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240 I Dont Have A Favorite Child

 At the Yang home, Yu Sha ran and hugged her elderly grandma.

"Grammy!!" She hugged and snuggled a few kisses. She had fond memories, spending time with her grandmother in her younger years. Mong Zong often took Yu Sha and Yu Ping to visit her in the rural countryside for fresh airs since Yu Sha was sickly.

Cao Huo shook her head disappointingly. "Look at her, first thing she does is greet her grandmother before she greets me."

Yu Sha let go of her grandmother and defended "Mamma, between Yu Ping and I, who's your favorite child? If you greet me first, does it make you love Yu Ping less, or vice versa?"

Cao Huo was lost speechless. How dare her children make her pick who is more important? She retorted, "Hmph... Unfortunately, I don't have a favorite child." But she saw where Yu Sha was coming from. If she had to pick who among her two children she loves the most, she couldn't. You can't compare. You love each of your children equally in different ways. Only parents would understand.

She too didn't understand how much she could love someone else until she has children of her own. Her family are emotionless, attachment of any kinds aren't good as they are seems as weaknesses.

But Mong Zong's persistent, his love has changed her drastically. Until she has children of her own, bore from love that she found out how much she could love someone else more than her own life. Although between her husband, she was less emotionally expressive. It doesn't mean she loves her children less than her husband. Over the year, she learned to be more open and expressive with them. Must be the magic spell of her husband!

She turned to her husband. "How did you raised my children?"

Mong Zong smiled and replied cheerfully, "Exactly how you wanted it."

The next day around lunch time, Yu Sha arrived at Herrs Corporation. She checked in at the receptionist. They knew of her and so they automatically allowed her onto the CEO's floor. She got on the elevator and made her way up.

A few minutes passed, she pushed the door wide open and startled the CEO.


"Yu.. Yu Sha!" Keo shouted surprisingly. He didn't know she was coming by.

"Call Leo and let's have lunch together. I'm only here a few days."

In this situation, he can only agree. Keo nodded his head. "Oh. Okay. Where do you want to go?"

"Same place as usual."


Keo walked out and let his staff on the floor. "I'll be out a few hours and unavailable if anyone asks."

In the last month, Riya Lexen had came by a couple times, though the staff are familiar with Yu Sha and Su Na, they thought for sure Riya would be their future boss lady. She came from a solid family background and the two companies hoped Riya and Keo would get married and bring more stability to the company.

In terms of status, Keo and Riya aren't lacking any and on equal terms. So if they were to get married, both companies would benefit greatly, and their stocks would skyrocket. The two have equally good rumors in the business world.

Yet at the same, the staffs are baffled between Yu Sha and Su Na, who seemed so laid back and humble. Whenever they come by, their auras felt so comforting and humble making the staff less nervous. They can just be themselves. Because of that, they have mixed emotions, picking how they felt among these three young ladies.

Keo booked a room at the usual Herr's Hotel restaurant. Keo didn't know Yu Sha was coming home for a few days. For her to find him first meant a lot to him.

Su Na couldn't come as she was spending time with her mother and grandma. Her time at home was short so they didn't want to interrupt her, besides, it was not like they'll never see each other again when the world is readily accessible.

"How's work?" Keo asked.

She sighed... "It's okay, I guess."

Yu Sha poured Keo and herself a shot drink and downed hers even before telling Keo to drink his.

She poured herself another drink and then realized Keo hasn't drunk his, she cheered. "Let's drink. You haven't had yours."

"Ohh.." He nodded and drank his. He felt she was not the same person he once knew. She had always been cheerful, in her act, voice, and energy. But this time, she seemed not herself.

"Something bothering you?"

She pondered and swayed indecisively before ordering. "Keo, take off your shirt?!"

"Huh?!" He replied shockingly.

"I... I'm not quite ready."

She commanded, "Just do it! Hurry, take off your shirt!"

His heart beat erratically as the heat in his body rose, unexpecting the day would come so unpredictably. He has yet to prepare himself for this day.

Keo has no clue what possessed Yu Sha to be in such a hurry. Could this be the reason she seemed off? But he has yet to tell her how he felt and she had never treated him more than a good friends. Not knowing their stances among each other, he felt hesitant.

Keo's hand trembling, shivering as he unbuttoned his shirt. Because she commanded, he'll comply, but he was trembling so much, delaying unbuttoning his shirt.

With little patients, she hissed, "Hurry up! Here, let me help you." She has always been a little brazen while he was more reserved and cautious.

She proceeded to help him unbutton his shirt.

Keo looked at Yu Sha... "I don't think this is a good idea." No matter how he thought about it, it doesn't feel right.

Once the shirt was fully unbuttoned, she moved her head side to side observing his body.

Hmm... How come I'm not feeling anything? Maybe the shirt needed to be off completely?

"Slide your shirt off." She ordered.

Keo couldn't believe what he heard! He needed time to process, and the delayed action made Yu Sha step forward to slide off his shirt.

Leo walked in to seeing Yu Sha jerking off Keo's shirt. He screamed like a mad woman.