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242 Make Extra Servings

 The two princes flew over night and arrived in Lyon before dawn. Per Hue Chi's preference, they booked the hotel nearest Yu Sha's home and waited there til morning to contact her.

In the Yang household, unlike the typical household where the women are usually the ones in the kitchen, Mong Zong was preparing some of his famous dishes while the women sat in the living room chatting. It was rare to have the three women in his life gathered since everyone now was busy with their own thing.

His wife worked away from home while Yu Sha had stepped into the adult world. She worked hard and never complained about anything. She also worked away from home for long period of time like his wife too. The women in his life tended to not be around much. As for his mother, she preferred to stay in the country side where she spent many years with his father who was no longer here.

Since today was a special day after a long time, Mong Zong got up a little earlier than usual to make a feast.

Cao Huo wasn't good with culinary stuff and offered to be the helper, but Mong Zong insisted, the women should hang out instead. To him, time is precious, and this is a rare opportunity for the women in his life to be together.

Prior to Yu Sha coming back home, the folks discussed they would not re-seal the Sorrow Seal and instead, allowed the seal to break on its own. Once it was completely broken, unpleasant memories in forms of dreams, or actual visions may appear more frequent. They felt she is grown enough to handle whatever may come her way. It was hard to see her suffering so much when she was younger and thus, they made the decision they did then. But now, in her twenties, they will help her cope with any hardship she faces. She will not have to walk this road alone.

Yu Sha was chatting with her mother and grandma when her phone beeped. She glanced at the screen and saw a message from Ken.

She quickly swiped the message to read.

"I'm in town a day earlier than scheduled. What place you recommend for breakfast?"

Yu Sha typed, "Where are you?" If she knew the area he was at, it'll be easier to recommend a couple hot spots nearby.

"At the Autumn Hotel on Saburi Street."

Yu Sha stood up shocked. 'What a coincidence! He is so close!'

Seeing her startled reaction, Cao Huo asked, "What is wrong?"

She looked at her mom and sat back down slowly. "Um... My friend is nearby. He flew in this morning."

Cao Huo knew her daughter doesn't refer her friends as "friends" but by their name when talking about them. So, when she said friend, it must be someone new, or someone that she was not close to yet.

"Hmm.... Do I know your friend?" Cao Huo asked curiously in hope to fish more details out of her daughter. Her daughter now was out working and probably had met a few men that could be potential suitors. She felt excited at any new friends her daughter make.

"No mom. I met him while in Aires."

"And what does he want?" Her eyes elated to know more.

Yu Sha replied casually unaware of the eagerness in her mother's eyes. "My recommendations for a place to eat."

Cao Huo smiles devilishly and shouted, "Darling! Please make extra servings!" She knew of the perfect place to eat.

"Hmm... I am." He replied. Yu Sha usually eats for three people, so he made sure to make extra servings.

"Not that, extra on top of that! We're having a guest!"

"What? Who?" He wasn't aware of any guest. Are Leo and Keo coming? Or Su Na?"

Cao Huo snatched the phone from Yu Sha and replied in her stead.

Yu Sha shouted, "Mom what do you think you are doing!"

"My house! I have food made by first-class chef. Here is my address."

"MOM!" She cried when she got her phone back and saw the text.

"I don't know him that well yet, why would I invite him to my house?!" She yelled.

"Hohoho... So it's a him?!" Cao Huo laughed merrily. She always wanted her daughter to bring home a man, like any normal girls her age would do! And hope one day Yu Sha would be happily married. Happiness is best when share with someone else, someone who understands you on all levels, even in your madness. But so far, Yu Sha has been indifferent towards men. She saw them as competitors.

"I told you, don't be like me in my early years." Her mother reprimanded.

Upset at her mother, she replied, "It runs in the genes."

The phone buzzed again. She hasn't had time to send a followup text explaining of the previous text.

A reply from Ken Xue; "What a coincidence! You're not far! Then I'll take up on your offer. Be there soon."

Yu Sha's jaw dropped. 'He's coming!'

Cao Huo scooted closer to peek at the phone. "Is he coming? Is he?"

Yu Sha sighed, frustrated. "Mom, you are hopeless."

"What? I'm never! So, he's coming?" This is a rare chance for her to act like any normal mother would do.

"Go, go.. go beautify yourself up." She ushered her daughter to get ready.

"No. I refused to. However I looked when I rolled up an hour ago, I'll look like that for the rest of the day."

"Don't make me make you go."

"Make me mom." Yu Sha rebelled.

Mother and daughter duo glared at each other, channelling internal energy, causing the surrounding energy to slowly swirled around them.

Mong Zong was busy cooking when he felt the airs changed, the chill, dangerous energy that could send those without internal energy to the hospital.

He shouted, "Ya, ya, ya don't destroy my home! You want to fight, go somewhere else!"

Hearing the man they adore reprimanded them, they both loosen up.

"Mom, you shouldn't talk. Refrain from any weird act and don't get any crazy idea." Yu Sha ordered.