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241 Ganging On Su Na

 "Ahhh!!! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come in at the wrong time!"

Yu Sha turned her head towards the entrance, "FREEZE RIGHT THERE!"

Leo screamed in high pitch, "AHHH... I can't."

Yu Sha dashed forward, closed the door shut, pulling him onto a chair.

"Leo, take off your shirt!"

"No, No I can't. Although I'm a playboy, I have standards! Brother, help me!" He screamed like a helpless little girl.

Leo screamed loudly and scurried like a squirrel to hide behind Keo for protection. Voice trembling, he uttered a few words. "Bro you... you go sacrifice yourself to save me." And pushed Keo towards Yu Sha.

Yu Sha has already lost interest. No matter what, seeing them naked doesn't reproduce the same feeling as Hue Chi. Plus, she had seen them with shirt off previously and didn't felt moved by it, but just wanted to check in case it might have changed since then. Her experiment resulted as she predicted, they didn't give her any kind of reaction.

"Put your shirt back on!" She ordered.

Confused by her action, Leo asked, "Yu Sha... are you in heat?" It was the only thing he could think of.

Yu Sha sent a death glare at Leo. "What is wrong with your brain?"

For a playboy, he sure seemed weak, screaming and complaining even when nothing happened. She shook her head in disappointment at the man who could woo just any women in the first 2 minutes. "Leo, are you sure you're a playboy? Why are you so weak?"

Leo defended his behaviors, "I'm not weak! You're not my type!"

"I never want to either!" She retorted.

The two bickered back and forth while their food was being served.

Another hour went by, the three finished their meal and said their goodbyes.


Yu Sha headed for Su Na's house with lots of gifts, herbal medicines, and energy supplements.

"Hello auntie and grandma. I have some goodies for you."

Auntie and grandma welcomed Yu Sha in and served her snacks.

She asked, "Auntie, how are you feeling? I stayed up all night to do research. These are supposed to be great for your health and well-being."

Du Xi put on a smile and assured, "Aww... You didn't have to. I'm doing great. Sorry to worry you all."

"Don't stressed over it. Things happened, but never forget to take care of yourself, otherwise the line between her brows will furrowed deeper and it'll make her look old." Yu Sha gestured at Su Na as she spoke.

Su Na rolled her eyes at her beast friend. "You're the number one reasons why the lines gets deep."

Yu Sha pretended to be all surprised and innocent, she replied, "Ehhh... What did I do?"

Su Na narrowed her eyes, sending a "Do you want me to name them all?" look. The perpetrator in this case knew she should yield. She forced a smile and clasped her hands together up in the air to beg for forgiveness. "Hehehe.. I'll be better!"

Du Xi and her mother laughs. They always enjoy watching the girls bickered, and at times get on each other's nerve.

"Auntie, you see how mean she is to me? The difference in the way she treats me is like, the skies and the ground. Just one glare from her and I'm already on my knee begging."

Du Xi comforted. "Su Na, you should learn to loosen up, don't be so uptight. Don't you get tired?"

Yu Sha followed conceitedly, feeling happy that she can use this opportunity to get on Su Na's nerve. "Auntie's right! You should be laid back like me."

Su Na don't even want to reply back. They were ganging on her, though she knew they're partially teasing, so she didn't care.

Yu Sha has a way of lightening up the mood with her silliness, which sometimes comes in handy.

She spent the afternoon with Su Na and her family, and stayed for dinner before heading home.


Back in Aires, as the news reached the royal couples and Social Elite Circles, things went chaotic. The royal couples weren't happy how Hue Chi chose to use the royal airline. They can't believe he would go this far, using the royal perks on normal citizens when other options are readily available. He could have easily coordinated the regular airlines for her, but instead ordered an entire plane to send one person home!

Because there was an important guest visiting the country, they couldn't barged to see their son and demanded an explanation and written apology to the upper elites.

Though the top people tried to be discreet about their unhappiness since Prince Ken Xue was in Aires, he could feel the tensions in the air.

Hue Chi on the other hand, paid no heed to the tensions and focused intently on the important matters of Ken Xue's visit. He hoped to finish them as soon as possible so he could make the trip to Lyon with Ken Xue.

Prince Ken Xue knew that Hue Chi liked Yu Sha just from the way his eyes glowed when looking at her. These two people he couldn't read from two different countries. He predicted these two, if they should get involved with each other, Yu Sha would have a hard time. All the upper echelon disapproved of her.

Hue Chi has not fully taken control of the top, he would struggle to win their approval.

It took an afternoon and a day for the two princes to finish their business and hopped into their own plan to Lyons using business in Trimedeis as an excuse.

Prince Ken Xue helped create an excuse for Hue Chi this time. But hoped that the news doesn't reach his home country. As the only male heir, his parents were also as strict on him as Hue Chi's. But he had a way to talk his way out while Hue Chi rarely explained his actions.

Whatever business is left, they planned to take care of it at the tail end of their mission to Lyon.