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239 Sorrow Seal

 Ken Xue assured her. "How about I visit you afterward. We can catch up?"

"Really?" She exclaimed.

"I meant it. I have business in Lyon and is planning to stop in Lyon." He replied.

"Okay, I'll see you. I'll be your host." She replied earnestly not knowing what was in stored for her.

Yu Sha waved bye to Hue Chi and took off. A part of her felt glad for the interruptions. Otherwise, she wouldn't know what to do with the intense back hugs.

"Ken, if you come while I'm still home, call me."

"Give me your number." Ken Xue replied and handed his phone to her.

She took the phone and punched in her number.

"You travel for work?" She assumed based on what she concluded as his career, photography.


Although not all true, he does travel often for work related to his country.

A staff came to escort Yu Sha to the aircraft gate.

She looked at Hue Chi one last time and parted ways.

He watched her back until the gate door closed shut, separating them and then looked over at Ken Xue, "What's the bracelet?"

Ken Xue looked surprised. "You knew?"

"It was not the first time you eyed at her bracelet. It's not ordinary isn't it?" He can only speculate based on what Yu Sha told him.

There is no point in Ken Xue hiding it. He took a few steps closer to Hue Chi and spoke in a low tone so no one heard them.

"There is a seal cast inside the bracelet, the Sorrow Seal. It seals off any unpleasant memories and dreams. But it's the first time the seal was cast on an item and not directly on the person."

"Unpleasant is such a light term." Hue Chi mumbled. From knowing what power the bracelet holds, he knew why it was placed. Those memories were nothing short of unpleasantness, but Ken Xue was known to be kind and his word choices are always light to the heart.

Ken Xue added, "Let's finish our work quickly and go visit her. I'm very interested in the person who cast the seal."

Hue Chi was also interested in the person who cast the seal. If there was a way to seal off her "unpleasant" memories forever, he rather her not remember those unpleasant times. After witnessing her dreams first hand last night, he felt resolute in not allowing her to remember.

The two princes walked side by side towards the parking lot. On their walk, Ken Xue shook his head.

"Miss Yu Sha has a bright personality... It would be unfortunate if she is devoured by darkness."

Hue Chi paused, "What did you said?"

"I'm not sure of the whole picture but she seems to carry a heavy burden on her shoulder. It's the only reason I can think of why the Sorrow Seal was cast on the bracelet. There were only 3 instances recorded in history where the seal was used, but all those times, it was cast directly on the person and not on an item."

Ken Xue likes geology and ruins, so it wasn't a big surprise for Hue Chi to see him knowledgeable in this area.

In the aircraft, Yu Sha realized that she was the only one on board. The plan was spacious, had everything a high-end flat have. She then realized that she might be in one of the royal's aircraft?

Headaches crawled through her head when she thought of the potential consequences. She felt he was doing this on purpose to create chaos in her life and unhappiness among the social elite circles.

She sent him a text.

"If I knew, I would decline your offer. I rather book another flight. You're sewing discord with your people."

A few minutes later, she received a reply.

"That is my problem. There won't be any repercussion for you."

She sighed lost for words, feeling confused with her own emotions. The more time she spent with him, the more her heart yearned for his presence, yet at the same, her heart felt just as heavy and lost.

Several hours later, Yu Sha arrived at the airport. Her father waited at the airport but she was at the VIP terminal, so it took a while to get to the main lobby. She didn't want to tell him in fear of having to explain why.

"Dad. Sorry, I'm late." She explained when she met him.

"It's okay. Let's go." He took the luggage from her.

"How's grammy and mamma?"

"Same as usual." He replied.

Yu Sha sat on the passenger side and buckled her belt. Her father drove off and headed home. During the drive, she asked. "Dad... What exactly does mamma do? And why don't you go back to work?"

Her father remained calmed but his eyes looked dazed for a moment before replying, "Is something wrong?"

"No, not really. I've just been doing some soul searching and wanted to know my roots. I am an adult now. I believe the more I know about my roots, the more grounded I'll be."

"Fair enough. Let's find some time to talk during your stay."

Yu Sha took out her phone and sent a text to Su Na.

"My love! I'm back. I'll visit auntie tomorrow. See you later!"

Su Na took the report from Troy and bid him farewell when her phone buzzed. She paused to look at the phone and saw a text from Yu Sha. A corner of her mouth curved up.

With her back towards Troy, she waved, "Thanks for the materials."

"Oy... Miss Su Na, think thrice before you do anything. They are dangerous people."

Troy didn't complete all the tasks Yu Sha laid out for him. He only gathered information about them. He had a feeling that this might lead to something bigger and opted to not get involved.

She continued to walk and out the door without turning back. She had never felt this determined in her life even if she must walk this road alone.