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254 Blood Is Thicker Than Water

 Cree hesitated... and took a moment to gather strength before proceeding. "We kidnapped the wife of CEO Song then, raped and blackmailed her. She was soon kicked out as the legitimate wife of CEO Song and the woman in the picture, Helan, replaced the former wife of CEO Song. A few weeks ago, we got a job order from Helan with an address to the florist shop to intimidate the shop owner. We didn't know the shop owner. We were just following order, but it turned out the woman looked similar to the former wife of Song CEO."

Though that was what she predicted, hearing a confession from the predator itself felt more hurtful. When one expected or foresaw a result, the confirmation usually made one less affected, but it was different in this case. Seeing the predator and hearing the confession, she felt more enraged than earlier.

Her body trembled as thoughts of the fear and pain her mother felt then took over her mind. Unable to control herself, Su Na lunged forward, pushing the table towards Cree. The edged nailed onto his torso and at the same, she grabbed his hairs, tugged it forward forcing his head to bang onto the table.

Exasperated of the unfair and cruelty treatment her mother gone through, Su Na huffed angrily and screamed so loud, that her voice came out in a raspy tone, "All of you who made my mother lived in hell, will pay for your crime." The level of rage were portrayed through her bloodshot eyes as if she had lost all self control and possessed by a demon. She yanked his head backward before letting go and wisp away the handful of hairs that broke off from the follicles.

She commanded, "Xander, follow me."

The man who led her in quickly followed. "Yes."

Worn out from the gunshots and mental stressed from Su Na's rage, Cree peered half eye-lidly at the ceiling and thought of what they did over 20 years ago. When they kidnapped CEO Song's former wife, she had just left the hospital. Was she already pregnant then? The woman, Suzie who approached him was the daughter of that woman they wronged? He remembered, she begged and cried but her plead was futile. They played deaf to her pleas and now her daughter came back for revenge?

Pain from the gunshot wound finally subsides vaguely as he came to accept his fate. Cree let out a long laugh and after sometimes his laughs quiet down.

Leo and Troy were eavesdropping. When they heard Su Na's footsteps towards the door, they rushed to hide around the corner opposite of the entrance door.

They watched Su Na and Xander walked out of the entrance. Leo and Troy finally understood why Su Na was adamant about capturing them. But she already got a confession. Would she turned the man to authority? What did she have in store? What was her goal?

Troy and Leo then finally looked at each other when they realized something and in unison muttered, "She's going to Island Genesis?"

Troy shook his head, "If Cree was right, that place is dangerous, not suitable for her."

Leo signaled, "Let's go after."

Hesitant, but knowing that he couldn't decline as Leo will turn him in for doing illegal private detective jobs without a proper license, he could only comply. He was at Leo's mercy, but at this point, maybe prison was better than death.

"Oy.. are you just going to secretly follow her like this?" Troy asked.

"Of course not. I already asked my brother to send me a few more assistants in secret." Leo replied as he swiftly jumped into the car and buckled the belt.

"In secret?" Troy couldn't understand why he would need to be discreet about dispatching aids. Herrs Corporation was so famous and have plenty of first-class bodyguards. It should be readily available at Leo's disposal.

"If my father knows, I'll be dragged back to headquarter and be under surveillance. Do you think a free soul like me would survive the strict rules of Corporate world?" Leo paused to exhale a few breaths as the thought of being dragged back brought him anxiety.

After some times, Su Na arrived at Song's Corporation entrance. She stepped out of the car and studied the outside structure. Standing tall with confidence, arms crossed in front, she looked at the building like she owned the place. After staring at the building for some times, she ordered her bodyguard. "Park the car and wait for my call."

Xander replied, "Yes." With that, he drove the car off to park and waited for Su Na.

Troy and Leo arrived upon Song Corporation by following the GPS tracker they secretly placed a couple days ago under Su Na's car.

"What is she doing?" Leo muttered.

Troy replied, "What do you think? Women are best at revenge."

Su Na walked into Song Corporation and asked to meet with the elderly Chairman Song. It didn't take long before she was called into his office suite.

Su Na lightly tapped on the door to announce her entrance.

A hoarse voice replied, "Come in."

Chairman Song was told that Su Na requested a few minutes of his time, so he wasn't surprised when she walked in, but wonder why she wanted to see him today. "What brings you here?"

Su Na bowed to greet her grandfather, whom she met a few times in the past. "Chairman Song."

He interrupted, "Skip the formality."

"Soon, my business will expand, which will take a lot of resources and energy to make that happen. In order to make sure that everything goes smoothly, I needed advice from an expertise. Chairman Song has been in this business for the longest. I thought about this many times and concluded that the best person to seek business advice from would be you, as in the end, blood is thicker than water."

The Song Elderly tried getting her back in the past but was unsuccessful and knew that she harbor some hatred in her for what happened to her mother. They could understand her hatred but they won't be able to accept her mother nor want to hear of her, the woman who smeared the Song name. Su Na embodied everything they want for a successor. He never thought there will be a day when she returned to them herself.