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266 Yu Sha Went Missing

 Yu Sha took a few steps, slowly towards the enemy. Instead of using Light Technique she wanted to intimidate him of her energy. With each step, another level of inner energy was released. To keep up with her, the enemy boss did the same. Each time she released a level of inner energy, he released one level too.

After releasing the 4th level, trails of energy overflow around her body, Yu Sha charged at him. The ground that tasted the overflowing energy cracked apart, leaving evidence that she treaded that path.

Upon approaching the enemy, she threw a powerful punch to which he blocked and was pushed back a few steps. She didn't retreat her fist but continued to put more force and energy into the punch. If he lost concentration even just for a nano second, her punch would tear him apart.

At this point, it was a battle of willpower for him. He pushed back by releasing another level of internal energy. The sparks of their inner energy clashed like large waves hitting the concrete wall, and soon, unable to withstand the energy, the bracelet on her wrist broke off flying at different direction.

Yu Sha was too focused that she didn't pay attention to the bracelet. As soon as the bracelet broke off, an overwhelming force of energy took control of her, dominating her subconscious as if her subconscious was a black hole, absorbing all energy nearby in one fast instant. In that moment, she lost control of her mental state, dropped to the ground, and fell into a coma.

Su Na and Leo was able to gather the injured men and took off. There was only a couple casualty, other than that, the rest were badly injured and would need some times to recover. Some times later, they arrived at shore. As soon as they got on land, Keo was at the site with medical doctors waiting for them. He somehow managed to keep this a secret from their parents but wanted a thorough explanation.

As soon as he heard that Yu Sha appeared at the island, he wanted to go search for her. Knowing how dangerous the place was and occupied by some powerful unknown people, both Su Na and Leo stopped him. Instead, they should investigate the island more before acting on it. Plus, both Leo and Su Na were confident that their beast friend could handle the enemy based on what they saw.

"She was beyond beast. And she said as soon as she took care of them, she's coming for us. I'm so scared! What do you think she planned on doing to us!!" Leo cried as his mind imagined the worse possible she could do to them.

In Aires, the Annual Fall Harvest Festival preparation was done. The country was in a festive spirit, the entire country barely slept. Only a couple days away, the country would have three full days to celebrate. In the schedule, there was a portion where the royal family made appearances in front of the citizens, watched performance along with the citizens. Then later, the royal will spend the evening part at a party with all the important guests, including Aires Elite Social Circle.

Several hours later after they arrived on land, Su Na and Leo haven't heard back from Yu Sha. They attempted to call and message her but neither went through. Keo tracked her phone signal and detected nothing.

Su Na started to have uneasy feelings as this was not like Yu Sha, the childish friend who would constantly send messages to update her whenever she strayed off. What if she fell into the enemy's hand? What if the enemy took her life? She was getting paranoid as all sorts of scenarios flooded her mind.

They waited until nightfall. Still unable to get in touch with Yu Sha, Su Na and the twins started worrying even more. Maybe they should go back and find her?

Keo clenched his hands together and spoke in a serious tone, "If she doesn't come back tonight, I'm going to submit a public report for a search of the island." With his position, this was the best route to take.

Su Na and Leo weren't entirely in agreement with this. One was because they would have to come clean and report this to Mong Zong that his daughter went missing at Island Genesis. The reasons behind that will lead to why they entered the island at the first place and it'll all bottle down to Su Na revenge scheme? She really didn't want them to know, the people who cared for her mother and her.

Just as Su Na was thinking about the potential consequences, Yu Ping popped in her mind. "Let me check with Yu Ping if he heard from her?"

Before she could grab hold of her phone, an incoming call came in. Her phone rang loudly. Su Na hastily searched for her phone and saw Yu Ping calling.

"Yu Ping?" She muttered.

Leo and Keo heard and rushed to her side. Leo nodded his head for her to hurry and pick up.

Su Na answered the call. "Hello?"

"Hey, I couldn't reach my sister. She was supposed to have left Lyon a few days ago. Do you know where she went?"

"A.. a few days ago?!" The three were shocked. What was she doing those few days ago? Did she stumble upon something dangerous and investigated on her own?

Su Na exhaled a breath to calm herself. "I don't know where she was and what she was doing those few days.... but I saw her earlier today. Actually, I got myself into a sticky situation and she came to my rescue. She ordered us to leave the place. I haven't been able to get in touch with her since."

"What??!! My sister went missing?" He remembered the words she said to him a while ago before she parted. At that time, he thought she sounded a little weird but since she was always weird, he didn't pounder much on it.

"Don't tell my dad. Let me figure this out. Where did you saw her?"

Su Na paused and then proceeded, "Island Genesis."

"What?!" To what he knew, that place was obliterated. What was Su Na doing over there?

Frustrated, he pulled his hairs and scolded, "You girls are just troubles! Why would you go over there?"

Feeling guilty than she already was, she could only replied. "I'm sorry, I had my reasons." Had she known that the place had monstrous people residing, she probably wouldn't take the risk. What she thought of some lowly gang activities turned into something much worse.