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258 Island Genesis

 The west side of Island Genesis felt like an abandoned ghost sea. From the evening hour to dawn, the island was invaded with dense fogs. The fogs gradually cleared during the day time for several hours and then formed again as the sun started setting. Due to it's current destruction state, the energy around the area no longer stabilized as the flow of energy was interrupted. The weather can get unpredictable as a result of that.

As they started to encounter floating land debris, they knew they had arrived. Miles turned off the motor that tended to make noise and turned on the fan, allowing the watercraft to flow quietly towards the land. When they approached the side of a cliff connected to the land, Miles turned the watercraft off. With a weapon device that seemed dangerous from the look of it, he aimed and shot towards the top of the cliff.

Shot out from the weapon with fast and furious speed, just slightly slower than bullets was a metal arrow ark. It nailed deep into the cliff, marking its permanent target. Miles test pulled the rope connected to the metal ark a few times before deeming the rope safe to climb.

He went up first in order to support the rest of the group. Ziggy, the shortest among the three men climb up next. After joining Miles at the top, Ziggy dropped the rope down. When the rope reached bottom, Xander wrapped the roped around Su Na so the two men on the cliff could pull her up. Once Su Na was properly secured, Miles and Ziggy pulled the roped and Su Na flew upward swiftly with no issues. After she safely landed on top, they threw the rope down to Xander. He stayed behind as the last person in case Su Na slipped, he can help her.

Finally, they arrived on land. In the distance, they could hear cargo ships honking to what they assumed was where the activities were happening. The team made their way towards the direction of the lights and noises.

They hid in higher ground until they could make out what was happening in the distance. It was still dark, misty and hard to see. Miles slipped on the night vision binocular goggles. He pressed a button on the right side allowing that side to see at night and at close distance. On the side of the binocular goggles, engraved was a time clock with a lightning strike as the minute and hour hand, nesting inside a pentagon, the logo for Chronos.

In what the night vision binocular goggles captured was some man lounging around, not doing much. They didn't seem to be on guard. It could be that the activity were on the other side of the warehouses. He couldn't spot the wanted men on the side facing them. There were several buildings on the site along with several lines warehouses. It was as those men lived on the island and work there for so long that they forgot to let their guards up.

The group then moved from their spot. Moving in secret, they got closer to the buildings and hid as they observed the workers. Curious on what kind of illegal activities was going on, Miles left for a solo investigation while the group waited for his signal.

Miles discreetly made his way past the warehouses to the other side. Hiding in the small gap between the warehouses, he listened into the conversation between the men worker.

A man with a green mohawk style hairs yelled, "Cree had been missing for days! And refused to pick up his phone!"

Another man, slightly taller and with bleached pony tail hairs replied, "That bastard, probably got himself in some kind of trouble. If he doesn't show up the next week, he'll be in big trouble."

The two men were moving boxes from the warehouse to the cargo ship as they engaged in their conversation. Miles sent a message to the team that he spotted the wanted men on the other side of the warehouse.

As soon as Xander relayed the message, Su Na bounced up causing the leaves to shake.

"Boss?" Xander called with a worrisome expression. He knew this was a sensitive topic for her. She had been training at their gym for the last 3 years whenever she had free time. Not only that, she saved their small training gym from bankruptcy.

One day, she showed up asking to learn self-defense which they don't teach and knowing the fate of the building, they denied teaching her. Even if they teach her, there would be no place to do so. Didn't want to start something they can't commit to, they rejected teaching her.

Su Na didn't purely approach them just to learn self-defense. There are plenty other locations that properly teach self defense. She was planning for long term, the future, and who would be most likely to work for her. She approached them knowing the fate of the gym and gave them an offer they couldn't decline. She offered to save the gym if they work for her and teach her fighting skills.

At that time, their master had recently passed and before then, it was already hard to maintain the payment. They were all children abandoned or grew up in poor condition and was taken in by the gym master. To them, Su Na was their saviors, but he felt, her actions had been done discreetly, as if she had something to hide. She cashed the gym and changed the deed to Levine's name, their most senior brother. She came to train, but usually always after hours and never mentioned her friends or family.

Since then, not only does she cashed their gym for them but also supplied them money to invest in better equipments, and recently to weapons. Over a week ago, she asked them to do a job for her, and they happily agreed knowing the condition of the job could be dangerous. Not knowing the history behind her job, they willfully followed her instruction. It wasn't until the day Cree confessed they got a glimpse into her life.

Su Na message back, "Don't let them get away. Bring them back alive at all cost."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Miles replied back; Yes. I'll observed them for a bit. Wait for instructions. Don't be rash.

Knowing they are in enemy territory, Su Na reluctantly agreed. She should not be too greedy and put her people in danger because of her greed.