. He was almost tricked by a woman because he was blinded by her beauty and vulnerable situation.

As the men were bickering, the woman used her energy to form ice shards and shot at them like ammunition shooting from an assault rifle.

They both ran for cover and tried to dodge the ice shards.

They both hid behind different boulders and headed for the woods at any opportunity as it would be more crowded and not an open space. That mixed in with the darkness and fog of the night, give them more advantages.

High above in the mountain, beyond the clouds, a woman in white finery dress twirled happily. The warmth of the sunshine warmed the lands underneath. All living things flourished full of bright colors. The lush green grasses and the colorful flowers danced in waves each time a breeze past by.

Eventually, she stopped in her track and turned to look at him. Her eyes sparkled like warm gold and only his figure reflected in her vision. She had a thousand words of love she wanted to tell him which would take forever to express her feelings for him.

He too, looked at her with the same expression. Just their lovely gaze into each other's eyes, they both understood how much they meant for each other. Words alone couldn't explain how much they love one another.

The man walked slowly towards her. His sight has not left her the entire time when advancing. She too, has not let him out of her sight. With each step, her heart pounded faster and finally, he stopped before her.