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248 Earning Points

 The afternoon, the men spend time at the orphanage. Kytos tried to earn points by playing with the kids with Yu Sha. For the last three years, he dreamt of different ways to approach and get closer to Yu Sha. Today, he found the way to get to her and it was through these children. Shedding his title and leaving behind the playboy name, he allowed himself to revert back to the child he once was. He was not afraid of getting dirt on him but simply enjoy being a child again.

Prince Hue Chi and Prince Ken Xue watched them play from the bench when Ken Xue asked.

"When is the meeting?" He was referring to the meeting with Yu Sha's grandmother. He knew Hue Chi made an appointment to meet with her.

Unblinking, gazing at Yu Sha, he muttered coldly like protecting the treasure most important than life itself, "What's your goal?"

Ken Xue stared at Hue Chi. 'Did he know? When?'

"The origin of Sorrow Seal originated from your country, your ancestors annihilated the Diviner Clan." From the time at the airport when he learned of the Sorrow Seal, he ordered Butler Zeu to research the origin, who invented it and where it came from.

Butler Zeu had an interest in this kind of stuff and had his way of finding things. He was best suited for this job. Thus, Prince Hue Chi assigned him this task.

Ken Xue smiled and replied. "Don't get the wrong idea. I wanted to repent for what my ancestors did wrong."

"I won't sit still if you have ulterior motives." Hue Chi said icily.

"The future generations should not be punished for crimes committed by their ancestors. Rest assured, I dislike violence. I hoped to apologize for what happened to them if there were any survivors."

A few hours later, Yu Sha and the three Princes left. It was almost her curfew time though she had no plan of following it.

A car pulled up when they got out to the front gate.

Hue Chi ordered, "We depart here."

Yu Sha replied, "Okay. See you." She looked at Kytos and Ken Xue, "Guys... Let's go have dinner." And took the lead down the street.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked as he blocked her path.

"Taking them to go have dinner."

"You're coming with me."

Yu Sha replied. "Are you taking me home by 6pm?" She hushed. "My dad was just putting a front. I don't plan on getting home by 6pm." She avoided him and walked past him.

He grabbed her arm, stopping her from walking any farther. She turned to look at him and they met eyes to eyes, seeing their own reflections in each other's gaze. For those who were passerby, it looked like lovers gazing deeply into each other's soul.

"An order is an order. I intended to follow it." He replied seriously.

Hearing Hue Chi's reply, persuaded the other two. Ken Xue commented. "Yu Sha, I agreed. You should go home per your father's wish." They all grew up with a lot of restrictions and orders to follow.

Because Mong Zong's orders was based on his love for her wellbeing and not ill intentions, they felt she should oblige. As the big boss of her, it's only natural that Hue Chi took it upon himself to take her home.

Ken Xue added, "Let's meet another time. I got your number. Whenever I'm around, I'll message you."

Kytos has no say in this. He wasn't happy the person who took her home was Hue Chi, but it also made the most sense if he was the one who took her home. Kytos got a taste of Mong Zong's prowess. He can only agree that Hue Chi was the best candidate to take her home in this scenario.

Helpless at Hue Chi's actions and Ken Xue's persuasion, she complied.

"Okay, I'll see you guys next time. Bye."

Sitting silent in the car, Yu Sha felt nervous. Images of their time together flowed through her mind, the first time they met, the time after that, the times he got on her nerve, when he was considerate, when he intimately talked to her and last was his hug at the airport.

She tried distracting herself since she left the airport, but no doubt, had she felt the same since. 'What is this feeling? Why is your presence affected me so? Since when have you make your way into my life?' Yu Sha stared out the window, hoping to avoid seeing him and starting a conversation.

"Yu Sha?" He called softly.

She glanced at him in her peripheral vision to let him know she heard him.

He initiated a comment, hoping to loosen up the tension from her. "Your parents are wonderful people."

She didn't say much, but looked at him and nodded in acknowledgement. "Mm..." Then she remembered when her grandma walked out with him.

She asked. "Do you have a reason coming here? What did you and grammy talked about?" Though she planned to ask her grandma later to see if their explanation matches.

"I have a few questions to ask her for clarifications."

"What questions that you can't ask me? If it has anything to do with that mysterious woman, I told you, I'll track her down." Yu Sha didn't want Hue Chi bringing her family into this.

In fact, he never intended to. At first he thought about it, but these were issues of his country, not theirs. At first he wanted to learn a little about the real of magic, but changed his mind. He does not want to involve any outsiders even though he was going to learn, it may put the other person in danger. What he was interested in this time has everything to do with her, not him.

Yu Sha got off at the front gate of her house and bid farewell to Hue Chi and the driver. He watched her retreating back until the gate closed, separating them, blocking her out of his sight. Even then, he still stared at the gate without moving his pupils, staring at the same exact spot he last saw her.