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260 The Dark Figure

 Su Na and her men took off as fast as they could towards the wooded area where they came from. In a couple hours, dawn would break free in the horizon from the distant sea, but with how foggy the place was, daylight does not break in until late morning. Luckily, they managed to get out undetected, or so they thought. Before they even got the chance to make it through the wooded area, a dark silhouette figure stood on their path. Xander was leading the group with Su Na trailing closely behind him, followed by Miles and Ziggy.

Xander had permed wavy hairs and usually was always in sweatshirt and sweatpants, but he was the most agile and had the most sharp senses when it came to the sixth senses. Earlier, Miles was too busy focusing on the target that he had forgotten about the security surveillances hidden among the thick fogs.

Xander stopped the group as he figured about the unknown presence standing in their path. Seeing him focused intently on the dark figure ahead, the group directed their attention at the spot where Xander was glaring at and could vaguely figured a silhouette. He could sense dangers from the figure. Whoever it was, it was certainly not someone they knew and could only be the enemy to stop them. He signaled for the others to go ahead while he distracted the unknown person.

In the men's stance, they should do whatever it takes to get out of the enemy's territory as soon as they could. Su Na didn't share the same feeling. She felt she needed to do something as this was her mission to benefit only her and not the men.

Su Na replied, "I'll stay behind to help."

"You shouldn't. You'll get in the way." Xander denied her assistance.

"Go." Xander commanded..

The unknown figured turned his whole body to face the group in an attempt to intimidate them. In a place dominated by dense fogs, there were not single stars shining through the skies to light up the world underneath. Either their eyes adjusted to the dark blurry night or use their sixth senses to gage the situation. The three men could

Miles and Ziggy each were carrying an unconscious person. But Xander was free. The best course of action was for Xander to create an opportunity for them to escape.

Miles called, "Boss, this way."

Su Na reluctantly followed, and the group detoured off from their original path.

Within a few steps off trail, the figure disappeared and blocked the group's path. It charged forward, intended to attack Miles.

Xander reacted fast, intercepting the figure's punch that barely missed by a few hairs strands from Miles' chest. It happened so fast; he did not have time to react!

"That was close!" Miles exhaled.

Xander locked the figure's active arm that thrusted towards Miles just a few minutes ago in an attempt to pull him away from the group. Xander went on offensive mode and pushed a powerful knee kick as he pulled the arm closer for better control of the figure's movement.

Instead of defending, the figure allowed Xander to pull him closer with no intention to let Xander land a knee kick at him. In the split second before Xander's knee reached him, his other hand aimed at Xander's knee.

Sensing an extra powerful aura emitting from the fist aiming at his knee, Xander pulled away. Somehow he felt if he allowed the punch to land on his knee, he would be in grave danger.

As soon as Xander pulled away, Miles slid on his night vision goggles and shot his gun weapon at the figure. They can't afford to waste ammunitions senselessly and with the help from the night vision goggle, there was a higher chance of hitting the target without wasting bullets.

Although the figure didn't budge much, none of the bullets hit. His perception told him the bullets didn't flew past the figure. It should have hit the target but why was the figure not reacting?

Leo and his men were heading towards the wooded area from the cliff. Even from the distance, they could slightly heard gunshots.

"Shit!" Leo cursed and prayed for Su Na them to be okayed. Thinking about it, he should have just confronted her and stopped her. But he was afraid of stepping into the secret she worked hard to keep hidden from everyone.

Almost at the same time, they all slipped on their night vision goggles to help them see better in the dark. They were soon to run deep into the woods where visibility was zero to none. The goggles will help them detect live objects.

The figure charged at Miles again. Xander intercepted him, not allowing the figure to get close to his teammate, but again, he barely was able to escape each time he intercepted.

Each time Xander retreated, Miles shot at the figure. Because Miles and Xander trained in the same gym for years, they worked well as teammates. Miles had the night vision goggles while Xander had his sharp six sense. One is a close range fighter and one a long distance fighter. After a few rounds of team play, the figure got more agitated.

His aura demeanor changed as he stood still. A slight red glowing aura surrounded his entire body. Even the branch he stepped on shattered apart. For a person who was not so keen in fighting like Su Na, she could feel something was different. Hearing the crackling of the tree branches on the ground confirmed the bad feeling that lurched in her stomach.

"Guys... Be careful!" She shouted.

Miles dropped the man he was hauling to focus on the enemy.

In a second, the dark figure charged towards Ziggy. As he done in the last few times, Xander flew in to intercept. Afraid of the damage from the enemy's touch, he pulled out a blade from his waist and aimed at the enemy until he could figure out the enemy's ability.

With just two fingers, the enemy stopped the blade and bent it in half.

Miles could see what happened from the distance. Was that why my bullets couldn't touch him? He was impenetrable?

A surge of energy flowed around Xander's hand as he threw a punch into the enemy. The enemy blocked it but Xander didn't stop. He went on offensive mode and continued to land multiple punches at the enemy not giving him a chance to breathe.