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259 Catch The Wanted Men Before Dawn

 In the near vicinity, were a few workers that does assembly work from the harbor to the warehouse and vice versa depending on the supplies needed to deport out or into the warehouse. Miles couldn't act rashly since there were a few people nearby, so he continued to observe and wait for an opportunity. If he acted now, he'll be noticed. Knowing there was bound to be a break time in between, he waited for the right time to strike. Thus, he waited for the opportunity to get Chao and Rush back with him alive per Su Na's order. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

As predicted, shortly later, was the last break time. Chao and Rush went to the warehouse for a smoke break. They were responsible for transportation and not manufacturing. It seemed that not far from the area were the manufacturing plants on the farther side. Some people's duties were to oversee the supplies from the manufactures to the warehouse, while some people were assigned to transportation from the warehouse to the cargo ships.

Before dawn approached, those whose main job was in the manufacture plant were to head back to the manufactures while the rest stayed to finished transporting whatever that was not done.

Su Na them arrived on the farthest side from all the activities and had to travel a distance before reaching the activity site.

During the short break, Chao and Rush made their way back close to the warehouse and rested for a smoke. This was something they always do during breaks. Today, was no exception, it was the same as every day, chilled out close to the warehouse and break for a smoke, talked about the women they met the weekend before. As they lit up the cigarettes, two needles shot into their neck one after another. Before each of them had a chance to make sense and alerted each other, they lost consciousness.

Miles rushed out to pull them in between the warehouse so others would not notice something amissed. He sent a text for Ziggy to help him transported the two men from the hiding spot.

"I got the men. Ziggy to provide support unnoticed." Miles texted back to the group.

Su Na exhaled a breath of relief as if she overcame a cardiac arrest when she saw the message.

Ziggy discreetly made his way unnoticed to where Miles was. They waited for some times before another opportunity opened again, allowing them to haul the men away.

At about the same spot, Leo, Troy and his man arrived. They spotted the watercraft presumed to be Su Na's and her men. Leo's men led them the same way Miles led Su Na. They climbed on the rope and discreetly made their way to the upper level and scouted the activities while keeping the lookout for Su Na's group.

Su Na's group was much farther than where they were at this point. Leo and his team still had a distance to make before catching up with Su Na's team. Coincidence or maybe not, Leo's men had the same night vision goggles as Su Na's team, except each of them had their own. Chronos was a world renowned brand, not easily owned by smaller corporations. Even if they did, the quantity were extremely low. As for Su Na, they could only afford very few of each kind, if any. And because they bought Chronos supplies under a different name, they had to buy at full retail price and not at a discounted price.

Leo's team came wearing full gears.

The dense fogs hadn't left. The area was still covered in dark, thick mist. All Miles and Ziggy need was a short time of distraction for the guards lounging around. For a long time, there had not been any intruders. The guards were just doing their due diligence and for the most part, there should not be anything to worry about. And soon, a few of them started dozing off knowing that dawn will soon break the skies.

As soon as Miles and Ziggy noticed the few patrol men were dozing off, they took a run, each of them carrying a person.

The two made it across the patrolled area with the men on their back. Since they were busy focusing on the targets, they forgot about the surveillance. As they ran across the property, the security camera on each warehouse followed their actions. Because there had been no movements from the patrolled men, any slight movement would catch the attention of the security cameras.

A few days later, Yu Sha arrived on the southern mountain region of the continent. According to the research she did, the mountain range was one of the most secluded spots among all the other areas. It was one of the places filled with untainted life energy and occupied by lots of wild animals, many of which never encountered people.

She toured the area for sometimes before arriving at a huge tree that was 7 times the height and 2 times the width of her home. The trunks spread wildly among all directions, nakedly. Though without a single leaves, it still stood out among the several thousand trees in that mountain range. The mysterious energy from the tree diverted Yu Sha from her path. She was drawn to the tree and paused to admire it.

Shortly after admiring its mysterious energy, Yu Sha slowly walked towards the tree and put her hand on it. Somehow she felt compelled towards the tree. Starting to sense a tingling sensation through her body the moment she touched the tree, she knew the tree was no ordinary. Wanting to gage more of its energy, she closed her eyes and synced with the tree.

To test her newfound ability, she used the energy from the tree to aid her in pinpointing the location of that woman. Yu Sha focused on the brief encounter with her, how the place felt like, the smell in the space, the energy she felt of the woman at the time she rescued Hue Chi.