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265 Measuring Her Strength

 Bloodshot piercing eyes, Yu Sha exhaled a big frustrated breath and instructed in a cold angry tone. "You guys, however many of you are here, leave this place!" Her voice felt so frightening that it sent stabbing chills to both Leo and Su Na. They never saw her being this scary, her aura felt very different this time.

"Hurry!" She commanded. The thought of them hiding something this dangerous made her angry to the point that she could destroy what was left of the island her mother once destroyed. "I'll deal with you all later. The enemy went easy on you guys, I won't."

Pricks spiked all over Leo's skin, scared of Yu Sha's threat. He glared at Su Na with the, "why am I being lumped with you" look but soon pushed the thought aside to focus on what was the most important thing to do right now. "Gathered those alive and leave. I don't want to feel her wrath."

Su Na had as many questions to ask Yu Sha, the same as Yu Sha had just as much to ask Su Na, but both understood that this was not the time for it. She had an initial hesitation, not sure if she should leave Yu Sha behind but after seeing Yu Sha's entrance earlier, she needn't to worry. Yu Sha has never put herself in situations where she would need to worry about her safety. All these years, Su Na had always worried about the other person's safety.

In her heart, she trusted Yu Sha would come back. Su Na forced herself up and asked Troy to take Ziggy and Miles to the watercraft. They both needed to go back and find their men. Su Na can't leave Xander behind as he was the one with the most patience to teach, support and protect her.

Seeing them leave, Yu Sha attacked the enemy without reservation. In one single forward charge she whipped every single man flying at different directions. The last target was the big boss. She briskly shifted her body and lunged inward towards him to which he barely blocked in time. Their hand and arm connected, and both released their inner energy. Their eyes studied each other closely and predicted what each other's next move will be. Soon, both pull away to regather energy. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The enemy straightened his posture and looked at Yu Sha, but she was no longer visible. He didn't sense her nearby. If she was not here, she could only headed towards the man and woman earlier. The enemy boss took a few steps after them and saw his men defeated from her strike earlier. He grimed full of satisfactions having encountered a woman so rare.

In the distant fighting, Xander was still fighting, on par with the enemy until he saw a petite woman appeared. She... He knew she was the beast friend of her boss! Though Su Na never spoke to them about her beast friend but he knew where she worked and the workers that worked with his boss.

"Which one of you is enemy of Su Na?" She asked.

Xander quickly replied, "Not me, she's my boss."

In blink, Yu Sha appeared before him, grabbed him, and swung him towards Leo and Su Na's direction. "Take them and leave this place as soon as possible!"

She then charged at the enemy. Just as he got on defense position, she already pulled him by the back collar and in the next second, he went flying hard until he landed at the foot of his big boss.

The enemy didn't know how he got there so fast. "Boss!" He called looking confused as he tried to put the puzzle together.

Yu Sha stood not far from him glaring at them.

The enemy boss eyes light up like a man who just found a pure gem. The way she moved, her speed, were similar to the rumors Light Clan. Could she be a descendant? At this point, he doesn't care if the others escape the island. He must keep her here and make her stay. He put on a satisfying grin and asked, "What is your name?"

She hissed, "Tsch... My name is not important. But whoever hurt my woman, will taste death!"

"Woman?" Both the men were surprised.

"Tee, don't get in the way." The enemy boss sensed that she was different, unlike any other person he encountered before. Having witnessed her prowess, no men on the field could fight on par with her except him.

Tee replied, "Yes."

For the first time since serving his boss, he saw life and excitement in his boss's eyes. A woman so exemplary, any man with ambitious should have her by his side in order to attain the world easily.

Flames encased around the enemy, anything that comes in contact burn into crisps, the leaves, grasses and branches on the ground met this fate.

Yu Sha steadied the enemy and seeing everything touching him withered away, he must be the one that melted parts of Su Na's clothes. Pissed, she made the first move. She had never once fought so seriously and now just released her beast mode. If her friends were to see her now, they would understand that calling her past behaviors 'beast' wouldn't do justice to her nor the word itself. She was beyond that when she was serious. Yu Sha protected herself in an energy barrier and lunged at the enemy, throwing impactful kick and punch simultaneously, at a speed only unordinary people could keep up with.

Tee had forgotten to breathe and held tightly, hoping his boss wouldn't lose. Each of her hit pushed his boss back a step. The boss was being overpowered by her fierce offense attack!

The enemy boss kept his eyes open the entire time. Blinking at any moment would make him failed to follow her movement. He was not attacking but allowed her to attack instead so he could study her fighting style and measure her strength.

Wanting to finish the fight as soon as possible so she could go interrogate her friends, Yu Sha finally stopped attacking. Stood several yards away from the enemy, she changed her inner energy and planned for the final blow. The wood was silent, except the wind howling far away and the mist disappearing as if they feared the dangerousness from Yu Sha.

The enemy boss read her move. He was ready for her final attack. The only way to truly know her strength, is to allow him to feel her attack and see how far he could withstand.