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256 Successful Business Tycoon

 That evening, Yu Sha's grandma left back to her home in the countryside. As for Yu Sha, she spent the next day with her parents and left to Aires late in the evening. When she arrived, she didn't go straight to the cruise. Instead, she planned to spend the next several days roaming the country and familiarized herself with its geographical area, the mountains, valleys, lake, rivers and down to the seas.

Yu Sha was hoping to find anything odd that could help her trace the unknown woman. With little to no information about that woman, all she could do was scouted the country. Though she was not able to hit all the areas she wanted to, she was able to investigate some inhabited spots on her list. She spent the previous night researching places that could potentially be use as portals.

The following day, Su Na met Chairman Song at his office. He briefed her the history of Song Corporation, in chronological order, when his hardworking grandfather started the company from scratch all the way to the current day. He has high respect for self-made billionaires and she embodied the image of a successful business tycoon.

Su Na researched and knew a brief history of Song Corporation. She doesn't need him to repeat everything, but she sat through the lecture as it was something that needed to get done before they move onto the next topic.

As soon as Chairman Song finished his lecture, he glanced at the watch on his wrist. "Seems like it's time. Come, follow me."

Su Na followed Chairman Song to another level and into a conference room. Some men were sitting in the room while a secretary personnel set the water on the round table.

Their entrance surprised the people sitting on the table. All the people present in the room had heard and knew of Su Na. They also heard the rumor of her mother's promiscuity that led to her being kicked out of the Song family. At the time, she was pregnant, and they weren't sure who the child belonged to. What was the Chairman thinking, bringing the daughter of that kind of woman back? Although they had heard of her success, one negative event overshadowed all the other positive things she had done.

Su Na didn't pay attention to the eyes staring at her and proceeded forward to sit next to the Chairman. She was ready to partake in the discussions as an equal if they should ever put her on the spot. The best way to destroy an enemy was from within, and this was the perfect stage.

A few minutes later, CEO Song also walked in and felt startle seeing Su Na chairing on the table next to his father. He looked confused for a moment but proceeded forward to the lead chair but thoughts rampage in his mind. 'How did Su Na managed to attend the meeting? Was it the work of father? What was her motive?'

The meeting soon started and went for a few hours. There were multiple meetings back to back, so it took several hours. And just as Su Na predicted, words spread like diseases from one employee to another about her presence with the Chairman.

Before long, the news reached Helan. She was prepared for a confrontation since she called those 3 men to approach Serene Florist Shop, but wasn't expecting Su Na to enter Song Corporation and got close to the Chairman.

Helan's heart couldn't settle down. Su Na's action was really beyond her expectation. She had thought a girl would be easier to handle, but never thought Su Na could be one wicked witch. Helan knew Chairman has a lot of respects for people who worked hard with vision and result to show. Was Su Na coming to take her share of the inheritance? Helan had an appointment at the salon to get her routine care done, but the news changed her mind.

Instead of going to the salon, Helan made her way to Song Corporation with an attempt to see her husband. She stormed into her husband's office to ask if the rumor was true only to find the office empty.

She then proceeded to Chairman Song's office in a hurry, hoping for a possibility to bump into Su Na. Soon, she arrived and asked the secretary to see the chairman but was told he was out with Su Na and CEO Song for lunch.

Helan then called her husband, intended to ask where he was. She hoped she could catch them at the tail end of their lunch. The phone rang several times and went to voicemail. She hissed impatiently and called again. The call went straight to voicemail this time which could only mean one thing. He declined the call! Irated at the situation, she threw the phone into her bag and exhaled a few breaths of frustration as she stormed out.

Sometimes passed, a car stopped in front of Serene Florist Shop. The door swung opened and Helen appeared out of the car. She walked to the entrance and noticed a sign 'Temporarily Closed" hanging from the inside. Luck was not on her side today.

Frustrated, she hissed and sneered at the business just so she could feel better. She wanted to find out why the enemy would send her daughter to Song Corporation but now has no chance of intimidating her enemy, an easy pushover.

Due to Du Xi's condition, the shop was temporarily closed so she could recuperate. Also, they don't know when those men would reappear again. As a precaution, they felt it was best to not open the business for a while.

The next day, Helan was finally able to catch Su Na while walking to her car at the end of the day.  Su Na rounded the corner in the parking ramp. Out of nowhere, someone grabbed her and pushed her into the concrete wall.

Her back jammed onto the concrete wall. It took a few seconds to survey the situation. Standing in front of her was Helan. The person she wanted to bring down was finally here to see her. She smirked. "What are you doing?"

Helan's eyes widened full of frustration. "Don't you think I don't know what your intentions are."

Su Na let out a demented laugh and finally calmed down. "How do you know my intentions?"

Helan couldn't answer. If she knew Su Na's intention, then she must have committed some evil acts for Su Na to come back with intentions. Instead of admitting her fault, she striked back. "Don't you think you can fight me. I can have you disappear anyday I wish to."

Su Na pulled herself closer to Helan and whispered, "I like to see you try." Soon a voice record started playing.

"We kidnapped the wife of CEO Song then, raped and blackmailed her. She was soon kicked out as the legitimate wife of CEO Song and the woman in the picture, Helan, replaced the former wife of CEO Song." The voice record stopped at that.