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267 Twelve Realms

 "You come back here to work and stay out of trouble. I'll go check it out." Yu Ping ordered.

"There were dangerous people with some rare ability ruling that place." Su Na warned. But then she remembered Yu Sha, herself had dangerous, rare ability too. She asked, "Yu Ping... do you... have the same ability as Yu Sha?"

"You saw?" He asked from the other line.

"Mm..." She replied.

"Hmph.. Of course, 10x better than her." He replied confidently.

"What? But hasn't she always beat you?" Su Na asked based on the past experiences when they brawled together.

"I just let her win for peace' sake." If she lost to him or anyone just once, she'll constantly be challenging him or that person until she wins. So, for a quiet, peaceful life of his, he let his sister win all the time. And he knew she was not the healthiest child growing up. He allowed her to win to prove that she was not weak. To him, white lies are not a bad thing. Plus, over the years, she indeed got stronger as she continued to practice. She worked hard to be strong just as Su Na worked hard to be the top in school. These two girls are similar in the way they worked towards their goal.

"Su Na, all men and women in power, or hold some kind of powerful position have an ability of some kind. It's just that they don't show it or use it. Instead, they used bodyguards. Your ability must never be exposed frequently and on a whim. Enemy will make use of it. Even Herrs Corporation have it too."

Su Na turned to glare at the twin for confirmation, and they quickly averted their head. So among, them all, she was the only normal one? These people had been hiding things like this from her?

Su Na hung up the phone and walked angrily towards the twins. She grabbed Leo by the collar and confirmed. "Was it true?"

"Agh.. I." Leo couldn't reply. He diverted his eyes away from her. Su Na soon dropped the topic. Since they've been hiding it all these times, she has no right to force the answer out of them. She, too, had been hiding her own hatred and revenge all these years.

She released Leo and walked out of the room. Everyone has a secret they can't tell. What right does she have to demand the truth from them?

"Damn Yu Ping. That boy was a genius, how could he blatantly put us in a tight situation." Leo muttered.

"If he wasn't working with the girls, I would offer him a high position. But at this rate, having him with the girls and protect them was the best choice." Keo replied.

Yu Ping stood on his balcony looking at the crescent moon, pondering what Yu Sha had been doing these few days.

"Maybe it's time to scout Island Genesis." He muttered and walked back inside to grab his bag. Once he took the essentials, he left the cruise using Light Technique.

PengXu was night fishing as usual, a floor above and around the corner. He soon walked back into the room and called Hue Chi.

"My Lord, the last time she could be tracked was at the Southern Mountain Region but apparently, she was back at Lyon on Island Genesis this morning fighting a dangerous person. No one has been able to reach her since. I believe her brother is planning to go check out the place."

Ever since her disappearance this morning, he too had been feeling unsettled. "Dao Txu is to fly to Lyon right now." He ordered.

"Yes, he suspected this and is heading there." Because they don't have the speed like the Elite Noble Light Clan, they had to predict and move several steps a head to keep up.

Hue Chi pulled a drawer on the side of the desk and took out a charm spell. When he met with Yu Sha's grandmother a couple days ago, she had given him two charms that will lead him to her. But he must only use it as a last resort because there are only two left and she couldn't replicate them, as the creator of the spell no longer roamed this realm. He rubbed his fingers gently at the drawing on the spell charm while thinking back to his conversation with her grandmother....

"I understand the reason the seal was placed on her." Hue Chi went right to the point when she arrived.

Surprised that someone other than her husband knew of the seal, she replied. "What do you think of her?" She asked. Could he be the one predestined to intertwine with her beyond time and space?

Hue Chi quiet for a moment, his eyes soft and gentle like the morning breeze. He slowly parted his lips and spoke softly as images of all their lives flowed through his eyes. "She's spoiled, yet humbled. She's straightforward but empathetic. Her energy could lift those around. Her selfless nature is one of a kind among the 12 realms I've treaded."

Yu Sha's grandmother's pupil's dilated at the words 12 realms. "If I hadn't met my husband, I would not have believed such an absurd thing."

"Neither was I if I hadn't met her." Hue Chi replied. If she didn't stumble upon his path and if he hadn't discovered his past, he would not have believed things like reincarnation, nor interested in exploring it. He wouldn't have came to know that their destiny was predestined since the beginning of time, no matter in what realm, what universe or what time, he was bound to only love her. In the realm that she wasn't in, he lived without ever loving anyone.

"I'm not sure if there is a way to seal her memories, dreams, and pain for all eternity. Even if there is, the expert in this subject is no longer around. The Sorrow Seal is like a wall placed in the river to prevent it from flowing. But overtime, the water will build up and eventually overflowed. You can't stop the nature flow of the river and eventually, it'll go back to flowing in its original state after knocking down the wall. Life is similar like that."