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244 Yu Shas Household

 Around the table, Ken Xue, Hue Chi and Kytos sat towards one side and Mong Zong sat on the other side glaring, studying the young boys.

The boys also looked at Mong Zong, a man who exuded airs different from anyone they encountered previously. Although still wearing an apron, he didn't hold back in letting the boys felt his internal energy swirling, caging them. Those untalented would drown and suffocated by now, but these aren't ordinary young men. They held their ground, holding on by a piece of thread, not giving an opportunity to pass out.

Seeing the boys are still holding on, a corner of Mong Zong's mouth curved up.

"Hmph.." They aren't some useless shrimps. A whip of energy rippled in 360 degrees from Mong Zong, shaking the ground and ceiling.

Kytos gasped slightly. 'What the hell... This man is a freaking beast! He is the father of her? No less than expected.'

Ken Xue tightened his fists slightly, though his face still remained pleasant like usual. This has taken on a different turn than he expected.

Yu Sha and her mother observed from the family room. When she felt her father released his 2nd level of internal energy, she rushed to scold her father. 'Was her father trying to show off?'

In an ordinary household, when the daughter brings home a man, the father would probably challenge the man to a drinking duel. But not Yu Sha's household. The man had to be more skilled, dazzlingly and handsome than her father. He made sure she knew of it since she was young.

Her mother interrupted, "Yu Sha, how did you meet these people?"

Yu Sha reminded her mother. "I met Ken in Aires. The expressionless one is the boss of my work. The other one, I don't know him. First time I met him."

Cao Huo sighed... 'Oh.. this idiot daughter of mine. Why can't she bring home ordinary men? Why bring home a bunch of princes?'

Yu Sha saw her mother debating quietly. "Mamma, just to clarify, we are only friends. Don't get any weird idea." She didn't want her mother to think any of those are potential son-in-law. Her father was definitely having the wrong idea and was punishing the men.

Mong Zong's mother walked by and saw Hue Chi, the young man she met previously.

Hue Chi saw Yu Sha's grandmother, he nodded to greet her. She nodded back.

"Mother?" Mong Zong didn't know that his mother had met Hue Chi. How did he not know about it?

Hue Chi excused himself and followed Yu Sha's grandmother.

Hue Chi and Yu Sha's grandmother walked out to the patio.

"I sensed you wanted to talk to me." She asked.

"I would like to have a chat with you. I appreciate if you can find time."

"Two nights from now, at midnight, I'll come see you."

"Thank you."

Back in the dining room, Mong Zong asked. "What do you like about my daughter?"

Kytos didn't hesitate. "She's bold, charismatic, and beautiful." He took a liking to her from their first encounter. She exuded confidence and unparallel strength. Perfect to be queen of a nation, someone who takes no shit from no one. Just thinking about it, the corner of his lips carved a satisfied smile.

Mong Zong thought, for a person his daughter didn't even know, he sure talked confidently of her. The kind of person one can read easily. His thoughts are portrayed in his words and body language.

Then he looked at Ken Xue, Prince of Trimedeis, rumored to always have a gentle smile, but no one knew what lied beyond the gentle smile. It's hard to tell if he is your friend or foe.

Soon, Hue Chi and Yu Sha's grandmother came back inside. Hue Chi went back to sit on his chair.

Mong Zong observed him. So, this is the boss of my girl? He seemed expressionless, even when he talked. His eyes are deeply mysterious, no one can guess what ran through his mind, definitely the calculative type, an opponent hard to beat.

"Yu Sha!" Mong Zong called. "Bring the food from the kitchen. Let's have a nice meal with your friends."

Soon Yu Sha and her mother brought the dishes and sat them on the table. The dining table fits 2 people on each side. Ken Xue and Kytos sat on one side together while Hue Chi sat next to Ken Xue on the other side. Mong Zong sat directly across from Ken Xue and Kytos.

After setting all the dishes on the table, Cao Huo came and sat next to her husband. Yu Sha and her grandmother took the seat across from Hue Chi.

To kill off the mood, Yu Sha re-introduced her friends to her family.

"Mom and dad, Ken, my friend, he's an artist and travels for work." She assumed base on her last encounter with Ken and Zan. Ken Xue didn't bother to correct her but smile and nodded in agreement with her. Yu Sha glanced at Hue Chi, and spoke. "Ken is friends with my boss and... KT?"

Kytos heart hurled from the honey voice calling him.

"Yes?" He replied while his face blushed.

"You're friends with them, too right?" Yu Sha clarified.

"Yees?" It occurred to Kytos that Yu Sha completely forgotten about him. She met him twice already!

"Guys, go head and eat. My parents are a little weird but just ignored them okay?"

Yu Sha's parents looked at her feeling distressed. 'This is the consequence of wanting to raise our children free from the people who control the world. They become friends with these very same people without knowing.'

Having hung out with Hue Chi for the last month, Yu Sha came to know what kind of food he typically eats. To make sure he doesn't stray off from his diet, she quickly scooped the lighter and healthier dishes onto his plate.

"Boss, these are better for you."

Everyone expressed in amusement. Her parents sensed something odd. She must have been around him often enough to know what he eats? How was this job so different from all the previous ones that the Prince would constantly be around their daughter?