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269 Stabbed With Cupids Arrows

 After investigating the videos with no traces of Yu Sha, Yu Ping snuck around to look for hidden passage. He concluded that if there were no traces of her being dragged into any of those buildings, then there should be a hidden passage somewhere that led to a different place, a secret hideout. Yu Ping walked around in search of a place that seemed out of the ordinary. He scouted the area unnoticed and didn't find anything that looked peculiar.

Yu Ping paced back and forth in the dark, thinking of what he should do next when he realized he hasn't check under the sea. After realizing that, he disappeared from the spot and reappeared under the sea. He swam around the area bordering the island, occasionally came up to the surface to replenish his lungs with airs.

Yu Ping rounded around the island under the sea for anything strange. Suddenly he sensed something not quite right with the energy. And in the unsettling feeling in his gut, he went up to the surface for another gasp of airs. He soon froze in place when his head emerged out of the water. A few yards away, sitting on a rock, vividly hidden by the dense fog, was a figure of a person. Yu Ping quietly swam closer to get a better view. When he got closer, what he saw made him brainless. Sitting on the rock was a beautiful lady with long, wavy hairs, lonely sad eyes with pale skin. She was washing herself and would break to gaze at the night skies in between.

Stoked seeing her naked back and side profile looking at the skies, Yu Ping's common sense washed down to the bottom of the ocean. His heart instantly was stabbed with cupid's arrows and nose bled like forceful water flowing out of the water hose. The 'fell in love at first sight' was too forceful that he lost his composure and almost drowned.

The noise then alerted her and she looked behind to see if it was sea animal or human.

"Who is it?" She asked nervously.

Yu Ping quickly came back up to the surface, but not without gulping a few drops of seawaters.

She shrieked unexpecting to see someone lurking in the water. "Ahhh!"

"Hello beautiful lady. I mean no harm." He said in a friendly tone and eyes in the shape of a heart.

The beautiful lady reached for a towel nearby and wrapped herself. She looked fragile and delicate.

"Wh... who are you?" She lowered her head and avoided his gaze. Her shy expression pierced his vulnerable heart deeper.

"C... C... cu... cute!!! She's so cute!" Yu Ping muttered to himself as his face was washed over with the color red.

In a weak nervous tone she asked, "You're not evil? Not here to harm me?"

How could anyone harm someone so cute? Ahem... He cleared his throat. "My Beautiful Lady, what are you doing here at this hour in this kind of place?"

Her eyes watered as she tried to explain. "A few months ago, to earn money, I went into a shop that was supposed to connect me to a job." Her face solemn and she remained silent for a few minutes. In a sobbing voice, she wept softly, "The next thing I woke up, I'm caged here in this island to serve the men here."

Yu Ping's heart ached at the cruel things she experienced. He shot right out from the seawater to the boulder closest to her. "HOW DARE THEY!" His face red, furious at the unscrupulous men who harmed her!

"Who harmed you? I'll kill all of them and take you away from here." he said angrily.

She lunged to hug his arm, shaking her head. Her sweet fragrance robbed his mind of sound reasoning. Tugging his arm closer to her chest she spoke pitifully. "You shouldn't. They are dangerous. Can you take me out of here without them noticing?"

Drowned in her fragrance and the soft perky watermelons that his arm was retained in between, he couldn't help but comply to her plead. Yu Ping took another glance at her, her pitiful eyes, how helpless she must have felt. Seeing that she was worried about him, he made his resolve. First priority must be her safety. He knew he could handle those bastards, but couldn't stand the idea of putting such a fragile lady in danger. He knew his capability and could come to kill those men anytime he wished to.

Yu Ping grabbed her hand and looked deep into her eyes. "Follow me. I'll take you to safety."

He snuck the woman around the island border to find the mister that took him to the island earlier. The mister should still be sticking around for him.

Some times later, they arrived safely to the area he was dropped off. He scanned the area but the mister was nowhere in sight.

While looking around, he saw no evidence of a bonfire. 'Wasn't he going to catch fish and roasted them?' he thought it was peculiar.

"Mister!" He called but silence ensued.

The worse possible idea crept on his mind. What if the mister didn't stay still and got caught when curiosity took him towards the enemy? Worried, Yu Ping dragged the lady in between two boulders. "You hide here. I'll be back shortly."

Yu Ping hopped back on top of the boulder for a better view of the area. It was foggier at the edge by the sea than in the woods. He hopped down to the far side of the boulder, planning to head back into the woods but felt something odd under his foot. He looked down and saw the mister was curled up sleeping.

Yu Ping sighed a big relief that he was safe and sound.

"Hey, Mister!" Yu Ping yelled as he nudged the mister awake.

The mister didn't budge but snored loudly away and turned over. Yu Ping nudged him again.

"Mister, wake up. Let's leave."

The mister woke up, but looked dazed. Still looked deep asleep, he looked straight at Yu Ping and uttered nonsense. "Huh.. Food is ready?" He stood up and sleep walked around the boulder.

The beautiful lady came around the bolder to see what was going on. She wanted to see who the other person on the island was.