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247 Idolized Her

 Knowing their plan of forcing her to the dead end and the air was her escape, they'll finished the final blow while she was in the air. Yu Sha smiled and yelled. "You guys are 10 thousand years too early!!!" She shifted her body to fall back towards the building.

Another boy appeared from the side of the building and threw a forceful punch. She dodged and grabbed his fist. He retreated to avoid her hold.

"Hmph.. I knew you were coming up." Yu Sha commented.

The boy didn't react. He threw another forceful left-hand punch. She blocked the punch using a little force. Due to the momentum how his body was shifting based on the force Yu Sha exerted to block his punch, he pushed the left leg to gain upward force and right knee lunged at her abdomen.

She blocked the knee with her hands. He took the opportunity to grab onto her hand using it as a support to cartwheel upward and landed behind to arm lock her neck.

She anticipated this next move and dropped to the ground to escape. As her feet touched the ground, a little girl who looked in her early adolescent slid through to trap Yu Sha's feet. They seal her from above and below! She thrust her feet onto the wall and flew parallel to the ground onto the open field.

The little boy, about 7 years of age who first attacked Yu Sha, threw a book on the ground and unhappily shouted, "This book is useless!" He stomped on the book angrily. He had been studying additional fighting skills from reading the book and today, it had not paid off. For a whole year, he learned and studied to improve and hopefully to win Yu Sha one day. His patience was running low.

The princes were speechless! Watching the kids attacking her fiercely without holding back, their gazes never left their prey, cornering their hunt without a break.

Yu Sha shouted, "Guys... I can't play today. I brought guests."

Everyone stopped and then noticed the guests Yu Sha brought over. They gathered over and studied the men.

The same boy sharpened his eyes as he studied each of them one by one. He slowly parted his lips and asked loudly. "Which one of you is sis Yu Sha's boyfriend?"

Yu Sha gasped and choked as she struggled to clear her throat. She quickly clarified once she could talk normally, pointing at each of them individually. "Guys, this is my boss. He is my friend, Ken. And this is KT, acquaintance of Ken. They are visiting from far away. Let's welcome them nicely, okay?"

The kids nodded their heads to greet the men and dispersed.

Yu Sha smiled, "That little guy is Bolt. He's a little vocal.. haha.."

Still bewildered, Ken Xue asked, "Yu Sha... Are you raising little soldiers?" She could turn a nation into an army if she tried. To influence people of all ages was not something anyone can do. From what he found, she influenced the young and old alike.

She replied, "Of course not. They took an interest in the same hobbies I do." That was because they idolized her and wanted to be as good as she. And since, to beat her was their goal, it gave them something to work hard towards. So, she encouraged them. And usually when she visits, they'll greet her with a new ambush teamwork. She enjoyed watching them grow and improve.

The director came out to greet them and took them inside. He explained the history of how they get to where they are today. The funding Yu Sha donated on behalf of Su Na. Not only that, they drafted and built the building prior to starting Herrs Corporation. They frequent all the places they sponsored, attempted to know each individual person and connect with them interpersonally. The children are fond of them but Yu Sha had lesser of responsibilities to SNYS Consultant and was able to visit more often. The children connect with her easier by physical interactions, such as fighting and sports.

Yu Sha was not afraid to get dirty and played with the children often whenever she gets the chance to. Every year, they donated toys and clothes to the orphanages. The children knew SNYS Consultant well. Some even studied hard, hoping to one day be able to work with them in the real world. Though it may not be in their plan but it seemed like they were positively shaping a future generation of allies.

Digging research about Yu Sha wasn't even as impactful as personally seeing how she lived her life. Kytos felt even more ashamed. He thought he changed, but he was nowhere near what she had accomplished. He has more work to do before he can rightfully claim himself as her equals.

"I knew you weren't ordinary." Ken Xue said happily. He knew now that she would never turn against those in need. If anyone ever sees her as a defect, it would only be because those people are seeing a reflection of themselves and not Yu Sha. She was indeed a wonderful person who he hoped that the darkness he saw would not consume her one day. May all the goodness she had done be brighter than the darkness.

Hue Chi listened intently and stole glimpses of Yu Sha as he has been all these times. If any, he was the one that knew her the best.

Though her form may look different, her heart, auras and demeanor remained the same. He felt glad that she was born blessed with a wonderful family who were protective of her. It seemed they had done everything they could to make sure she lived a carefree and happy life. He fought through times, repeatedly, and couldn't even gave her what her family give in one single life. He continued to question his competency if he deserved.

Soon, Bolt barged in and yelled, "Sis, are you done? Let's go play!"