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245 Curfew

 Yu Sha turned to Ken Xue and asked softly. "Ken, do you want fancy grasses or real food?"

Ken Xue let out a laugh. "I want your recommendation."

"Oh.." Yu Sha pushed the dishes she gave to Hue Chi aside and give him the other dishes.

Hue Chi's eyes smiled ever so slightly. 'That's what she thinks I eat?'

She then looked at Kytos. "KT? What about you?"

Kytos eyes sparkled, his heart thumped when she called KT so sweetly. The name Ken Xue took one second to come up with in a pinch. He now loved it more than his real name.

"Th.. the same as him." Kytos gestured at Ken Xue. He wanted to try the same food Yu Sha liked.

They ate in silence and finished their meal faster than usual. Yu Sha offered to show them around town.

Mong Zong followed them to the front gate.

"Yu Sha... Be home no later than 6pm sharp."

"Huh??" She used to stay out all night if she wanted to and now she was getting curfew earlier than any children on the planet?!

Mong Zong narrowed his eyes at the Princes and ordered icily. "Boys. You heard me. She must be back here by 6pm."

"I'll think about it if I want to be back here or not." Yu Sha replied and pushed the princes out the front gate.

Ken Xue chuckled. "Your father is strict on you?"

"Oh... He's putting a front. Ignored the order. We'll be walking a lot today... But..." She looked at her Boss and then Ken Xue. "We gotta do something. KT is the only one here dressed appropriately."

Kytos smiled, looking almighty. 'Hmph... Of course! These two can't compare. He, a former playboy, is up to date with fashion trends and fashions for the different occasions.'

Yu Sha took them to a shop nearby and had the stylist help changed Ken Xue and Hue Chi.

Sometimes later, Ken Xue and Hue Chi walked out changed into casual clothing.

"Hmph.." She observed them and gave them the thumbs up. "Let's go."

Ken Xue went up to the register to pay but was told the female paid it.

Yu Sha shouted from the door, "Don't worry about it. It's on me."

Ken Xue hurried over, "Then allow me to reimburse you. I'm not used to having other people treat me."

"It's okay, you can pay for food later if it makes you feel better."

Kytos shook his head, disappointed at the two men, letting a woman pay for them. If he wasn't so busy checking out the clothes, he wouldn't allow her to pay for it. Even though he didn't like them, he would offer to pay just so the burden is not on her.

Hue Chi slid his card on the counter. "Please help her change too. However she woke up this morning, she still looks the same." He has been around her enough to know what her morning look was like.

She checked herself and noticed the sweatpants and t-shirts she wore to bed. Her hairs are in a messy bun she hastily rolled up from this morning. "Ahahaha..." I should have not defied mamma and changed when she asked me to.

Kytos couldn't stand seeing Hue Chi insulted his crush. He defended her. "How dare you! She looks good in everything."

The staff dragged Yu Sha off to the changing room.

For once Hue Chi agreed with the playboy Prince. Yu Sha looked good in anything, even in her drunken stupor and messy morning look. But how could he allowed her to pay for him? It was his excuse of paying back.


At the Yang household, Cao Huo, Mong Zong and his mother sat in the family living room. He spoke unhappily. "I don't like how that boss looked at her."

Cao Huo replied. "Tsch... That idiot playboy Prince of Cleotara looked at her the same way you used to look at me." Mong Zong fell in love with Cao Huo at first sight and chased after her boldly. He blushed everytime when she talked to him or faced him head on.

Mong Zong rejected unhappily, "We are nothing alike. The troublesome one is the Prince of Aires. He's as rumored said. A man of no expressions, hard to read and calculative. But the way his eyes followed her... I don't like it!" Only men who has ever been in love deeply with someone would understand the way Hue Chi looked at Yu Sha.

A flash flickered in his eyes and grimed. "He... subtly dispelled and lowered my internal energy so the other two could withstand with no one noticing. What a fearsome person, Prince of Aires. Mother, you met him?"

"Mm. He is as you said."

"The time you visited her?" So he was with Yu Sha then? How often were they together? Mong Zong was getting more agitated. "What did he want earlier?"

"A time to meet."

"Why does he want to meet you and not me?"

Cao Huo interrupted. "Because you'll blow things out of proportion. Didn't you say he's a calculative man. He probably calculates that into his plan."

Mong Zong frowned at his wife. "Are you on my side or his?"

Since they only have a day to spare, Yu Sha took them around town, showing some hot spots people their age usually liked to hang out.

Anytime when Yu Sha called his name, KT, his heart can't help but fluttered and he became speechless. Kytos face flushed on and off throughout the day.

"How soothing her voice is when she calls my name...." His eyes couldn't leave her but anytime she turned to look at him, he shied away so she wouldn't know.

She led from one place to the next, talking as if she was a professional tour guide who had done it many times before. She was full of energy, her smile and body language made her stood out all the more.

Kytos kept spacing out, daydreaming when Yu Sha talked, smiled, or laughed as she guided them around town.