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261 The Enemy Boss

 Just as Xander was busy putting his attention onto the enemy before him, Ziggy was thrown quite a distance and flopped onto the tree. The person he was carrying fell off when he was kicked hard.

Hearing his groan, Su Na started shooting at the blurry silhouette person. Her eyes could barely make out of the figure, but as long as she did not aim at the direction of her teammate, she assumed it would be safe to shoot. Before they left for the trip, she prayed for the darkness to freeze as it would make their job easier, but now, she wished the sun would shine through the horizon, even if it's just a little.

Miles rushed towards Su Na in an attempt to keep her safe.

The moment he got next to Su Na and went on defense mode, Xander appeared high above them and kicked a person in mid air.

Miles scanned the area for the dark figure they first approached and saw the figure flying towards them. He shot a few rounds at the figure, but the shots seemed to miss the target.

"Xander, don't let him touch you!" Ziggy screamed while still groaning in pain. He could vaguely guessed who was fighting who at this moment from where he was.

The dark figure flew closer towards them. Miles took out stick similar to a fancy metal baton. With a single click, a sharp blade tracted out on one end. He had no choice but to fight the enemy head on. They're too much at a disadvantage with the current condition.

As soon Miles engaged in battle with the enemy, Xander spun and created a whirl wind tunnel that seemed to expand out dragging all the mist along its way out. The area finally seemed cleared although it was still dark. Standing not far from them was one more person, a person's who's eyes seemed to glow so mysteriously blue. He must be the newly arrival person that injured Ziggy.

"Boss!" The dark figure enemy called out.

"What took you so long to finish them off?" The enemy Boss said icily.

"I'm sorry! That man there was a little troublesome!" Pointing his finger at Xander.

"Outsider who witnessed this place cannot leave alive." The enemy Boss spoke in a serious tone.

The mist started crawling its way back again. This was their territory and they will always come back to their nature state no matter what.

Xander could feel this enemy Boss was dangerous. Even the mists refused to get close to him almost as he had an invisible barrier around him.

"Don't let him touch you! The areas he touched will burn!" Ziggy screamed while he hugged his stomach, the injured site.

The dark figure knew he had to take Xander down first otherwise Xander will get in his way. The most annoying person with innate sharp senses and unorthodox way of fighting, making it hard to predict his next fighting move unless he directly attacked Xander's teammates.

Just as he was thinking how to attack the group, his Boss spoke coldly. "Everyone seemed to be protecting the woman. She must be someone special to them. Go after her."


Miles and Xander tensed up. They must be very confident voicing their next attack out loud.

A red glowing aura circled around the enemy. This time he charged forward, aiming directly at the most troublesome person, Xander!

At the same time, the enemy Boss went for Su Na! Miles and Xander were momentarily confused as they had thought the dark figure was ordered to go after Su Na. Were the enemies trying to confuse them?

Anyway, they had no time to dawdle their thoughts and needed to act right away. Miles ended up fighting with the enemy Boss, while Xander was occupied by the first enemy.

Expecting this, Xander surrounded his fists with his own internal energy and also charged forward. If he wanted to protect his boss, he must take down this enemy!

Miles was struggling, barely escaping each blow. Soon, the enemy grabbed hold of the spear baton and attempted to punch Miles chest. To escape the touch as he does not want to share the same fate as Ziggy, Miles let go of the spear baton and retreated. Within 2 steps back, the spear baton flew so fast, directing at Su Na.

Luckily she acted fast enough and moved enough of a small distance for the spear baton to scrape on her arm as the spear flew past.

"Boss!" Miles shouted worriedly.

"I'm okay." She shouted back.

Su Na ran towards Ziggy to help him.

Miles shot bullets at the enemy, but his bullets did not do much. He continued to shoot, creating an opportunity to get closer.

The enemy dodged all the bullets, but it was enough of a distraction for Miles to approach. Miles lunged in with a forceful, powerful punch at the enemy to which the enemy blocked with its hand. Miles punch was so powerful, forcing the enemy to fly back, but at the same time, his fist got burnt. He groaned from the burning pain as if his hand was dipped in hot boiling oil.

Miles pulled his fist back and rubbed it on the dewy ground hoping the cooling ground would help cool down the intense burning pain that seemed to be spreading upward towards his arm.

Within a few seconds, the enemy charged towards Su Na and Ziggy. Miles attempted to shoot a few bullets to divert the enemy so he could make his way towards them. Just as he stood up, bullets flew from the direction of the cliff into the woods.

Miles, Su Na and Ziggy thought more enemy came and they're finally cornered?! Their face pale, worried they may not make it out alive! A male voice screamed loudly.

"Su Na!"

Foot steps of several men could be heard approaching in the distance.

Su Na quickly made out who called her. That was Leo's voice! How in the world does he know she was here?!

Soon, Leo's team arrived on scene to aid them.

"Su Na! Are you all right?" Leo asked.

She looked at them and vaguely made out the figures. Not only was Leo here, but Troy was here as well?!