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262 Leo Demand A Confession

 "Guys?" Su Na felt dumbfounded and confused at the same time. How did Troy and Leo knew each other? And how much does Leo know?

Leo ran up to Su Na and dragged her for the run. "No time to idle. Let's go!"

"Help me get him too." Su Na asked. She can't leave Ziggy behind. Ziggy's stomach was injured earlier and he had not recovered.

Leo bent down and helped pull Ziggy up. With Su Na and Leo supporting Ziggy, they took off while Troy watched their backs.

"Troy sold information to you?" Su Na asked while they were running towards the cliff. She trusted and hoped that as a person of his profession, he would keep information of his clients confidential.

Leo turned around to look at Su Na briefly and annoyed. 'That's all she can think about now? Doesn't she know what trouble she got herself in?'

Leo searched for a better way to reprimand her without coming harsh. He was mad at her yet at the same was also afraid of her. The girls can get scary at times and he does not like confrontation, especially with the girls. As his mind was busy thinking, echoed behind them were curdling screams of their men one after another.

Startled, Leo, Su Na and Troy turned around to scan behind and saw a man flew towards them. They knew it wasn't one of their men based on how the person was charging at them.

Troy aimed his gun at the person. Su Na couldn't tell much of what was happening but only speculations of the noise, whereas Troy and Leo had the night vision goggles.

Leo adjusted his night vision goggles magnification to see what happened behind them. Of what he could see through in areas where nothing was blocking the way, there were no signs of living beings. He saw clothes and weapons sparsely lying on the ground as if those people had disintegrated into thin air.

"Where did everyone go?"

Nervous of the only possibility of what that sentence meant, Su Na asked for clarification. "What do you mean?"

"I don't see where my men are."

The enemy dodged all the bullets Troy shot and approached the group.

"No matter how many of you are here, you can't live this place alive." The figure spoke.

"What did you do to all my men?" Leo asked.

"They evaporated. Don't worry, you'll get to join them soon."

"If I disappeared tonight, you won't escape." Leo retorted. He knew that if something happened to him, his family would get down to the root cause. And since he told Keo the gist of where he'll be, Keo would be able to figure out.

"Hmph..." The enemy huffed unmoved by a mere bluff. If he was such an important person, why brought some weak men for a mission like this? Important, big shot people had a few elite bodyguards and none of the men he encountered were in the elite class.

For Leo, these men were just a few men Keo assigned to help aid him take care of regular outlaws and street gangs. They weren't the top bodyguards of Herr's Corporation that does specialized missions. They didn't think Su Na's case would lead them to something this dangerous. They knew they weren't supposed to know of this place even when they had no idea what kind of activities took place here.

"We don't know what is going on here. We're only here to get a couple men who had issues with us in the past." Leo explained.

The enemy paused and unmoved by what Leo said. Instead, his tone became angrier. "Those two will meet the same fate as everyone here tonight." What he hated was dumb trashes who can't keep still and just do their job quietly but snuck out to cause trouble.

"We don't know what you have here nor do we want to know. We just want to leave here." Leo explained again.

"I don't trust no one." The enemy replied. In this kind of world, people cannot be easily trusted even when they promised you the world.

The enemy jumped towards them. Leo pushed Su Na and Ziggy away and aimed his weapon at the enemy.

Troy shots from another angle to aid Leo. Bullets were flying at the enemy from two different directions. The enemy released an internal heat wave energy from his body, melting off any bullets that met the heatwave.

Leo and Troy's jaw dropped. We can't let him get close to us! Otherwise we'll end up like those bullets!

Leo understood what the enemy meant by "they evaporated."

"Shit!" He cursed. Leo unloaded the bullets and reloaded a different bullet set.

"He's a monster!" Troy shouted.

The enemy's eyes glowed fiercely, even in the dark night, one could tell how intimidating he was just by the airs he exuded and the glow in his eyes.

He charged towards Troy, reaching his hands outward. Troy couldn't react fast enough. A normal person's speed could not match up to a monster's speed.

Leo jumped in time to push Troy off to the side and quickly form a fist to throw a punch at the enemy.

The enemy smiled and allowed Leo to punch him knowing that once the punch connect, Leo's fist would get burned.

The few centimeters before the fist connect, his fist changed form, a shiny mineral metallic sheet covered his entire hand. The punch connected and the enemy was pushed back.

"I hate violence and fighting. You gave me no choice." Leo cursed.

The sun light crawled up the horizon in the distance seas. Its light ray sprawled dimly through the fogs lighting up the island just barely. The fogs were still thick, but one could still see better than at night time.

"Old man, take the lady and go."

Su Na and Troy were shock, closed to the point of traumatized. Never in a million years, a silly, girly person like him could ever throw a real heavy punch at anyone. But they clearly witnessed how he moved in to rescue Troy and the punch he threw. Wasn't he just a spoiled rich brat who only liked to pretty up day after day?

"Leo?" Su Na muttered. As soon as she overcame the shock, she added. "Be careful."

"Once we get back, you have some confessing to do." Leo demanded.