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251 Young Vibrant Woman

 The building had multi-level floors with its own music style. The decoration and design in each floor matched the mood of the music type. The lounges were dimly lit, drenched with the scent of liquors and cigarettes. On top of that, the building offered private rooms for people who wanted privacy and alone time.

Making herself seem as normal as possible, by not looking like a party pooper, Su Na roamed the different floors as if she owned the place. She kept her eyes out for those men as she pushed herself through the crowded floor. She is not much of an alcohol drinker, so she got herself a glass of wine as wines were meant to be sipped and consumed slowly.

While on the lookout for those men, Su Na also took the opportunity to familiarize herself of the inside structures, something that she always does whenever she went somewhere new. Scan the area, look for safety exit, and improvised an escape plan if something dangerous should happen.

After some times of no luck, she stopped and rested at the bar counter and decided to finish the wine. As long as she drinks slow and not consumes a huge amount, she should not have any reaction from the alcohol.

While scanning the floor as she sat on the high stool chair, her eyes came across a man coming down the spiral staircase with a woman clinging to him. She zoomed her gaze at the man who looked similar in the CCTV of Serene Florist Shop, a middle age man. If she was not wrong, he looked like one of the three men that violated her mother!

Su Na's heart raged, her grip tightened the wine glass and eyes emitted killing intent. Realizing that her emotion was getting out of control, she calmed down. She should ask for the name first to confirm. Afterall, the lights were dimmed, and she does not want to make mistakes.

That thought was able to calm her down. She puts the wine glass away and fixed her hairs, pulling the V-neck dress down to expose more cleavage and headed towards the direction of the man.

According to Troy's report, the man with the scruffy pony tail and a big mold at the bottom right jaw is Cree.

She got next to the man and gave him a suggestive gesture and smiled before turning to the bartender to order herself a drink. Su Na has sharp and deep beauty, which easily attracts men. If she gives them subtle message, men fall head over heels for her especially tonight, in her tight sexy, short one-piece red velvet dress, she looked the most eye-catching among the crowds.

The man grinned and pushed the woman clinging to him aside. It is not often that he received initiation from beautiful women and having received one from the most beautiful woman in the house tonight, his luck couldn't be better. "Hello beautiful. What is such a beauty like yourself doing here tonight?"

She smiled and bit a corner of her lips and ran her fingers up his arm suggestively, "I'm heart broken and lonely."

He let out a creepy grinned and ordered the bartender. "Get this lady here anything she wants tonight." The woman behind look disappointed and grabbed his arm to get his attention. He jerked his arm and glared at the woman and ordered her to get lost.

The woman huffed angrily and gave Su Na a death stare before stumping away.

He turned back to Su Na and calmed, "Beautiful, don't mind her. We are not an item. May I accompany you tonight?"

Su Na grimed, he took the bait. She leaned in closer and whispered suggestively, "But... we don't know each other?"

Cree's eyes widened with excitement. "That's very easy. The name is Cree. What's your name beautiful?"

The instant he spoke his name, her heart burned like raging wild fire. He was one of the men! She internally calmed herself. Being taken by raging emotion is bad for her plan. She must keep her cool until she can take him out.

Su Na replied without moving her eyes off the target, "The name is Suzie."

Being affected by the alcohol, he thought the gazes from her were quite seductive. "How about I call you beautiful tonight?" Cree asked.

Su Na rubbed her hand on his chest and act as she is interested, "Then why don't we go to a quiet place where it's just you and me... you show me a good time?"

Cree let out a laugh of eternal happiness. "I like the idea. I have a private room upstairs."

Su Na pouted, "You don't want to spend the entire night with me?" Usually, those rooms are for rent to use until closing time. When the building closes, everyone will have to leave. She wanted him to know she liked to spend the rest of the night up until the morning with him.

Cree has a job to fulfill the next day, but seeing a young vibrant woman wants to spend the night with him, and influenced by the alcohol, he couldn't decline. "Want to go somewhere else?"

She rubbed one hand on his chest and one on his thigh. "My hotel room is a couple blocks from here."

He knew what she meant by offering her hotel place. He has no objection and thus, the two walked out the building.

As a man who has never been taken advantages of, he got nothing to fear against a frail woman who has nothing on her other than the small handbag. He threw safety measure out as his mind can only thought of how he will eat her up tonight.

Su Na grabbed his hand and led him down the block. Before they hit the intersection, she pulled him into the dark, unoccupied alley. He was slightly startled, but she instantly touched his face, chest and down to his stomach suggesting she wanted some foreplay.

Her action eased his mind, and he grinned contently. It is rare to meet such an impatient woman! He leaned in to kiss her but she pulled away, pulling him down the alleyway and then pushed him up against the wall again.

Pinning him on the wall, she rubbed her hands up his body again and leaned in closer to his earlobe and whispered, "Maybe I might be the one showing you a good time tonight?"

Haven't met a woman so beautiful and dominant, pulling him to her pace, making his heart race, he forgot to be guarded.

Cree reached up to pull Su Na closer to her when he felt a prick in his neck. Just when his mind was trying to make sense, he passed out.