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249 Noble Elite Clans

 Hearing the front door opened, Mong Zong was awestruck that she actually got home as he instructed. He studied her as she made her way towards the dining table where they are eating dinner, bewildered why is she so compliant this time. Then he noticed her clothes differed from this morning. It was not how he remembered when she left.

"Yu Sha, when and where did you change?"

She casually walked to the table and scooped some food for herself.

"Tsch..." Yu Sha somehow felt irritated having to come home as instructed. She was not the type to follow instructions, especially unreasonable demands.

Seeing how she stuffed the food down, he huffed irritably, "They didn't feed you? How dare them?!" He allowed her to go with them, and as heirs of their own kingdom, they couldn't even feed his daughter properly before sending her home?!

Yu Sha sighed and replied. "Whose fault do you think it is?"

"Are you blaming me?" Mong Zong asked unhappily. Well, he knew who those men are, so it was natural for him to have more expectation of them.

"You're the one who ordered me to be back here by 6pm, around dinnertime. So of course, we all haven't eaten."

Yu Sha's grandma scooped more food onto her plate and coaxed, "Eat, eat."

The family continued to eat and then Mong Zong asked, "Yu Sha, what's your relationship with your boss? Are you two dating?"

She choked and coughed. Yu Sha peered at her grandma, "Why hasn't Grammy asked me any question about the man that time? Could Grammy have figured out who I was with when she called?"

She cleared her throat and replied unconfidently as images of their kisses and accidental physical touch moments appeared in her thoughts. 'That's not dating right? Can you kiss someone and have accidental touches without dating them? But it was more than one time kiss, and I even made a move on him while I was drunk.' Yu Sha exhaled and gulped some water before replying. "Wha... why are you asking? Of... of course no... not."

Cao Huo studied her daughter. That reaction and replied certainly sounded fake. Because of her profession, she was good at reading people's language and body behaviors. She decided not to ask any questions since it would give away clue and then she'll have to coax her husband. They aren't found of either those 3 men that came today. But they have promised not to interfere with her life choices and will support her in whatever decision she makes, including the man she chose to love.

Cao Huo sighed and continued to force the food down.

Not convinced of her replied, Mong Zong asked, "You're hiding something?"

She instantly recalled that Prince Hue Chi asked to change the south half of Aqua Illusion Beach to Chronos security system. She interrupted, "Ah... dad. We'll purchase Chronos security for Aqua Illusion Beach. Can you give us discount?"

Mong Zong's eyes glared briefly. Does that calculative prince know something? What reasons he has for supporting Chronos when he has Fang Corporation?

"Send your proposal in and I'll send the invoice." Her family was never greedy with money. One was because they are well off. Money is living comfort. It can't buy happiness, can't buy lives, and can't buy time. His motto in life was to live humbly and modestly as he possibly can.


Mong Zong scanned his wife and mother and clear his throat. "Yu Sha... do you remember what you asked me when I picked you at the airport?"

She instantly remembers she asked about what her mother does and why doesn't her father go back to work.

She nodded. "Mm..."

While she was gone with the Princes, Mong Zong had discussed with his wife and mother and they agreed on how much they would tell her.

"In the lost history that very few people nowadays came to possess records of, there are some Noble Elite Clans throughout the world. Historically, they helped shaped and influenced the world... and the world is now the way it is today because of their contribution one way or another from the long distant past. A few clans might have gone extinct, some chose to live in seclusion, while some influence and control the world from the shadow. Your mother is the latter."

Yu Sha looked at her mother for confirmation. Cao Huo nodded silently.

Mong Zong continued. "Your mother is the descendant of the Noble Elite Light Clan."

Yu Sha forgot to eat. It was the first time she heard of Noble Elite Clans. 'What does that even mean? Who are they? How did they even come to be? Who decides what they are? Her mind filled with unanswered questions.'

"Your mother and her family controls Lyon from the shadow, working hand in hand with the government."

"Family?" She thought her mother didn't have any living relatives as she was always told, her mother's relative are no longer around. She assumed, no longer around meant they passed away.

Mong Zong scratched his head and sighed. "You remember when Island Genesis perished overnight about 10 years ago?"

Cao Huo lowered her head with a guilty expression.

Yu Sha replied. "Uh huh. It remained a mystery legend talked among my generation."

"Well... Your grandpa wanted to take Yu Ping and train him to follow the rope. Your mother was against it and she fought with your grandpa... And obliterate the island in the process."

She remembered it was around the same time when her mother started working away from home more often and seldomly come home.

Yu Sha felt conflicted. She never knew how awesome her mom can be until now, but a lot of lives were lost. And those survived couldn't remember anything. Could it be the work of the government?

"Does Yu Ping know?" She asked.

"No. Your grandpa is still adamant in taking Yu Ping."

"Will you tell him?"

"Mm.. when he turned 21, we planned to tell. He can decide what he wants to do."

"Mamma, can I visit your workplace?" She wondered why her grandpa wanted Yu Ping and not her. He, just like her, shines better when unrestricted. She couldn't possibly imagined her brother constantly in the shadow controlling the world.