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255 Convince Su Na

 Hearing Su Na praised him as a person of expertise in the world of business, he can't help but feel content with her praise, and that she felt he was significant enough to consult with.

Chairman Song had no idea of how his current daughter-in-law wronged Su Na's mother, so the thought of her coming back for personal matters did not occur to him. She was successful, graduated top of the class in the most renowned Apollo University and founded her own company without a single penny from the Song family. Money would not be her motive, as each of her projects made extremely large sum of money. Raising talented children are hard, and if he could somehow convince her to come back, he would teach her all he knew.

"I don't know how much time Chairman Song has today, but would it be possible to book a few hours each day of your time?" Su Na asked. She knew that he always wanted talented offspring and she felt she lack none, and as much as she wanted to deny relation with them, their blood runs deep in her vein. In the end, she could only go back to them to reach her goal. If she could somehow persuade him to let her shadow him in order to get back at Helan. Deep down, she didn't need to shadow anyone, not even Chairman Song, but he was the best way to get into the family and plot her scheme.

He kept quiet for a while and replied. "If I say yes under the condition that you come back to the Song family and help your father run the company?"

Su Na knew this was coming sooner or later. Luckily, she came prepared. Without hesitation and her eyes unwavered, she replied. "Throwing family relation aside... When an employer wants a qualified candidate for their company, it is up to the employer to persuade the candidate, why their company is the best place to work for. I'm afraid, Chairman Song and CEO Song may have some convincing to do for the next few weeks. We can revisit after a few weeks?"

Chairman Song's expression tightened and it is not until sometimes later that then slowly relaxed. His eyes smiled and he let out a long satisfying laugh that echoed out to the reception area. She indeed was born for this world! The world of competitive business! Her projects were nothing short but won the heart of the leaders and royals. He heard rumors of how she won her previous projects and the way she executed her speech were impressive. She has talent but was lacking in terms of experience.

In Su Na's stance, if it wasn't for Yu Sha's parents, she would have crawled back long time ago and rightfully took her share of the company. But she was raised and influenced by proud people. She wanted to live as proudly as she can. What is hers, will find its way back to her. Things such as inheritance, she could care less as they don't fill the void in her heart.

She answered with the interpretation that she was open-minded to opportunity, given that, the opportunity was enough of a challenge for her to grow.

Chairman Song was quite satisfied with her. He asked her to take the day off and meet up with him the following day. Su Na bid him farewell and left his office.

She called for Xander to pick her up at the entrance. As she got inside the car, she slid on the sunglasses and ordered, "Relay message to Miles and have him investigate Island Genesis current condition."

Leo and Troy followed behind secretly until they arrived upon her house and saw that she actually went home instead. Not sure when she will head to Island Genesis and they can't tail her every hour and every day, an idea popped in Leo's mind. He hastily reached for his phone and ordered a subordinate to tail Su Na's activities.

Troy give Leo the dead fish eyes and reprimanded. "You could've done that from the start. I haven't got a chance to enjoy my money!" Leo took too much of his time and he didn't get to use the money earned from the job he did for Su Na.

"Go, better be available to pick up my phone call." Leo commanded and threw Troy out before driving away. Troy knew her situation too much to be left of out, thus the reasons why Leo dragged him along.

Yu Sha and her grandma reached their home. They spent their morning outside of the house as her grandma will depart later in the afternoon. Quality time together happened less often in these days for them.

When they entered the house, she could hear Yu Ping through the speaker with her parents.

She hasn't checked up on him since she left and so she greeted loudly from the foyer area, "Ping, you doing fine?"

As she made her way towards her parents, she could hear Yu Ping voice from the other room, "All fine!"

While she was out, Yu Ping called home to check the status and was told that since she looked fine, they didn't tell her about the seal. They also decided not to redo the seal. Secrets cannot be hidden forever and sooner or later, Yu Sha will come to know when she is in need of the truth. Right now, they rather she be oblivious and enjoy life a little longer.

Back in Aires, the Harvest Festival Committee were busy preparing for the event that is coming up soon. The nation was busy getting ready, bustling everywhere. Hue Chi was to make public appearances and greet the citizens along with his royal parents. During this time every year, the country does not sleep. Everyone felt restless and excited.

Dao Txu hid at a corner of Aires Royal Square and sigh after sigh until PengXu eventually got fed up.

"What is it?" He asked while a vein popped at a corner of his forehead.

Dao Txu exhaled a big sigh before replying, "She's not here and he's gloomy as ever, more so before he met her." He sighed again. "The country is as livelier as ever, but why am I as bored as ever?"