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252 Who Is Her Boss?

 Hiding behind the dumpster, three men jumped out to tie and wrapped Cree up when they saw he fell down unconscious.

Su Na puked, feeling gross that she had to touch the disgusting bastard in order to subdue him. Chill ran through her body, the thought of being in the same room, breathing the same airs as him, let alone being close to him at such close proximity make her felt repulsive.

"Eww... disgusted bastard!" She cursed.

Sadden that his boss has to go through such an ugly ordeal, a man reached out an alcohol sanitizer bottle, "Here, boss. Wipe yourself clean. We're sorry you have to get dirty."

Su Na took the sanitizer bottle, unscrew the bottle and poured the entire content all over herself, making sure she killed every microbe that belongs to Cree.

After wiping herself clean, she ordered the men. "Take him to the hideout and make sure he never sees the day of light. It'll take another 12 hours before the drug wears off."

The men secretly snuck the body away without being detected. As for Su Na, she left back to her car.

Troy and Leo were speechless as they watched her drove away. They thought she would put herself in danger but who knew she was such a thug! She even hired men to work for her. She came prepared!

Troy looked at Leo. "She... she... she doesn't look like the SNYS Consultant CEO that I saw in the news." He researched a little about her and watched the news of her. She was more elegant, spoke eloquently, and seemed ambitious. What he just witnessed reminded him of a venomous snake!

Leo bit his fingernail and mumbled, "Should I stop her? Should I not?" He knew briefly of her life and feared that one day, the revenge buried in her heart will swallow her. But what right does he had to stop her as he doesn't walk in her shoes? The pain and sorrow she experienced; he does not know firsthand. All he could do is support her when she asked him. Other than that, who is he to force himself into the dark secret she kept hidden away from everyone? He watched her work hard, harder than anyone he knew to get where she is. Was it for this purpose, revenge?

The next day Yu Sha and her grandmother went out to have breakfast. While walking, Yu Sha spoke, "Grammy, I'll be back to pay tribute to Grampa." The anniversary of his death is approaching. Although he wasn't alive for very long after her birth, he was in her life up until she was 5 years old. Some memories were clearer than others, but she knew she liked him very much.

And as always, Yu Sha's grandmother smiled and replied, "He would be very happy to see you." Yu Sha hasn't missed an anniversary of his death. She has always been present on the day of, no matter how busy she is or how far she was.

As they continued to walk down the block Yu Sha asked, "Grammy, what did you and the boss talked about?" She was planning to separate her grandmother from her parents so should could ask this question.

Sensing that there is more going on between the two, her grandmother asked. "Yu Sha Dear, how do you feel about him?"

Hearing someone her directly, she froze, unsure how to answer. She has not thought about what she felt towards him. She let out a fake laugh. "Haha... Grammy, why do you ask that question?"

Her grandmother looked at her and waited for an answer. Realizing that she has to say something or else her grandmother might misunderstood; she hastily rejected. "We... are not like that."

"I haven't said anything about you two. I just want to know how you feel about him."

"Oh..." Yu Sha was speechless. Indeed, her grandmother said nothing of their relationship but simply asked how she thought of him."

"Well... He's cunning, annoying, but... I think he's a good person."

Yu Sha's grandmother thought of the words her husband said to her. "I trusted you will be here to guide her when the time comes."

Su Na headed for the hideout place were Cree was held at. She needed to extract information from him and find the whereabouts of the other two men. She has no intention of letting anyone of them get away.

Cree awoke to noticing he was tied to a chair. Surrounded him was pitch darkness. Not knowing where he was, his mind searched for what happened and recalled that he passed out in the alleyway after feeling a prick on his neck. He put the situation together and knew Su Na got the better of him.

He struggled, hoping to loosen the rope that chained him. After a few attempts to no avail, Cree rested to regather energy before attempting again. He was not sure who sent her after him. If he does not escape now, the chance of being saved is slim.

As he rested, he heard a click on the door knob and then the light flickered on. Cree noticed a man in a black suit walked in, carrying a bucket of what sounded like water splashing inside.

The man walked haughtily towards him and spoke in a cold tone. "So, you're up. Guess I don't have to splash this water on you."

The sight of the man angered Cree. He Shouted, "Where is the bitch last night?! Tell her to show her face!"

The man in black suit replied calmly, "Don't worry. You'll get to meet her."

"Who is her boss?" As a person who never had a clean background, he knew there are enemies, but since he joined the Ghost King Gang, he has been working under orders that has nothing to do with human interaction but dealing with cargo supplies at the harbor. It's either the law that is after him or competitors but the law shouldn't be able to lay hands on him as someone in higher power is handing the law so he could do his work easily.

"She is her own boss. She works for now one but herself." The man in black replied with a grinned.

"Pfssh!" Cree retorted in frustration. "Don't lie to me!"

"What do I have to gain by lying?"

If he is meeting his end soon, why would they lied to him?

Their conversation was disrupted when the door crept opened. Entered in was a man wearing a cap almost hiding his eyes. Appeared behind him was the woman from yesterday. Cree's muscles tightened and the veins on his forehead popped at the sight of Su Na. He was angry that he got done by a measly woman.