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250 The Ghost King Gang

 Cao Huo looked at her husband to make sure she does not reply more than needed. It was a sensitive topic for them to discuss to their children. "I do not wish for you to follow my footsteps, but if you wish so, I'll plan a date for you to visit."

Mong Zong proceeded to gage Yu Sha's time in Aires. He wanted to see if she felt different since arriving there. He was not around to monitor, but the few things Su Na mentioned felt odd, though seeing Yu Sha in person, he felt she is still the same.

"Yu Sha. How is work in Aires been?"

"It's going great. We may finish a week earlier than planned."

"Anything new?"

She thought for a brief moment and shrugged. "No.. Nothing new. Why?"

He didn't feel any odd vibes or change of behavior from her so he dropped the subject. When she was working in Cleotara and Gyia, he didn't ask as much questions compared to now. If he pursued more this time, he may have to come clean with her. Sometimes, the less one knows, the better it is for them.

Not getting much out of her, he asked, "You sleep well? Any nightmares?"

She looked at her father dumbfounded. "Huh??"

To her, nightmares are terrible dreams that jerk one up in the middle of the night and cause one to break out in sweats with heart pounding.

"There isn't anything I'm afraid of. Why would I have nightmares?" She scuffed the last bite of the food and left the table, leaving her parents and grandma staring at each other.

Could it be she has outgrown her nightmares? Or outgrown whatever that caused her to suffer in her childhood years? Maybe they were just overly protective and sensitive? They haven't heard any complaints from Su Na about Yu Sha being different, other than that time. Though Yu Sha's grandma confirmed the seal has broken through almost to the last gate, she hasn't shown much signs.

They looked at each other in agreement to drop the subject and not pursued any further to tell Yu Sha about the bracelet and seal behind it. Why bring it up to her when she felt and looked fine? If she doesn't need to know, they like to keep it from her.

Yu Sha set her empty plate in the sink when she the mysterious woman came to her. Feeling that her parents were open about anything she was curious about, she asked, "Mamma, does your line of work result in enemies?"

Without hesitation, Cao Huo replied sternly. "That's a given! There is not a single leader, politicians, and big shot without enemies."

"Ooh..." 'Duh. I shouldn't even ask that question.' She scorned herself.

Yu Sha asked the next question, which she felt she should have asked from the start, "Do you know who your enemies are?"

Cao Huo replied with no faint of fear in her tone. "I think I have plenty, but don't know all of them."

Mong Zong asked, "You met one?"

She shook her head. "No... Just curious."

She doesn't even know if the mysterious woman was an enemy of her parents or her. Unable to confirm this yet, she didn't want to worry her parents. And, she too, could very well have enemy without knowing. There were plenty of people jealous of her capability throughout the years. If was her enemy, she should take care of it and not burden her family.

Yu Sha thought it was best to find out more information before asking her parents. The downfall of independent people was that communication often lacks. They disclosed nothing unless it was imminent and necessary. She spent the evening with her parents and grandma catching up on old times.

On another district bustling with people and businesses, Su Na stepped out of her car to observe a bar building. Based on the research Troy found, over twenty years ago, those three men were lowly scoundrels with no life but committed a lot of crimes if paid a hefty sum. In the past couple decades, they have since joined the Ghost King Gang and have became lowbies of the gang. No one knew what the Ghost King looked like. Very few people of high ranking know the identity of the Ghost King.

In front of her was the bar supposedly owned by the Ghost King Gang and was where the three lowbies often hung out getting their needs met via the women who frequent the place. She made sure to dress appropriately for the place and proceeded to the door.

After Su Na disappeared through the door into the building, appeared behind the car across the street was Leo and Troy, looking sneaky and utterly suspicious. After Su Na took the report from Troy, Leo forced Troy to tail her with him.

"Can't you just talk to her?" Troy asked. He felt this could lead to something dangerous. He earned a big sum for getting the information to Su Na. What if he didn't live long enough to enjoy the money? Now he was being forced upon his own will to assist Leo, heir of Herr's Corporation. He couldn't understand a man with richly resources and authority like Leo, could have forced Su Na to tell him everything and can stop her from engaging in something dangerous like this.

"If I could, I wouldn't need to force you to do this with me." Leo replied. The two crossed the street and hastily went inside the building, making sure they did not lose sight of Su Na.

Troy shook his head confused, unable to understand these two people. Why they have to be sneaky behind each other's back when they are friends? What is holding Leo back from confronting Su Na? Was it because he is heirs of Herrs Corporation or because he was afraid of her? From his own separate research, Su Na is the boss of SNYS Consultant, rumored to be discarded grandchild of the Song Corporation. Does the Song Corporation and these men have a connection? There were too many unanswered questions. However, Troy felt that no matter what perspective he looked from, his life will never be the same if he got involved.