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264 Pissed To The Max

 Leo was awestruck. He never seen this side of her, didn't even know she could lift a gun! Had she been keeping this a secret from them all these times? For what purpose? She didn't trust us all these years?

"She learned from Xander and his calm, nonchalant composure when in battle." She was not as weak as she portrayed herself to be!

"What?" Leo couldn't say anything else other than feeling shock and tried to overcome the news.

Soon the two jumped in to assist Su Na. Now it was three against one. The enemy facial soured. He looked at his watch irritably and knew he spent too much time on useless stuff! He must hold the woman hostage and use her against Leo to get information of Chronos.

With hands behind his back, the energy from his body changed. The grasses beneath started to wilt off, and the ground dried of life moistures.

"He's coming." Miles got on defense stance. The enemy moved fast, appeared in front of them and reached out to grab Miles.

His hand hadn't touched Miles yet but Miles flew backward and screamed in pain. The enemy doesn't need to touch them, the energy encasing him alone was enough to send those in contact flying. His energy felt like bomb, those in contact just flew away.

Leo jumped in to punch the enemy. The Shield bracelet activated allowing him to connect punches with the enemy, but in a matter of seconds, the enemy landed a punch at Leo. He flew back and groaned in pain. The burning sensation set in where the punch hit, and he could feel the pain yet at the same, sensed the enemy held back with that hit. 'Could the enemy went easy on me?'

If his conclusion was right, the enemy bought his bluff. So, he charged at the enemy again. Out of those here, he has the best chance at landing a hit because the Shield Bracelet could withstand the energy mist.

Su Na also backed him up. She charged forward to kick the enemy. He shifted back to avoid the kick. She threw a punch at him which he grabbed onto her arm. The energy mist was so hot as if putting one's hand in boiling water. She felt the burning pain but didn't react. Instead, she smirked. On the other arm, she had the gun pointed at his stomach.

The enemy looked at her fierce and determined eyes. Her expression was that of a warrior who refused to admit defeat. "I'm surprised you didn't cry like everyone else when burning alive."

She released the trigger simultaneously as if her life depended on it. "My heart had been burning alive for the last 10 years. What makes you think this superficial pain could out burn the hatred in my heart!"

The bullets melted off right in contact with the enemy's skin. Su Na shifted her body attempting to get behind and locked the enemy's neck. She doesn't care if her skin ripped off from her flesh at this point. She was betting her life on it! When she decided to haunt down these bastards, she set her heart to never retreat no matter how dangerous these bastards could be.

As Su Na shifted her body, she dropped the gun and took out the knife strapped to her waist. She briskly took out the knife and tried to aim for his neck. The enemy grimed and released inner energy mist blasting Su Na away from him. Areas that came in contact with the heat energy melted off. Luckily, she had a bullet vest on that helped protected her. Su Na screamed from the blast. Leo and Miles used every ounce of energy to get up and aid Su Na.

Leo arrived first and tried to hit the enemy. He roared while charging at the enemy and released the shield bracelet at full capacity. A thin pliable metal film dispersed from the bracelet covering half of his upper body. Leo ran towards the enemy cursing him full of angers.

A burst of energy was released from the enemy and Leo went flying back, hitting hard onto the ground almost knocking him out. The enemy geared towards Su Na and grabbed onto her neck. She grasped for airs, feeling the airways became narrower by the seconds. She reached for a small hair pin, clipped tight on her hairs, hoping to use that as a weapon and injure his arms. Before she could manage to reach his arms, she felt her life slowly faded away.

As her vision blurred, she saw people running in calling the enemy boss. Reinforcement came, now there really was no chance to escape. Even if reinforcement did not came, their chance was also slim. Hopelessness started to set in. As she felt her life being drained, in her fuzzy vision, a familiar figure appeared and kicked the enemy's hand so hard that he had no choice but to let go.

Su Na fell onto the ground and coughed for airs like fishes without water for a brief while. As soon as she was able to breathe normally, she gazed at the enemy. Someone moving so fast, the average people could not tell with their naked eyes except saw a blurry figure that disappeared and reappeared like flashes. As the enemy was pushed far enough of a distance, the blurry figure appeared in front of Su Na and Leo.

That was when they got a good glimpse of the person who saved them. The enemy's fighting troops rushed to their big boss side as well and waited for order.

"Yu.. Yu Sha!" Both Leo and Su Na spoke at the same time.

Yu Sha turned around to look at them and wonder how in the world they got themselves into this mess! Bits and pieces of her clothes torn off and bruises on her! Leo was not in any better condition either.

Seeing their state pissed her to the max, at them because she had no clue what happened to them and also at the enemy who injured them to this state.