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246 Defending My Title

 Dao Txu and PengXu observed from the distance, far enough to not be detected.

"That's what happens when a playboy falls in love. He becomes a virgin." Dao Txu spoke nonchalantly as he puts down the binoculars, uninterested in the mundane stuff. That playboy prince of Cleotara was not even worth the time to worry as potential competitors. Dao Txu does not need to worry about him snatching Yu Sha from his lord.

PengXu replied, "Is that even possible?"

"We saw living proof of that all morning." Dao Txu referred to Kytos behaviors when Yu Sha called his name and spoke to him.

Around noon, Yu Sha took them to the Millennial Tower for lunch. The tower is the tallest building ever built on the planet.

To be safe, she reserved a private room in the tower for them. Even when changed into casual clothing, the men catch too many eyes! At one occasion, some women stopped them and asked to have pictures taken with the men. She had to decline on behalf of them.

During their tour, people's eyes shifted towards them as they walked past. Some people even attempted to take out their phone to snap photos of the men. But somehow they dodged all the cameras aiming for them. She was not surprised that Hue Chi avoided getting his face photoed but wasn't expecting KT and Ken to avoid it equally well too.

And then, at the next place, an agent scouted the men. She declined and acted as a bodyguard for them. She would not have to work so hard, but among them was the Prince of Aires. If it was known that he was in Lyon and she was acting as a tour guide, she felt she won't be able to set foot in Aires ever again. All in all, she worked hard to protect herself from scandals.

It was not until they safely arrived in the private room she finally relaxed. Ken Xue offered her a glass of water. He appreciated all she had done to keep their trip in control. He also felt bad keeping his real identity from her, so in a way he felt responsible for all the attentions they were getting. One looked like the dark angel, while one was the light angel, followed by a heart breaker bad boy type. How could they not catch attentions?

"You worked hard. Drink some water to replenish your energy."

"Ah.. thank you."

Although he knew Yu Sha was not the typical girl who goes gah gah over men and celebrities, seeing that she had no clue of him and Kytos, more so Kytos, he wanted to know how she grew up. If she paid attentions to news, watched movies and gossips.

"Yu Sha, do you not watch movies or gossips?"

She looked up and thought for a moment. "No, I guess I never did."

"How do you spend your time then?"

She paused and thought back to how she spent her time. She either defends her title, being a badass bitch protecting the weak, or trampled the loser men who hollered at Su Na. Her eyes turned dark, and she laughed devilishly.

"I was busy defending my title as the number one most athletic student. Students from every sports challenged me all the time. When I have time, I'm busy training. And when my love gets bully or put down, I'm busy putting those people back in their place! Damn! Spoiled, snotty rich kids. They think they can do whatever they want, bullying those less fortunate than them!"

Ken Xue interrupted. "You meant Su Na?"

"Of course. They were jealous a fatherless was valedictorian, even go as far as bribing the school to change her grade... tried to frame and get her kicked out... hehehe... hahaha...!" Dark flames overtook her eyes as she let out an eerie laugh. Thinking about what she did still satisfy her to this day.

"And...." Ken Xue probed for more.

"I made them go bankrupt."

Kytos and Ken Xue's jaw dropped, speechless. "She is so DANGEROUS!!"

"H... How did you do that?" Kytos asked, unconfident if he wanted to hear what comes next.

"I messed their stocks, purchased the stocks at a low price and then sell them off for a higher price. And... donated the money to non-profit organizations for single mothers and orphanages across Lyon, on behalf of my love, Su Na!"

Ken Xue and Kytos shivered. She can easily bring down an empire, bringing down a whole kingdom is not far fetched.

Ken Xue clasped his hand in front of his face and spoke calmly. "Miss Yu Sha. I will always have your best interest. May you and I continue to be long time friend, on the same side." Smart people should know not to get on her bad side.

Her eyes lighted up. "Ah... I'll take you guys to see one of the orphanages nearby after lunch."

A couple hours later, Yu Sha led the men to a nice building that looked only a few years old. The building was made of tinted, sparkly clean glasses. It had a nice, big open field, a playground, wooded areas and a gate large enough to keep intruders out.

She stood at the front gate with her arms crossed, looking proud of her accomplishment. "Hmph..."

Playful children's voice echoed from behind the building. Some children must be playing in the back!

Yu Sha asked the men to follow her around the corner to the back.

As she disappeared around the corner, a wooden stick lunged straight down forcing her to step side way towards the building. Then another wooden stick sliced horizontally towards the wall aiming at her. Being cornered to the wall, and to avoid the hit, she ran up sideway the building creating a distance. When she was halfway up, she flipped, thrusting herself outward as she flipped. Another person appeared from nowhere, swinging a wooden stick at full force going for the finishing blow.