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243 Because Were Special

 Cao Huo gets excited at the thought of seeing her daughter dating, but after years of not hearing Yu Sha mentioned of any men, she worried. What if Yu Sha was like her and doesn't look at men as potential love interests but rivals? Though she wasn't home much during the time when Yu Sha was in school, she heard enough stories that Yu Sha had plenty of rivals, men and women equally.

Recently, the thought of pursuing a man for Yu Sha even crossed her mind.

"Why aren't you and Su Na be like the rest of the other girls? By your age, most normal girls already have their first love, first heartbreak, and in a problemship with life."

"Because we're special." Yu Sha replied sternly.

"Hoy... Look at me, I used to hate men, my glare send them straight to hell....They fear me more than the death itself."

She paused, then smiled and spoke bashfully as if she's falling in love at first sight... "At 22, I already had you.... hehehe." Cao Huo giggled while she reminisced of the past and then continued to talk of the same thing she spoke of the hundredth time.

"When it was finally safe to hold you in our arms, we kissed you all over... your tiny fingers, hand, toes, feet, your tiny arms, and tiny face." She paused... "Ah... I forgot, no one could ever have your first kiss... Your dad and I already took your first kiss... HOHOHO!!"

Yu Sha watched her mother rambled nonsense after nonsense. She can't let Ken see her family, especially how crazy her mother was. She had never seen her mother this worked up before. Fear crept in her mind and she felt her head not well. "Oh my head.... Dad, mom is going crazy! I'm going out for breakfast." Yu Sha got up and proceeded to leave, in hope to catch Ken Xue on the way so he doesn't have to see how embarrassing her mother was.

Seeing Yu Sha meant it as she headed for the door, both Mong Zong and Cao Huo sprinted after in an attempt to stop her. Today is the relevation day. They like to have her at home if possible, spend time together, talk about the good and bad in life, and emotionally prepared her!

Mong Zong's mother sat, unmoved by all the noises, sipping tea and put on a faint smile. 'The house is lively,' she thought. It has been a long time since the house felt this lively. As the children grew up and walked out to the real world, the house had been quiet. They were busy living in society, they don't visit her often. Her son checked on her frequently and that was good enough for her. She lived a happy life.

Yu Sha opened the front door and rushed out. Her parents followed, yelling her name. She didn't care to slow down but rushed forward without turning back. She sprinted out to the front yard and suddenly stopped, shocked when she pushed the front gate open.

Standing at the front gate were three men! Two she was familiar with, but who was the third one with the dark impenetrable sunglasses?

Mong Zong and Cao Huo instantly stopped bewildered of the sight! How in the world?

"Ahh... You're not alone?" She asked.

Ken Xue forced a light laugh. "Aha.. Unfortunately... others ended up coming too."

It made sense! It was no coincidence why Ken's hotel is so near! Must be the work of the Night Owl! Only he was capable of it and knew where she lived. 'Did he forced Ken to let him come too? Who is the other man? Is that Ken's other assistant? But he doesn't look like an assistant. His aura is too spoilt and arrogant, even the way he dressed.'

Seeing that it was too late to meet Ken half way, Yu Sha introduced them.

"Mom, dad, this is my friend Ken who I met while working in Aires."

She looked at Hue Chi thinking of how to introduce him. Is it okay to say he's the Prince of Aires? Or boss? She remembered that her grandma was inside and last time grandma called, she was with him for work related. So boss seemed more legit.

"And this is the big boss for Aqua Illusion Beach Project." Yu Sha looked at the third man wearing dark sunglasses. "And he is?" She doesn't know him.

The person opened his mouth about to talk, but Ken Xue interrupted him. "Aha... This is an acquaintance who bumped into us a few minutes ago. Just call him KT." Ken Xue made a nickname on the spot.

KT hissed! Just because the other two wanted to conceal their identity, doesn't mean that he wanted to conceal his. In fact, he was quite proud of his identity and status.

But then again, Yu Sha isn't the type to be moved by status so he let it go and play safe. Since Ken Xue already introduced him, he had no choice but to accept that he is KT. If he had the chance down the road, he would correct her.

Mong Zong and Cao Huo looked at each other for agreement. These three men here are heirs to 3 continents that makes up half of the planet. How in the world does their daughter got entangled with them? Though in their eyes, just because those three are princes, does not make them any more special. They'll get the same treatment as anyone else.

Mong Zong put up a front like any father would, intimidating, stern, and serious.

"Boys, come inside." He ordered coldly.

KT tensed about to refute Mong Zong. Calling him boy was disrespectful! But Ken Xue held him back. The parents may not be aware of their statuses, so he should play along.

The boys followed Yu Sha inside. Her parents took the lead. When they got inside, her father called them to the table.

Yu Sha's mother dragged her to the living room and hopefully probed how she met three different princes.