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253 Su Nas Rage

 Cree wanted to stand up and lunged at Su Na but he was tied tightly onto a chair. His hands were binded behind the back rest and feet bonded to the front chair legs.

Glaring with deep piercing eyes and indifferent expression, Su Na took step by step towards Cree. Each of her steps carried the burden, the pain, guilt and suffering of her mother. She was trying hard to contain her emotion and not let it burst before she saw the end result of her goal. Though she was not around to witnessed the event then, she still felt the pain inflicted upon her mother.

Although the room was in an enclosed room, the temperature dropped making the air chillier by the minute.

Cree was making a ruckus when he first noticed her. But sensing the cold energy from her, demolished his morale with each step she took. Unable to guess what was going through her mind, he needed time to figure her out.

As his mind searched for a question to ask her, Su Na grabbed his hairs and pull it downward, forcing his face to look at her. Separated them was a small table which to Cree felt like a safety line. He felt she wanted to harm him but something held her back.

Glaring at Cree icily and clenching her teeth as to not let anger take over her, she asked. "Where is Rush and Chao?"

Cree's eyes opened wide. How did she know of the two? What's her relationship with them? The last time he was with them was a couple weeks ago, when they received a phone order.

He smirked and wanted to test her. "Like hell I know." Just then he thought of a crazy idea to provoke information out of her.

He retorted, "Your role is better suited on the bed instead." He implied that she isn't suited for a bad boss but a woman to serve men's need.

A vein popped on her forehead. She snatched a gun from her purse and point it directly between his legs at the private part.

It didn't take long for him to process what her intention was, he yelled, "Ahh!! NOT THERE!!"

She played deaf and shot in between his leg through the chair, missing just a few centimeters from his private area.

Her actions scared the other men. Sweat drops from their forehead, sending nervous chill through their bone. "She is scary!" They whispered to themselves.

Cree's face paled lifeless. He thought his manhood is gone for good but when he realized she missed, he shouted, "What do you think you're doing?"

Unmoved, she replied, "Where is Rush and Chao?"

Cree couldn't do anything. If he doesn't go along, he might really be done for.

"I don't know! If they're the one you're after, why come after me?"

Su Na took out a picture from her purse and slap the picture flat on the table in front of him. His pupils dilated when he noticed who is in the picture.

"You know her, right?" Su Na asked.

Cree didn't budge as his mind searched for the last time they communicated with the woman in the picture. It wasn't that long ago when the woman reached out to them for a job again.

"I don't remember." He denied. He was made to never disclosed her and if he doesn't follow, even in death, he will not escape.

She knew he was lying. His first expression already gave himself away. 'BANG!' out of nowhere, another shot fire at the same spot startling those in the room.

Although knowing his life is in their hand, he refused to yield and continues to fight her. If he was not going to get out alive, which he sensed he won't, he will not give them anything they wanted.

Su Na shot another round, this time onto Cree's right thigh. He screamed in pain as the wound bled.

She reloaded the gun, and aimed at the other side and asked emotionless, "I'm giving you another chance to answer me."

Towering over him, is a woman devoid of sympathy except the reflection in her eyes, his ugly figure.

"I.. I... Don't know where they are."

'BANG!' Pieces of flesh and blood squirted from the inflicted wound on the other thigh.

Cree yelp loudly as he struggled to overcome the pain. She aimed the gun at his private part and spoke coldly, "I won't missed on purpose this time."

Cree's voice trembled as he regathered the strength to talk. If he was going to die, he didn't want to go to the afterlife without his manhood in one piece.

Exhausted and still had not repress the pain, he quickly mumbled, "I'll.. I'll talk." He paused hoping that she would move the gun but her aim stood still.

He exhaled a few breaths and proceeded. "Chao and Rush are working at Island Genesis."

Su Na remembered Island Genesis was obliterated a decade ago. Her eyes narrowed thinking that Cree lied to her. "Wasn't it perished overnight 10 years ago?"

"Yes... about 90 percent of the land but some parts still remained intact. The island could not be revived to its original state and was abandoned by the government. It was one of the biggest and most flourishing island, now runs by outlaws."

"What about the woman in the picture?" She asked.

Cree paused and finally opened his mouth to talk. "Over some twenty years ago, the woman in the picture approached us for a job and promised us stable jobs after completion. It was to kidnap a woman and had our ways with her and took pictures to send to her husband."

Swallowed by rage as she could predict what their goal was, Su Na punched the table with her bare hand to inflict pain upon herself so she could control the fury emotion eating her alive. She hated herself most! Why was she born so late and couldn't protect her mother?! Heat wave rushed through her body causing sweats to form layers on her skin.

Su Na's sudden burst of action startled Cree that he forgot to speak.

When Su Na was able to suppress her anger, she asked, "And?"